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4 Ways to Incorporate Corporate Philanthropy into your Digital Fundraising

J Campbell Social Marketing

Corporate philanthropy has been a hot button topic recently. Corporate giving to charities has increased by almost 14% in previous years, and nonprofits received over $17 billion from companies last year. Promote corporate giving programs online. Guest blog by Adam Weinger.

Corporate v. Nonprofit, 5 Lessons Learned When I Switched to Nonprofit Communications & Marketing

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Kivi met Cynamon at the Create Good Conference this year and asked her to share about making the change from the corporate world to a nonprofit communications director position. On the corporate side, things can become routine and repetitive. Cynamon Frierson.

You Can Save the Corporations

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They don’t want to give their money to big corporate conglomerates that hurt the earth. Want a big list of which big conglomerates own which organic food companies? organic-companies-owned-by-conglomerates to print and bring with you on your way to the grocery store. By aligning themselves with your nonprofit, corporations show that people have more of a reason to buy from them. Consumers want to see the corporation is committed to giving back consistently.

From Cause Marketing to Corporate Causes

Selfish Giving

Your not-for-profit organization really is making a transformative difference in people lives. Sometimes those business people are asked to partner with your organization through cause marketing—thus creating a win-win-win for the not-for-profit, the business, and the community.

Corporate vs Professional Individual Twitter Accounts

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

I know I’m not the only one since this is a much discussed problem among various organizations in our field. Our consulting organization CEPSM has a Twitter account ( @cepsm ); and so do nearly all of the consultants that work here. mikekujawski ) to build community around our passion/business since individual accounts always beat corporate accounts when it comes to building and fostering professional relationships. I’m having a challenge.

How to organize your fundraising job search like a pro with Phil Gerard

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Phil will be speaking about how to structure and organization your fundraising job search. Then as opportunities come up in the future, I have a much better understanding of who could be a good fit for what job in what organization. Mazarine Treyz: Hey, everybody. Welcome.

Personal Branding Within The Corporate Workplace

Diva Marketing Blog

Back in the ‘90’s Peters presented an innovative concept that employees could position themselves, within their organizations, as though they were a brand. His idea was employees were more than cogs in a corporate wheel.

#Philanthropy: Get Involved With Some Of The Biggest Corporate Donors

Non Profit Marketing 360

In the midst of the present economic crisis, the debate about whether corporations should have social responsibility to give to philanthropic causes has grown heated. And how might your organization benefit from their philanthropic programs?

Three tips for dealing with corporate partners

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Yesterday, I posted on four things you need to know before pitching a corporate partner. So encourage company-level support - it’s better for their business - and for your organization because of the broader support. 3) Companies don’t want to appear self-serving with their corporate social responsibility, because that can backfire. I cited some interesting new research on how consumers feel about the products of companies that support charity.

4 Steps to Awesome #GivingTuesday Corporate-Cause Partnerships

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

How will your organization celebrate? To ensure you create a winning partnership, take the time to make sure there’s a good fit between your mission and the corporate partner’s brand identity and goals. Luna’s Pure Prevention campaign provides a great example of nonprofit-corporate alignment. Assets are any resources that you and your corporate partner bring to the table. Don’t be one of those organizations. #GivingTuesday is December 3rd.

Recruit More Sponsors, Corporate Partners with Inbound Marketing

Selfish Giving

I’m sure this approach is new to most development professionals who work in sponsorship, cause marketing and corporate partnerships. Here’s how I used inbound marketing to recruit corporate partners for cause marketing programs at a Boston hospital.

Reader Questions: How to get businesses to give you donations in 3 steps?

Wild Woman Fundraising

Needless to say, they have no large donors, no database, no corporate sponsors, etc. 2) Getting your foot into large major corporations – noone on the board is well connected. If you want in-depth ways to get corporations to sponsor your nonprofit, I’m having a webinar coming up this week on how to get corporations to sponsor you, it’s September 6th, here’s the link: [link]. Step 1: So, really, first you have to get organized.

Do Corporate Social Responsibility Practices Raise Employee Productivity?

Cause Related Marketing

ISO 14001, says Wikipedia, “is a family of standards related to environmental management that exists to help organizations (a) minimize how their operations (processes, etc.) Sanja Pekovic Corporate Social Responsibility Pascal's Wager Blaise Pascal Magali Delmas cause marketing

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4 things you need to know before pitching a corporate partner

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

If you want to engage corporate partners, it’s important to understand both. So over the next three days, I’m going to share some interesting new research into how corporate social responsibility (CSR) and cause marketing can do that.

What Does Your Organization Do? Draw It Out

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Illustrated videos are very popular right now with everyone from big corporations to small nonprofits. Jessica Pullano, who is currently participating in my Mentoring Program , shares how her organization created one to help explain what they do. Jessica Pullano.

10 Types of Social Media Posts Every Nonprofit Should Be Sending

J Campbell Social Marketing

Has your organization hashtagged something recently? Information About Corporate Giving Programs. Check out the ten essential social media posts your organization should be sending out to donors and volunteers. Information About Corporate Giving Programs.

Cause Marketing for Healthcare Organizations

Selfish Giving

NEAHP – Cause Marketing for Health Care Organizations. 8 Reasons Healthcare Organizations Should Do Cause Marketing. Cause Marketing Forum offers a one day Hospital Corporate Development Summit that I co-lead with two other excellent presenters.

Are Nonprofits Ready for the End of Corporate Philanthropy?

Selfish Giving

Boston’s own Scott Beaudoin , who’s also MS&L Worldwide’s North America director of CSR and cause marketing, asked in PRWeek Insider’s blog last week is this “The End of Corporate Philanthropy?&#. Long live corporate philanthropy.


How to Work with Corporate Partners for Disaster Response Giving

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Your organization performs a vital role in the corporate responsibility ecosystem: you extend the reach of your corporate partners into the community and facilitate their good works. In times of disaster, your organization may be called upon to provide much needed relief and rebuilding assistance. But you have to build a strong relationship with those corporate partners in advance to be in a position to truly guide their donations. . .

Are you pressuring your board? Guest post by Alexandra Peters

Wild Woman Fundraising

And yet somehow we continue to believe that these volunteers – who are, by the way, willing to take on the liability and accountability for an organization – can be transformed into askers who will ceaselessly pound their well heeled friends for money. Their roles as individuals are rarely critical to the life of the organization, but the organization is completely reliant on their decisions as a group.

CauseTalk Radio Ep68: Finally! An Employee Giving Platform for Small Organizations

Selfish Giving

Today on CauseTalk Radio , Megan and I talk to Bill Horne , Chairman, President and CEO of Truist , a leader in web-based corporate philanthropy platforms for employee giving and volunteerism. CauseTalk Radio Podcast cause marketing corporate philanthropy employee giving truist

Maximizing Revenue in a Challenging Environment: Approaching the Corporate Sector

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Corporations are besieged by requests from numerous non-profits and are now more judicious as to their contributions. Discover what the corporate sector is seeking when considering whether to sponsor your activities, and the reasons why they want to align with your organization. This session will provide a road map into the corporate world and help you convince a business that you are a worthwhile partner. Download the presentation slides below Related Documents!

Developing a Plan to Approach Companies

Fundraising Coach

Perhaps you already have a list of companies that could donate to your organization. It could be the CEO, or it could be a community relations director, or head of a corporate foundation. Once you’ve determine if there is a corporate foundation, you can focus your research efforts on the foundation. You can make up a grid using the following questions: Does this foundation support our type of organization?

Are You Ready for the Future of Corporate Partnerships?

Selfish Giving

I’m excited to be speaking at The Future of Corporate Partnerships Conference in London on May 16th! How does it differ from sponsorship and other forms of corporate giving? FULL ACCESS to over 4,000 examples of cause marketing partnerships, organized by partnership type.

You Deserve A Voice. Voting With Your Dollars is Not Enough

Wild Woman Fundraising

So I could get a fair trade organic box of green tea? Like freedom to organize. Parks and schools find it difficult to withstand commercialization as cities and states lose their tax revenues ( from giving massive tax cuts to corporations to come to their locales -Mazarine ).

Book Giveaway: Cause Marketing for Dummies by Joe Waters and Joanna MacDonald

Wild Woman Fundraising

But this book got me excited, thinking about possibilities for some organizations I’m currently doing work for. At one end of the spectrum, Sponsorship, nonprofits do all the work and the corporation just shows up. Cause Marketing for Dummies by Joe Waters and Joanna MacDonald.

#INTERVIEW: Sherry Truhlar, President of Red Apple Auctions, Conducts Benefit Auctions for Nonprofit Organizations

Non Profit Marketing 360

Sherry Truhlar, President of Red Apple Auctions , conducts benefit auctions for nonprofit organizations throughout the U.S. She founded the company after more than a decade in corporate sales, marketing and event management.

#GRANTS: Sony USA Offers Year-Long Support To Many Types Of Nonprofits

Non Profit Marketing 360

Nonprofits depend on technology for communication, internal organization, and creative outreach. Many of the tech corporations who design and build the cameras, computers, smartphones, and tablets for nonprofits also offer grants and other avenues of support for those nonprofits and charities.

What do consumers around the world think of corporate social responsibility?

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

The report includes rich information on consumer attitudes to corporate responsibility (CR) and it’s definitely worth a full read. This study has important takeaways for nonprofits, especially as you are often on-the-ground partners facilitating corporate responsibility (CR) efforts.

How can nonprofits monitor their online reputations?

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This month’s Net2ThinkTank Challenge is, “What are your best practices for effectively monitoring online feedback about your organization, cause, or social enterprise? If you’re a big corporation, you might invest in Radian6 or SpredFast.

New Advanced Webinar: Seven proven steps for highly successful corporate partnerships

Wild Woman Fundraising

Webinar title: Seven proven steps for highly successful corporate partnerships. Do you want to move beyond sponsorships and take your relationships with your corporate donors to the next level? Worksheets to help you organize your prospective partners.

Get Your Dream Job

Wild Woman Fundraising

Five minutes after placing the order the phone rang and I was called to come in for an interview with an organization that would be a wonderful next step in my career.

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A few useful widgets from CMHC

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Whenever I work with a new client, I always enjoy the “internal document/material review&# phase quite a bit as I get to learn a great deal about the organization in a short period of time. In the case of the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) , among numerous other things, I managed to find some useful consumer home buying widgets: Household Budget Calculator : Compare your income with your current or planned expenses and debt payments and see what you can afford.

Should The Times Be a Truth Vigilante? Should the Pope Be Catholic?

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Enemies supposedly lurk in every organization that does not chant the patriotic mantras provided to it by the state. Even the Pentagon says the organization is crippled. Its implementation will be a huge leap forward for the corporate oligarchs who plan to continue to plunder the nation and use state and military security to cow the population into submission.”

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Defining Your Organization’s Story


But as an organization– how do you get everyone on the same page? The simple, bullet format provided offers insight into the values Patagonia has, the position it takes and how it translates both into business.When done reading, try the exercise out for your own organization.

Private, Corporate, or Government Grants?

Get Fully Funded

Here’s a quick-and-dirty explanation of private, corporate, and government grants. If I can find someone on my organization’s Board who knows someone on the foundation Board, it helps so much to make that connection. I’ve had great success in building relationships with private foundations that lasted for years and resulted in thousands of dollars for my organizations. Next I go after corporate foundations.

How One Nonprofit is Raising Money from Company Volunteers

Selfish Giving

If it’s really true that only 7 out of 100 employees apply for this money, I needed an organization that had so many volunteers that they’d be sure to have experience with this program. Cradles to Crayons collects these items from community organizations and companies.

Moving up in your nonprofit: How does it work?

Wild Woman Fundraising

But even at your new organization, how many people will listen to you? Women do not rise in these organizations because of deep misogyny, ingrained in the people they work with, and the very system around them. Do people at your organization assume incompetence rather than competence?

How to work with corporate partners at times of emergency

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

How to Help: 5 Steps to Effective Corporate Disaster Relief Campaigns provides insights gleaned from ten years of powering disaster donations for nonprofits and corporate partners at Network for Good. While this eGuide is intended for a corporate audience, it’s worth a peek. In times of disasters, whether local or international, companies may want to work with your organization to provide assistance. And Kate offers these tips for picking your corporate partners.

Fundraising Tips for Twestival Local 2011 Organizers

Fundraising Coach

I’m pleased to be providing fundraising coaching for Twestival organizers around the world. Hopefully these will be helpful even if you’re not organizing a Twestival. Organizers, these are also available in the Huddle workspace.).