Google Grants for Nonprofits: Getting Started

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Ad text: Check to see how well the ads represent your mission and whether the destination URLs link to specific and highly-relevant pages on your site. * Remember, all Grants accounts are capped automatically at $10K/month, and all keywords are capped at a $2 maximum cost-per-click (CPC). Have you ever wondered how to get your nonprofit listed near the top of Google's search results for a specific search term (for example, "breast cancer research foundation")?

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Trends in Cause Marketing: Second Half of Interview with Laura Marriott

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For example, in addition to URL and call center address, include a 2D barcode, to more easily direct the consumer to interact with the cause. If 2-D barcodes represent a kind of bridge between the digital and world of print, what does that bridge actually look like?

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The Ultimate Guide To The Google Ad Grants


This is determined by how relevant your keyword is to your ad’s content and to the content on your website’s landing page (the URL your ad links to). For Ad Grant users, your maximum CPC bid is set at $2 (roughly £1.60). Archives. by Zoe Allen.

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