The High Cost of Undervaluing Gratitude

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Just compare an attrition rate of 30% as unappreciated donors stop giving with the $1 or so it costs to show them your appreciation.

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Acquisition: Its Costs And ROI – Part 2

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That’s why so many fundraisers and their consultants persist in using the meaningless, if not idiotic, measures of ‘cost of fundraising’ and ‘ROI’ rather than develop strategies and steer their programs based on the key metric of Lifetime Value.

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Acquisition: The ‘Less Cost Is Best’ Fallacy

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If that’s the case, you should probably also skip this recent post — The ‘less cost is best’ fallacy — from fundraiser Ken Burnett. how you’re under-cutting your fundraising success by not spending enough ), dealing specifically with why you should not obsess on minimizing cost ratios. Ken gives six reasons why adhering to rigid cost ratios is wrong-headed, abbreviated a bit here … The question is wrong.

How to Finesse Incoming Media Calls -- Even When You're Sweating Hard

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Of course media relations is only one element in your org's communications agenda, but it can be one of your most valuable, cost effective, and efficient strategies -- if done right. Read this article to learn more about what's involved in each step and how to implement them to finesse incoming media calls. Even in today's social media world, one of the key ways organizations get their messages out to key audiences is through the traditional news media.

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#Aging: Health-Care Reform Showing Small Advantages For Medicare Recipients

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Sometimes it is difficult to sort out what has changed, what seems to be improvement or expansion or cut in service or cost. And the national debt and the health-care costs of the next 50-odd years will surely continue to stress all Medicare budgets. Shrinking, but not gone until 2020.

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Flat Earth Fundraising: The High Cost Of Mistreating Suppliers

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By focusing on pressing out pennies on price they’ve lost sight of what really matters — increasing net income and value. The cost of pitches [responding to RFP’s] is not just about cost to the agencies.

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The Slow, Painful and Costly Death of the “Full Service” Agency

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Their difficulty in attracting experienced and energetic talent … the cost of their payrolls … the need to please their corporate investors has led to a frenetic brand of competition to see who can most honor the status quo.

#Aging: Medicare On The Chopping Block Of Debt ‘Compromise’

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No one doubts that health-care costs will continue to rise quicker than inflation over the next two-to-three decades. It would raise out-of-pocket costs for millions of beneficiaries who don’t use hospital services during the year, he says.

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#ProAging: Social Security Recipients Enjoy COLA For First Time In Two Years

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Social Security has built into its law and budgets a ‘ Cost of Living Adjustment ‘ (COLA) tied to inflation and/or rising prices. ” Many Americans consider their monthly checks to be well over 80% of their incomes, so any COLA is seen as a real benefit.

#Aging: Social Security Recipients Enjoy COLA For First Time In Two Years

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Social Security has built into its law and budgets a ‘Cost of Living Adjustment’ (COLA) tied to inflation and/or rising prices. ” Many Americans consider their monthly checks to be well over 80% of their incomes, so any COLA is seen as a real benefit.

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#Aging: $450 Billion in Unpaid Care Another Likely Drag On Economy

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Parents want to keep their kids in school into their early 20s, for example, even though their counterparts a century often sent their children to work by their early teens – thus bringing much needed income to the family unit. AARP reports that long-term caregivers tend to have higher medical costs themselves – costs borne by their employers and their insurance, who then raise premiums to cover them.

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Grants for Community Revitalization Via Production, Preservation, Or Financing of Low to Moderate Income Housing Units

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Home Depot Foundation Offers Support for Affordable Housing Programs Deadline: March 1, 2008 (Letter of Inquiry) The Home Depot Foundation ( [link] ) is dedicated to creating healthy, livable communities through the integration of affordable housing built responsibly, as well as the preservation and restoration of community trees. The foundation makes grants to 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charities in the United States and to charitable organizations in Canada.

Alert! Missing Middle Donors

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Mix these insights on giving patterns of rich vs. middle- and lower-income donors with Sea Change Strategies’ take— The Missing Middle: Neglecting Middle Donors is Costing You Millions —and you get a clear call to action for every fundraiser and nonprofit communicator.

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3 reasons to focus on major gifts (including major legacy gifts)


People earning $10 million or more each year gave the most non-cash donations totaling 1/3 of all non-cash donations (This is according to the 2011 IRS Statistics Income Bulletin). Unlike populist fundraising , major gift marketing costs just pennies for every dollar it returns.

4 reasons to focus on major gifts (including major legacy gifts)


People earning $10 million or more each year gave the most non-cash donations, totaling 1/3 of all non-cash donations (according to the 2011 IRS Statistics Income Bulletin ). Unlike populist fundraising , major gift marketing costs just pennies for every dollar it returns. 3% of U.S.

A Glossary of Key Fundraising Terms, Jargon, and Vocabulary You Need to Know


501(c)(3) IRS designation for public serving nonprofit organizations exempt from income tax and eligible to receive tax-deductible gifts. Every profession has its fair share of jargon. Fundraising, and nonprofits in general, are no exception.

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[Guest Post] Donor Acquisition – the painful necessity of fundraising

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We start with the cost of a direct mail package – I suggest 60 cents apiece (give or take) and multiply that by the number of mail pieces. A 2% response brings that number up to $5,000 – still shy of your outgoing costs. Start with your donor acquisition costs.

What Can We Nonprofits Do In This Uncertain Economy?

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In tough economies we all need to save more, spend less, bring in more income that we have been. designation from the federal government to raise money; it is why your organization is given the benefit of tax free income ala the federal government; and it is the key that your organization's leadership uses to focus, clarify, and hone down what the organization does (e.g. Tags: the economy leadership fundraising lessening operations costs

How To Plan Out This Year's Grant Seeking.

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For instance, if you need $5,000 to provide parkas to low income children, don't just apply to one potential grant donor for $5,000. Tags: grant writing cost grant application giving guidelines grant donors [Please help us. We at The Grant Plant, LLC want to understand what nonprofits need from the services that they hire, today, given the economy; so please take our short survey.

Want to Spend Less on Your Non Profit's Fundraising? Here's How.

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You can use the following method to reduce your organization's fundraising costs for each fundraising method that your organization currently does or is planning to implement. If you are making a certain amount of money, annually, from a given fundraising method you are probably pleased to just be able to add the revenue to your organization's financials' "Income" line, year to year. Total Expense: $3,997 Now, for each of these expenses there are ways to bring your costs down.

#ProAging: GAP Index Highlights Global Challenges Of Care For Aging

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Like almost every one of the twenty countries studied, the US found its ranking on the ‘Income Adequacy Index’ inverted on the ‘Fiscal Sustainability Index.’ The fact of the aging of the global population is something our readers are likely at least acquainted with.

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Why you should stop looking for fundraising silver bullets and unicorns.


Yet the most effective and lowest-cost technologies and tactics are the ones that get employed at the bottom of the funnel instead. We’re already in the plan, why not make it irrevocable and get some immediate tax/income benefits?”

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Deliverance From Doodles

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Dump your doodles and download this app: The Harvard Business Review Meeting Cost Calculator I shudder each time I think of the amount of time that’s spent discussing and measuring the inane minutiae that is the stuff of all too many meetings.

Donor Newsletter Tips to Bring in the Dough

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Does your donor newsletter cost more to send than it brings in? ” What they knew for sure from testing was this: when their charity clients sent self-mailers, income (i.e., When they sent the very same newsletter in a #10 envelope, income was strong.

How a Small Nonprofit President Got a Big Spot in The New York Times’ Room for Debate

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For Avery, who participated in the training program along with CDI’s President, Rachel Pfeifer , the opportunity to get no-cost guidance from professional communicators has been eye opening. “We’ve It’s more difficult than ever for nonprofits to get media coverage.

5 Nonprofit Marketing Innovations for Tough-Times Results (Case Study)

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Even with a successful 18-year run under its belt, Bay Street Theatre was threatened by the challenge of serving its diverse base as well as by cuts in funding and in patrons’ expendable income. The Results : Broader Awareness, Increased Engagement, Diversified Income Streams.

There’s More in the Middle: Close Your Giving Gap Now

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A huge “aha” bloomed in my mind as I digested the findings on shifts in giving patterns of rich vs. middle- and lower-income donors recently released by the Chronicle of Philanthropy.*.

10 Excellent Club Fundraising Ideas

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Mugs, t-shirts and other memorabilia can produce a year-round income stream for a club and its activities. Calendars focusing on the club and its activities can be clever club fundraising ideas since these useful items cost little to produce and can be marketed to parents, family members and friends with little per-unit investment. Organizing fundraisers for clubs and activities can be a fun and educational experience for high school students.

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#PROAGING: Republican Budget Realigns Medicare But Ignores Long-Term Care

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percent) of the oldest cohort (Early Baby Boomers) are simulated to be “at risk” of not having sufficient retirement resources to pay for “basic” retirement expenditures and uninsured health care costs. ” Unfortunately, long-term care costs are growing faster than GDP plus one.

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9 content offers that work well to generate planned giving leads


Here are some titles for free reports that we have found generate leads effectively: How to make a gift that costs nothing now. How to give to _ and receive income for life. In order to generate highly-qualified leads for planned gifts, you’ve got to offer something to your prospects. We recommend information that educates prospects about ways they can leave a gift to your organization.

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Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser

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Better yet, it is so simple to organize and execute that it can easily become a recurring fundraiser (and who doesn’t like recurring income?). A spaghetti dinner fundraiser is a classic fundraiser , but it is classic for a reason: It’s remarkably easy and it is a near sure-fire money-maker.

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Our EveryAction Hero: Feeding Wisconsin


All of our action alerts at both the state and federal level are on issues that affect the accessibility to food and protecting the nutrition safety net which consists of 15 programs that provide millions of low-income Americans access to a healthy and nutritious diet. The Field to Foodbank campaign partners with local farmers and food processing industries to get commercial grade crops processed at low costs to food banks across the state and country.

Why failing to focus on major and planned gifts can be so dangerous


And, according to the IRS’ 2011 Statistics Income Bulletin, 1/3 of all non-cash donations came from a very small part of the population earning $10 million or more each year (around 2,000 Americans).

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The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Charity in England and Wales


If you like things a little more old school, you can also register by post with this form , but be warned that it costs an extra £40 and will take longer. by Angharad Miller. Starting a charity can seem like a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be!

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What the In-Crowd Won’t Tell You About Pay to Write Essay


When you become accustomed to writing you’re generate a terrific income out of the comfort of the couch. Create Essay on-line No Cost of Charge Order-papers. You want to have your theme in no cost. The Fight Against Pay to Write Essay. Custom writing from scratch is not going to be right, as you do not desire your time and effort to be lost. It’ll be intuitive that professional latex tables are composed by you.

It was bound to happen sooner or later, here’s why and what to do…


The money can grow tax free (while appreciation of foundation dollars can face an excise tax on investment income of up to 2%). The best, fastest and most cost-effective way to do that is with a donor survey.

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Economic Crisis: Gen Y to the Rescue?


Most of our income is tied to real wages. What I mean by this is that for the most part, Gen Yers spending money comes from what we earn-I would imagine 99% of us are not living off "dividend" or "savings"-based income, so our spending power has not shrunk as much as that of retired folk.

Poorly optimized Google Adwords copy could be wasting a quarter of your search budget

Giving in a Digital World

The reason being that Google AdWords rewards advertisers who run more effective advertising campaigns with lower advertising costs (i.e. Last year, while working on a client project, I came across a very interesting company called The ATO Co.

Why 107 is a scary number - and what to do about it

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The Agitator currently has an excellent series on donor acquisition – how much it costs you to get a donor and how you monitor that investment over time. There was a pretty incredible piece of news this week in the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

Volume Has Been Tested. The Results Are In

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This is in large part because organizations face a greater tangible, incremental cost to mailing. It costs money to send an extra person an extra postal mail piece. It costs no money to send an extra person an extra email. But it turns out this does have a cost: $24,522.

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3 Steps to Focused Productivity for Your Nonprofit Marketing

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Now, however, with all the possibilities offered by low-cost, fast-changing technology tools and social media, &# overwhelm&# can be as big a roadblock as budget constraints. Welcome to our newest guest blogger, Rebecca Leaman. 6 Tips For Discovering The Ideal Tutor


There are plenty of outlet internet sites that unload wonderful bargains on distinct hardware that can simply save you a pile of income. 6 Tips For Discovering The Ideal Tutor.

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Why Response Rates Don’t Matter.


Clearly, you recognize that the purpose of lead generation marketing is not to just garner a response rate, it’s to support the revenue development process in a way that is tremendously cost-efficient. 10 said they were likely to make a gift to receive income for life (such as a gift annuity or a charitable remainder trust) and 41 said they were somewhat likely to do that.