Pizza Chain Uses Co-Marketing to Raise Funds for Causes

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What always distinguished this point-of-sale program from any other is that Papa Gino’s and D’Angelo didn’t use a traditional pinup. It adds value for the customer at the register and entrepreneurial causes can use co-marketing to recruit additional partners and raise money.

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There was a report earlier this month that the online retailer was making unsolicited calls to customers while they were browsing the Wayfair website. But who's really benefiting from stunts like Domino's Paving for Pizza? ??

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7 Tips to TurboCharge Your Small Business Marketing With Cause Marketing

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Cause marketing has been shown to improve sales, brand and increase customer loyalty. Tags: Causewashing Trout Unlimited TOMS Shoes Small Business Cause-Related Marketing Galactic Pizza General Mills BoxTops for Education Kiva

A New Twist on Displaying Paper Icons

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Twenty CiCi’s Pizza Buffet locations in Georgia have come up with a fun idea of how to display the paper icons for their charity of choice, Special Olympics Georgia. On Monday, August 13, 2012 they had a kind of inflection point whereby they challenged their customers to buy enough paper icons on that day to cover a law enforcement vehicle. In addition, on Monday, August 13, CiCi’s donated 10 percent of sales to Special Olympics Georgia. "At

Some Questions to Answer When Cause Marketing With Franchises

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The ten largest franchise systems, ranked according to worldwide sales volume as ranked by Franchise Times follow. Will your customers know who anything about the charity?

How to Hold a Successful Cookie Dough Fundraiser

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People love cookies, making it an easy sell, and organizations can earn up to 80 percent profit on their sales. Be sure to select a cookie dough company that offers the varieties of cookies you think your potential customers will like best. Set up teams of fundraisers and offer a prize, such as a pizza party, for the team that sells the most cookie dough. Give weekly updates of each team’s sales, to encourage competition and increase the participants’ motivation to win.

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The CMS Roundtable: Which Website Solution is Right for You?

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Participants can expect to learn: Whether or not you need a Content Management System (CMS) CMS features and benefits The four types to choose from: open source, commercial installed, commercial SaaS, and custom Basic facts on featured CMS providers: Drupal, CrownPeak, PaperThin, and Ektron About our speaker Michael Weiss's business development and marketing prowess has been a driving force in imagistic's (a Web development firm) growth over the past eleven years. RESERVE YOUR SEAT NOW!

Does Amazon's new "Smile" mean a windfall for your nonprofit's year-end fundraising?

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I''m not a fan of "fundraising sales" like cookie dough, pizza kits, wrapping paper, raffle tickets, or popcorn. But while I love asking for money, I don''t like doing this type of sale. Why most sales pitches to nonprofits don''t work.

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Spot Cause Marketing Fireworks – And Win My Book!

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In return, customers received a discount on their purchases in-store that day. One active promotion I found for the holiday was Pizzas 4 Patriots , which with the help DHL Express have delivered more than 60,000 pizzas to U.S.

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7 Ways to Fire Up You Small Business Cause Marketing Effort

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Cause marketing has been shown to improve sales, brand and increase customer loyalty. Galactic Pizza in Minneapolis donates a portion of the proceeds from one of its pizzas to the local food bank. Your customers are savvy. With an outfit like Kiva, your business and your customers could pick a fellow entrepreneur in the developing world to support, and then follow their results.

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And I suggest they revisit point #3 in this article on the three legs of cause marketing : research, content marketing and sales. Even with content marketing to fill your funnel and a sales team to follow up with prospects, you'll be in the dark without solid research capabilities.

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The Charity questions Karen answers include: Our charity was asked to be the beneficiary of a company’s charitable sales promotion, but we’ve never engaged in a cause marketing campaign before. Take this one by Barro's Pizza for St. The holiday gifts ??are

10 Best Cause Marketing Promotions of 2016 [SLIDESHARE]

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Second, the fundraiser was a huge success, raising $18 million dollars through the sale of over 12 million red noses at Walgreens stores. Not only were they selling goofy red noses to customers, but they had Red Flair Fridays when employees could show their support with red scarves, hats, etc.

The Appeal of Franchises for Cause Marketers

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The ten largest franchise systems, ranked according to worldwide sales volume as ranked by Franchise Times follow. Will your customers know who anything about the charity? Is what your customers know about the cause good? Will your customers and franchisees understand the 'fit'? Cause marketing is almost always directed at consumers. So in North America one place you can be all but certain to find cause marketing is at retail franchise outlet.

The Earth Is Flat

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The phenomenon of ‘category competition’ is well-known in retail sales. For example, while the number of Pizza Hut customers may level out or even decline, the actual number of pizza buyers is increasing because of the number of small, independent pizza shops and takeouts. For five centuries, from the Phoenicians to the global exploration of the 15th century Spaniards the conventional wisdom of navigation rested on the belief that the Earth was flat.

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