Get More from Your Donor Database

Getting Attention

Your database tools have the potential to dramatically increase marketing and fundraising results if you use them right. Good data in generates value out, no matter what database solution you use. If possible, it’s best to have this conversation before implementing the database.

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A New Online Fundraising Management Databse and Tool Offers Easy Fundraisng & Social Media Management, Too, But.

Seeking Grant Money Today

My husband is a techie and on Mashable , this weekend, he spotted a new online fundraising tool that combines fundraising software, a donations/donor database, and a social media fundraising system combined into one "easy to use" online fundraising tool called Stay Classy (and though it does not matter.the name really bothers me). Also to be clear, I have not used Stay Classy and I did not receive anything from them in exchange for this post or its content.