What #SaveMarketBasket Can Teach Nonprofits About Social Media & Inspiring Passion

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It was all a bit shocking – usually Market Basket is completely packed and you can’t even get into the parking lot, let alone get a pound of turkey at the deli! Born and raised north of Boston, MA, I am acutely familiar with the regional discount grocery store chain Market Basket.

10 Christmas Fundraising Ideas Guaranteed to Spread Holiday Cheer

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Check online for suppliers who will even drop ship wreaths directly to your customers. Turkey, ham and all the trimmings are involved in our tastiest of Christmas fundraising ideas. There are several online companies that will customize Christmas ornaments for your organization. Christmas is a time of giving. It’s the time of year that people are most likely to open their hearts and their wallets.

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Panera Takes its Meal of Responsibility Back to the Drawing Board

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Back in April 2013 I wrote about Panera Bread Company’s groundbreaking Meal of Responsibility, a nutritious bowl of turkey chili with 850 calories that invited people to pay for it what they could afford. We were very capable of raising the level of awareness about food security in short spurts,” Shaich told the Associated Press, but employees stopped explaining the concept to customers as the in-store marketing changed. “It

How Well Are You Protecting Your Supporters’ and Participants’ Privacy?

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Privacy rights are intensely personal, evolving as people, technology and social custom change. Happy Turkey Day, indeed. David Schulz. What measures does your nonprofit take to ensure your supporters’ and participants’ private information is safe?

Activating Your Cause Marketing Campaign

Cause Related Marketing

The old sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati , which was about a radio station, once activated a promotion by dropping live turkeys from a helicopter at Thanksgiving. Activation in sponsorship, and by extension cause marketing, means the stuff you do to promote the sponsorship.

I Have a Bone to Pick With Panera Bread Company

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Panera Cares Cafes feed people regardless of their ability to pay, although their business model very much requires paying customers. Louis area stores whereby their turkey chili, which comes in a bread bowl, is also available to people regardless of your ability to pay, just like at the five Panera Cares Cafes. This is awkward, but I have a bone to pick with Panera Bread Company, which along with its franchisees, operates 1,652 bakery-cafes under three different names.

Bringing Word of Mouth to Cause Marketing

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The annual Thanksgiving release of gross-out flavors from Jones Soda, like turkey and gravy. Bear in mind that talkers may not be customers and that if you try and buy their participation, you’ll almost certainly undermine their credibility as talkers. re•mark•a•ble adj 1. worthy of notice: worth noticing or commenting on 2.

Can You Merchandise Your Mission?

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According to Wikipedia, "merchandising refers to the variety of products available for sale and the display of those products in such a way that it stimulates interest and entices customers to make a purchase."

Newsletter: Cyber Monday + #GivingTuesday = ; JFK Tweets from Beyond the Gave ??; 10 Best Thanksgiving Movies

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2, Subaru will donate $250 to the customer’s choice of one of the national charities for every new Subaru vehicle purchased or leased at more than 628 participating dealerships nationwide. Millennials are disrupting Thanksgiving with their tiny turkeys.