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4 Ways to Incorporate Corporate Philanthropy into your Digital Fundraising

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Corporate philanthropy has been a hot button topic recently. Promote corporate giving programs online. Guest blog by Adam Weinger.

You Can Save the Corporations

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They don’t want to give their money to big corporate conglomerates that hurt the earth. It may be cliche, but it’s true. By aligning themselves with your nonprofit, corporations show that people have more of a reason to buy from them. Consumers want to see the corporation is committed to giving back consistently.

You may have noticed…

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Chris Hedges continues: “ This is why the Occupy movement frightens the corporate elite.” political in the last year. Libraries?

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Just What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

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What do people mean these days when they speak of corporate social responsibility? there may be something here for cause marketers.

May 18th Webinar: How to get Mega-Sponsorships!

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I did a webinar on May 5th for CharityHowTo , and it was SO POPULAR that I thought I’d offer it again here, for you! Wednesday May 18th.

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Personal Branding Within The Corporate Workplace

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His idea was employees were more than cogs in a corporate wheel. For instance it strengthens corporate branding both internally and externally.

Corporate Support for National Parks: America's Best Idea

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No one wants a corporate logo to despoil the Grand Canyon - or any other national park. Photo via mkfeeney on Flickr. Changes with permission.

Reader Questions: How to get businesses to give you donations in 3 steps?

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Needless to say, they have no large donors, no database, no corporate sponsors, etc. 2) Getting your foot into large major corporations – noone on the board is well connected. Getting corporations to sponsor you is really tricky and takes lots of work. Do you have another way you like to reach out to corporate donors?

Do Corporate Social Responsibility Practices Raise Employee Productivity?

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In fact, this may represent a kind of Pascal’s wager. The authors, Magali A. The answer is no. That's Pascal at the left.

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4 things you need to know before pitching a corporate partner

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If you want to engage corporate partners, it’s important to understand both. Consumers may think not.

10 Types of Social Media Posts Every Nonprofit Should Be Sending

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If the answers to these questions are ambiguous, vague, or nonexistent, it may be time to rethink your nonprofit’s social media strategy.

Cause Marketing or Corporate Philanthropy Program? It’s Not a Yes or No Question.

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If your company is an active corporate cause marketer, should it also be an active corporate donor? Now Godiva almost certainly didn’t write the headline for the release I saw, but a quick reading made it clear that what Godiva was announcing was more a cause marketing than a corporate philanthropy effort. Here’s why.

Your Nonprofit is in Trouble. How? Read on.

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It’s just being held by the biggest corporations. Yesterday I wrote about inequality being the thing that holds nonprofits back. Welcome!

How to Work with Corporate Partners for Disaster Response Giving

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Your organization performs a vital role in the corporate responsibility ecosystem: you extend the reach of your corporate partners into the community and facilitate their good works. In times of disaster, your organization may be called upon to provide much needed relief and rebuilding assistance. Seek corporate partners who:

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Are Nonprofits Ready for the End of Corporate Philanthropy?

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Like it or not, this is the future of corporate giving for businesses large and small. Long live corporate philanthropy.

Charity may trump self-interest in motivating employees

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Nonprofit marketing friends: This is great fodder for corporate partnership pitches. Here’s a fascinating question: Which of the following is more motivating? A bonus you spend on yourself. A bonus you spend on someone else. And the answer is… b, according to several studies profiled in this Washington Post piece. The bottom line?

VIDEO: Nonprofit Professional, You’re my only hope

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It’s become a thing that we do, as a career, currying favor with corporate oligarchs with corporate foundations and sponsorships.

Infographic: Inside the mind of a KICKASS community manager!

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Are you updating a website or blog for your nonprofit, charity, or corporation? Are you tweeting for your cause or company? This guy? Or her?

Are You Ready for the Future of Corporate Partnerships?

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I’m excited to be speaking at The Future of Corporate Partnerships Conference in London on May 16th! Photo via Miradortigre on Flickr.

Do you have people from the community you help on your board?

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I’ve written before about how quotas for women on our boards can help change the face of management, and how naive aid to africa is misplaced.

What do consumers around the world think of corporate social responsibility?

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The report includes rich information on consumer attitudes to corporate responsibility (CR) and it’s definitely worth a full read. Expectations.

Get Your Dream Job

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Once you get in, there may have been no one in that position for six months or more! I, like most of you, fell into fundraising. They want you!

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Companies that Rank High in CSR Also Known for Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

On October 18 2011 I wrote a post about the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship 2011 CSR Index and how by my reckoning six of the top ten and 33 of the 50 companies listed did at least some cause marketing. Some of these firms may have done cause marketing that I’m unaware of. Sheesh!" Now, this is admittedly idiosyncratic.

How to work with corporate partners at times of emergency

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How to Help: 5 Steps to Effective Corporate Disaster Relief Campaigns provides insights gleaned from ten years of powering disaster donations for nonprofits and corporate partners at Network for Good. While this eGuide is intended for a corporate audience, it’s worth a peek.

10 Ways to Win a Corporate Partner | Network for Good Learning Center - Learn how to raise money online for your nonprofit

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Simply stop treating corporate folks as sources of money and start treating them as an audience. Tis the season for email marketing. Find an in.

Tough Decision Made In The Best Interest Of Constituents May Be A Good Solution In This Economy

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This may be where the organization learns who is a team player and who is focused on the best for the organization's mission statement; and who is not. This week - we want to list for nonprofits who are in tight spots some options and alternatives to operating as normal. Decisions do not have to be about the economy. We're in this together.

Nonprofits have two missions to balance–cause and corporate


You have two missions —a cause mission to change society and a corporate mission to sustain your organization.

Cause Marketing Matchmaking Freebie

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Your first thought might be that Ball, which is a national brand, may be too big for small effort in rural Kentucky. a pound. billion.

#SM4NP: ROI Via Social Media May Be Elusive, But It’s Not Ephemeral

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things corporations might have the resources to take advantage of. Perhaps success can be measured in hard, but not precise, numbers.

Perfect opportunity for a corporate ask?

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A: Well that seems perfect for corporate sponsorship! But automotive parts stores and car dealerships may be a cool fit for this project. asking for money corporate giving corporate philanthropy cub scouts questionmarc Q: Hi Marc! I need a jump start. TY Katherine. I’m sure you can use the extra money for something.

Attention Corporate Newcomers

Sea Change Strategies

You are a corporate marketing hotshot or your organization is thinking about hiring a corporate hotshot for a senior marketing, fundraising, or external affairs position. Non-profits impute great wisdom and skill to corporate execs. Is this you? I have seen the scenario many many times. Wrong. These assumptions are wrong.

The economy may be down, but online giving is up

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The economy has been sluggish for over a year, but the financial crisis on September 15, 2008, shook consumer confidence and set off another round of corporate layoffs. This may be a sign of the weakening economy, as many donors continue to give online but in smaller amounts. What are other nonprofits doing to stay the course?

Helpful Tips To Raise Corporate Grants

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There are many different kinds of foundations; corporate, family, community, private, etc. Corporate foundations are typically the community or charity arm of a corporation. Many corporations have them such as Home Depot, Coke a Cola, Microsoft, and others. Follow the corporate foundation's giving guidelines.

The Cause Marketing Proposal

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Everybody back at corporate loves the proposal,” she says. You may or may not ever be able to get the rest of your body in the door with said prospect. Here's a for instance: A friend in Atlanta has worked in corporate giving offices for no less than three Fortune 500 companies. The prospect apologizes all over herself.

4 Myths About Fundraising You Need to Stop Believing

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MBAs and corporate people with no experience in fundraising are better at fundraising than the Development Associate/Assistant that we currently have.

One Quarter of All Nonprofits May Lose Their Charitable Status With the I.R.S. This May

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million American nonprofits, including trade associations and membership groups, will lose their official "charity" status with the Internal Revenue Service, at midnight on May 15, and thereby lose their tax exemption status. You may find ways to contact the I.R.S. As many as one quarter of 1.6 In 2007, the I.R.S. annually.

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More on corporate sponsorship: Good news and a warning

Nonprofit Consultant Blog

Last week, I reported about how mergers and changing corporate priorities can put nonprofit funding at risk. Today, I've got some good news to help you retain those corporate sponsors. Tags: corporate sponsorships ethics Nonprofit fundraising Yes, this is good data to bring to your meetings with potential sponsors.

The Power of Zilch: An interview with Nancy Lublin

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So, I hope the folks in the marble-lined corporate boardrooms listen. In an office, they may say "yes" just to get you out of the office.

More About Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's Corporate Investing Practices

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One last thought on the news that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has invested in businesses that may practice poor ethics.even poor ethics in conflict with the Foundation's own mission and values. Interestingly, the imagination behind one of the largest corporations in the Pacific Northwest, stands firm on available health care.

Cause Marketing With Sex Appeal

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But then again, that approach is true to MAC's brand and corporate ethos. The hooded sweatshirt retails on the STU2C website for $46.99