Nonprofit Video Experts Share Tips & Tools: #501TechNYC (Part 1)

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It’s so challenging for nonprofits to get video right, especially with limited budgets and bandwidth. Ensure that the video is designed to advance priority goals, and is one of the best methods of doing so. Powerful videos require planning, lots and lots of planning.

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Get More Video Views & Shares: #501TechNYC (Part 2)

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Thanks to NYC’s 501 Tech Club for inviting knowledgeable nonprofit video makers from Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS and International Rescue Committee (IRC) to share tips, tools, and case studies with us video expert wannabees. In-House Creative Guidance a Must.

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4 Smart Ways to Use Thank You Videos in Nonprofit Fundraising

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

We Internet users have a voracious appetite for online video. Video is increasing in nearly every digital channel, from email to web pages to social networks. Marketers across the spectrum are planning to increase their use of videos to educate, service, and sell. Joshua Clay.

40k to 4 Million Views! Boost YOUR YouTube Video Views (Case Study)

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BTW, Mark’s video version of this post features a extra tips not found here. The lightbulb really went off when I typed “homeless” into the YouTube search bar.Invisible People undoubtedly has more videos from homeless people than any other content creator.

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Video Making for Fun and For (Non)Profits

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Video may not be the most widely used marketing channel, but it is definitely one of the fastest growing. Video, when done right, can grab your audience’s attention and make a lasting impression. Just watch what your videos are associated with! Sean King.

Being Creative

The Agitator

Being innovative means being creative. And what are the prerequisites of being creative? creativity Don''t Miss these Posts innovation premium Roger and I are always going on about innovation.

3 Steps to Video Annual Report Success: VolunteerMatch Case Study

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I dug into VolunteerMatch’s recent annual report in video format the minute it reached my inbox. It hit my sweet spot — I’m intrigued by innovative use of video and also by the challenge of reinventing nonprofit annual reports to be vibrant and meaningful.

The Year Of The Nonprofit Video

The Agitator

Here is a fascinating look at the already hot nonprofit videos of 2014. communications creativity Don''t Miss these Posts drtv online fundraising online video premium

Words vs Video

The Agitator

But now there’s video … but not just video … online video. YouTube noted that Hillary Clinton announced her presidential campaign via a YouTube video. Communications Copywriting / creative Online fundraising and marketing premiumI love words.

‘No Sale’ Oxfam Video

The Agitator

Agitators readers know I’m a sucker for online videos to deliver important messages and sell causes and charities. Yes, I applaud the use of crowdsourcing to generate mission-related video. Something I expected an Oxfam video could do extremely well.

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How to Use Live-Streaming Video to Share Stories as They Happen

J Campbell Social Marketing

So what is “live-streaming video”? Live-streaming means filming a video as it happens and broadcasting it via social media. This may sound terrifying to the uninitiated but take note: Live-streaming video is the most popular form of video content on the web today.

Be Creative.

Marketing for Nonprofits

This is a BEAUTIFUL example of creativity at work in promoting a nonprofit - in this case the AARP. What are you doing to tell your story in a unique, empowering, memorable and creative way? Jocelyn P.S. I found this video by reading Allison Fine's bl og.

Using Videos For Retention

The Agitator

Here are some suggestions about using videos to encourage retention from Peter Reynolds at For the Record Productions in Toronto, relayed via fundraising firm Hilborn. Actually, Peter believes all the various videos a nonprofit should have in its repertoire can contribute to retaining donors. Peter provides links to example videos of each type. The example he gives for a ‘thank you’ video is from Charity: Water.

DoGooder Video Awards

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We’ve been talking about visual impact this week on The Agitator, so I suppose it fitting that we close out with this item on the winners of the 2013 DoGooder Video Awards, sponsored by the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN), YouTube, see3, and Cisco.

Nonprofit Video Awards Announced

The Agitator

The 2014 DoGooder Video Awards have just been announced. For the eighth year, See3, YouTube, NTEN and Cisco, now joined by The National Alliance for Media and Culture and the National Youth Media Network have combined to select the best of nonprofit videos.

Social Media Video Primer

The Agitator

Especially if you work in a small nonprofit, you’ll find this video presentation by Tim Bete – 19 ways nonprofits can use social media to connect with donors — quite helpful. But he’s found creative ways to leverage limited time and budget to put his organization on the online map.

Better Donor Communications, Or Creative Destruction?

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We have to report back diligently in newsletters, thank you letters, videos on charity websites, social media posts, PR efforts, and other means.”

#Development: Make The Nonprofit Video – Don’t Sweat The ‘Viral’

Non Profit Marketing 360

We turned our attentions toward video outreach last December, and we begin this year’s posts with a story expressly about a business that turned an internal demonstration into a massive video campaign. First and foremost: don’t plan your strategy about making a viral video.

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A creative way to thank your donors: The video

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Ingrid kindly agreed to my sharing her email to me and this video. Katya—had to share this great video my alma mater, Davidson College just sent out as a thank you for meeting our 60% participation goal for 9 years straight. I read the little thank you blurb and saw the link to a video, but thought it was just going to be the typical stuff, so I deleted. Your donors give you gifts. What’s the gift you give back? It should be gratitude.

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Video Lifts Email Response

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The other day I saw this item claiming that “marketers using video in email have increased their click-through and conversion rates, and are generating forty percent higher monthly revenue than those that do not use video.” But also wise to test video in your email. Interestingly, the reason most marketers gave for not trying video was simply lack of appropriate content. Now we fundraisers can be more creative than that, can’t we?!

The Top 4 Tips for Nonprofit Video Projects

Fundraising 123

The author readies for a video shoot. " A strategy is important because it''ll guide you as you decide who you want to collaborate with creatively, which content to include in your nonprofit film, the spokespeople to use on-camera, the budget for your project, and many other critical decisions. As with any other marketing exercise, developing the right strategy for your video project will come down to three main questions: What is your message?

Video Testimonials

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From, some encouragement to use — you guessed it — video testimonials. You know I’m an online video fan. I’d like to see your video testimonial … go on, show me what you’ve got! communications creativity Don't Miss these Posts online fundraising online videoMost fundraisers have long used donor (and even better) beneficiary testimonials in their printed communications. Effective to be sure.

YouTube Nonprofit Video Contest

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Regular Agitator readers know I’m a big fan of online videos to support nonprofit fundraising and communications. Many, many nonprofits have now dipped their toes in the online video water. Naturally there’s a video describing the contest.

Video treat: Take 18 minutes to be creatively renewed

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Long weekends are a great time to get back in touch with your creative side, which tends to get stamped out in meetings and inbox inundations during the week. Treat yourself today to 18 minutes of creative inspiration from Tor Myhren. Raise your creative quotient with this stimulating video. (If If you subscribe to this blog by email and don’t see the video embedded in your inbox, just click here.).

Producing Nonprofit Video: Q&A with WithinReach, Part 2

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

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Producing Nonprofit Video: Q&A with WithinReach, Part 1

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Content Marketing Creative Ideas Online Marketing Photography Social Networking Storytelling VideoWe've Moved! Update your Reader Now. This feed has moved to: [link] Update your reader now with this changed subscription address to get your latest updates from us. We've Moved! Update your Reader Now. This feed has moved to: [link] Update your reader now with this changed subscription address to get your latest updates from us.

Quick and Easy Slideshow Videos

Social Media Bird Brain

So being creative often has to take a back seat to getting things done. Picovico is a tool you can use for putting together short videos without a lot of investment in time. Add music Create the video. video quick tool small nonprofits Facebook slideshow easyRunning a small nonprofit takes a lot of time. Here's how it works: Sign up for an account or use Facebook to log in. Choose a theme. Add pictures and text. Log In This is the screen you.

Virtual Reality and Nonprofit Marketing – A New Way to Engage Donors

J Campbell Social Marketing

Simultaneously, the viewer can manipulate the video to view education in Ghana from the point of view of one of the students. RYOT and the Huffington Post have partnered to create unique, immersive virtual reality videos for nonprofits around the world. Guest blog by H. James, MBA.

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Inspire With Video

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Speaking from a fundraising perspective, I love online videos. For many reasons … creativity, often humor, delivery of raw emotion, ‘gotta see it’ urgency, connection. Crowdfunding pages that are promoted by a video raise 4 times as many donations.

Using Video To Support Your Cause

The Agitator

Here’s a short piece — with great examples — from the Chronicle of Philanthropy on using online video to engage your donors and generate new support. Don't Miss these Posts charities communications creativity fun issue fundraising nonprofits online fundraising online publishing online videoThe recommended uses … 1. Put a face on your cause … people embrace people.

Three things that makes a great video (get out the hanky)

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Copyblogger posted this lovely video from Hope for Paws , an animal rescue organization. And before you say you can’t do this because you don’t have a cause as cute as puppies or you must respect the anonymity of those you serve, get creative.

12 digital fundraising trends for 2012 #1 Truly Personalised Video Thanking

Giving in a Digital World

First-off, something that I started to see fundraisers doing last year but which I think we will see a whole lot more of in the future: Truly Personalised Video Thanking. As an illustration of what I mean by this, take a look at the video above about charity: water’s 5th Anniversary donor thanking initiative, which has to be the gold standard in the art of digital thanking. The creation of these 250 short personalised videos clearly involved a lot of effort.

Seth on Education

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Every once in a while I simply embed a single video as a blog post. It’s not because I’m lazy, but rather because I truly feel the video should get as much exposure as possible. Compliment Videos creativity education educational system school seth godin

Reasons I Don’t Use Instagram [And Why They Are Silly]

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Creative Ideas Mobile Nonprofit Communications Nonprofit Marketing Strategy Online Marketing Photography Social Networking Video I have had an Instagram account for over a year now. And I have posted exactly 3 pictures: My sad, lonely Instagram profile.

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators and Fundraisers

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

When I released my 2012 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report , I found that creating and sharing videos gained more in importance for nonprofits from 2011 to 2012 than other social media channels. Welcome to another round of Mixed Links!

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#VIDEO: Freelance Producers Wanted for Brooklyn Independent Television. Stipend Offered.

Non Profit Marketing 360

Communications Community Cross-Post Marketing Nonprofit Opinion Resource Video Arts BRIC brooklyn Brooklyn Decker Community Media New York Retail Television Television program United States

The Perfect Thank You

The Agitator

If I might please interrupt your reading of “What to learn from the Kony video” articles for a few moments … For a fundraising lesson. Click the screen shot ( or here ) to view the video and see its website context.

Creative inspiration and a nekkid man’s essence

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Since it’s a holiday weekend - and I’ve resolved to stay in a creative space - I’m continuing the theme of unleashing your right brain. I hope you liked yesterday’s video.

Creating Your Nonprofit’s Version of the #IceBucketChallenge

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

” and “Why can’t we get our supporters to make videos of themselves about our cause and share them with their friends?” OK, maybe you are just sick of seeing your feeds taken over by the videos.

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Get Inspired & Guided – DoGooder Nonprofit Video Award Winners

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Stop RIGHT NOW and watch these four videos – this year’s winners of the 5th Annual DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards. These awards went to four incredible organizations in recognition of their creating the best nonprofit videos of the past year. The videos are creative, clever, informative, interesting, and above all – they are high impact. These videos exemplify how nonprofits can (and must) connect with the world and tell their stories with video.