Google Grants for Nonprofits: Getting Started

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Ad text: Check to see how well the ads represent your mission and whether the destination URLs link to specific and highly-relevant pages on your site. * Remember, all Grants accounts are capped automatically at $10K/month, and all keywords are capped at a $2 maximum cost-per-click (CPC). Have you ever wondered how to get your nonprofit listed near the top of Google's search results for a specific search term (for example, "breast cancer research foundation")?

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Trends in Cause Marketing: Second Half of Interview with Laura Marriott

Cause Related Marketing

For example, in addition to URL and call center address, include a 2D barcode, to more easily direct the consumer to interact with the cause. If 2-D barcodes represent a kind of bridge between the digital and world of print, what does that bridge actually look like?

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