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I had to pick up some of the stuff that she usually does, so I had to scan the incoming mail and donations and email it to my data entry employee who works off-site so that she could get donations entered. Kimberly Troup.

Include Finance Folks in Fundraising Plans

Fundraising Breakthroughs

Us CPA and number-crunching types are not usually the best thinkers in this area and may tend to be too pessimistic about new ideas. This can lead to the revenue raised being taxable income (worst case), having created a restricted fund that is a lot of (unnecessary) work to track, or otherwise being more work than needed. Manor, CPA MBA Accounting Consultant to Not-for-Profit Organizations author of QuickBooks for Not-for-Profit Organizations available from

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What a Nonprofit's Annual Report Is, Why It Is Powerful in Fundraising, & How To Create One

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An annual report is different things to different professional operations (for-profit and nonprofit) but generally, an annual report is a document that in a concise, clear, but thorough format relates the true (verifiable) accounting or bookkeeping summation of a single nonprofit's entire expense (cost of operations) and all of its income for a single fiscal year. Often, the income will be broken out per revenue stream (i.e.

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Your Agency's First Grantwriter Starts Work Monday

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Schedule a meeting for your grant writer to get to know your bookkeeper and CPA. I ask, "Ack!"? You may say to me, 'Well, we know we need a grant writer at this agency, but now we've invested in this new staff member and we have no guarantees that grant money will come in. What have I done?' I understand how you feel. You are not the first ED or board member that has hired a grant writer onto the staff only to wonder 'can we afford this?'.

The Roles A Nonprofit's Founder May Hold During the Life Cycle or Growth of the Organization

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If Bill began a nonprofit to provide lunches to low income elderly seniors who are immobile but not in a care facility, Bill may believe his new nonprofit exists because he founded it. In other words, if an established nonprofit is already feeding the low income home-bound elderly in the same community Bill wishes to serve - Bill should likely address another need (one that is as yet unmet) or risk not being able to raise funds, volunteers, etc.

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What Does A Nonprofit Do That's Facing Being Taxed?

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The nonprofit most often provides the work and goal of its mission statement by raising its own funds and providing its efforts at either no fee, a sliding scale fee relating to the beneficiary's income level, or at a fee that is lower than the private sector's charge for the same service or product. Contact my nonprofit's executive leadership and the organization's bookkeeper and CPA and sit down to meet to discuss this new additional financial burden and liability.

Save Your Nonprofit Money, Raise More Money, and Succeed - Yes, Now

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Your board may be fidgeting and your bookkeeper and CPA are probably wringing their hands. For training ideas read our post, Places, Resources, and Ways To Learn Everything From Fundraising To Other Nonprofit Operations (Some Are Free) I recommend, too, that you analyze each of your income streams. [Please help us. We at The Grant Plant, LLC want to understand what nonprofits need from the services that they hire, today, given the economy; so please take our short survey.

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