3 big reasons why email open rates don’t matter (and what you should measure instead)


She was showing off her firm’s marketing emails. They don’t account for the effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of email marketing. No smart marketer cares about them. That’s because she didn’t know a darn thing about effective marketing.

Lesson In Higher Ed Marketing

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This post isn’t about fundraising directly, but it does shed some light on marketing higher ed institutions via email. When you think about it, with today’s youth being the ultimate wired (and wireless) population, it makes perfect sense that colleges and universities would be scrambling to figure out how to market themselves in the digital space. Here’s another head-to-head direct marketing test from Which Test Won?

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Also, raising the $2 limit as long as you optimize toward conversions, while requiring the ad account to optimize toward a high CTR standard, makes no sense. To meet 5% CTR, most nonprofits have slashed their keywords, spend, and reach to hit this arbitrary threshold. Acquisio looked at the average click-through rates for various industries: As you can see, industries like Legal, Education + Employment, and Financial are well below the 5% CTR that Google is asking of nonprofits.

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The Terrifying Freedom of a Blank Sheet of Paper

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It’s a yearly exercise – take what you did for your direct marketing program last year, replace some controls with the tests that beat them, and set up your tests and tweaks for the next year. Direct marketing is a treadmill with each new donor being slightly less likely than the one before it to give again. In the day-to-day, we can get wrapped up in CTA, CTR, and CPM until we can’t C straight.

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