3 big reasons why email open rates don’t matter (and what you should measure instead)


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Google Giveth and Google Taketh Away

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But the massive change is this: Google now requires you to have a click-through rate (CTR) of 5% instead of 1%. (Lest I get into rant-ish territory again, I’ll simply state that for-profit advertisers are not being held to the same standards and leave it at that.). Also, raising the $2 limit as long as you optimize toward conversions, while requiring the ad account to optimize toward a high CTR standard, makes no sense.

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Generating Leads By Combining Identity and Programmatic Outreach

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If you’ve been reading this week, you probably already have guessed that a priming statement like “we thought you might be interested because of how hangnails have affected your life” increased preference for a communication (which translates to response rate, CTR, etc.)

Ep202: Causely Helps Businesses Grow with Word-of-Mouth Cause Marketing

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CTR - EP202. Today on CauseTalk Radio , Megan and I talk to co-founders Matt Sharp and John Rougeux at Causely , a service that helps businesses use cause marketing to grow and build community.

A potpourri of updates

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Also, raising the $2 limit as long as you optimize toward conversions, while requiring the ad account to optimize toward a high CTR standard, makes no sense. To meet 5% CTR, most nonprofits have slashed their keywords, spend, and reach to hit this arbitrary threshold. Acquisio looked at the average click-through rates for various industries: As you can see, industries like Legal, Education + Employment, and Financial are well below the 5% CTR that Google is asking of nonprofits.

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Using Email Metrics to Determine Success

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There are three email metrics that help us derive value: Open rate , which is the estimated amount of views on an email, click-through-rate (CTR) , which measures clicks of various links inside the email, and unsubscribes and subscribes. The next metric we’ll look at is click-through rate, or CTR , clicks from the email to some other destination based on the web such as printable versions of a coupon or other pages on your Website.

11 Digital Marketing KPIs That Every Nonprofit Should Be Tracking


Email CTR is a good indicator of the quality of your email content, and, again, of your email subscriber list. 11 Digital Marketing KPIs That Every Nonprofit Should Be Tracking. by Zoe Allen.

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Lesson In Higher Ed Marketing

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lift in opens, a 102% lift in CTR, and a 558% lift in the application rate (i.e. This post isn’t about fundraising directly, but it does shed some light on marketing higher ed institutions via email. And The Agitator has a lot of higher ed (and other) readers trying to reach a younger demographic.

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Paying to Acquire Advocates

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Google Grants have been severely curtailed (I don’t know about you, but to get to 5% CTR on my accounts, I had to switch from scalpel to cleaver).

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The Joys of Google Grants, Part 2

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and had a CTR was 2.17% and a conversion rate of 4.40%. In part one of this series, I discussed the first steps the National Women's Law Center took when we initially received our Google Grant, and some of the challenges we faced getting started.

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The Terrifying Freedom of a Blank Sheet of Paper

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In the day-to-day, we can get wrapped up in CTA, CTR, and CPM until we can’t C straight. It’s a yearly exercise – take what you did for your direct marketing program last year, replace some controls with the tests that beat them, and set up your tests and tweaks for the next year. Lather, rinse, repeat. This system has advantages. You know what each communication is capable of, and what it isn’t. The communications in most need of fixing get the most attention.

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Advocacy Fundraising #3: Finding and Converting Advocates

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While it’s harder to stay compliant with Google, advocacy pages will often have high click-through rates and can help you stay above 5% CTR with your ads. You’ve defined your Advocate Identity. And you know the slacktivism traps.

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