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Pinterest Primer for Nonprofits


The best advice (from the linked copyright article) is to: pin from the source. Flickr: stevegarfield. Getting Started. Ideas/Best Practices.

#Interview: Michael Stein, Author, Blogger, & Veteran Nonprofit Technology Strategist

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With Nick Allen and Mal Warwick, Michael wrote the groundbreaking 1997 book Fundraising on the Internet: Recruiting and Renewing Donors Online.

The Temporality of Digital Knowledge and Copyright Bozos

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Pam suggests downloading and saving the information you need, rather than rely on bookmarks or tags, but acknowledges the ethical problems regarding copyrights. McLeod blames new, stronger copyright and patent laws for the death of creativity and a dangerous situation in such far-flung fields as agriculture and medicine.

How to get great fundraising advice without reading an entire book


The materials you see online ARE copyrighted. I love to sit down and read about marketing and fundraising. LinkedIn owns Slideshare.

Nonprofits and Copyrights: What You Need to Know

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#HOWTO: Setup A Pheed Account & Why It Could Prove Valuable For Nonprofits

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But note the ‘Copyright this pheed’ to the left. The latest social network vying for our attention. Easy-peasy! Click to enlarge.

Fundraising like Linus: what security blanket are you clinging to?

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I’d post a picture here but I don’t want to violate copyright laws. My grandfather loved Charles Schulz's Peanuts comics. And Linus. Engage 3.

Don’t Get Suckered By This Facebook Myth

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The content of this profile is private and confidential information. NOTE: Facebook is now a public entity. All members must post a note like this.

Resources: Brain-Bending Books

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Communications Copyrighting E-Mail Education: Technology eNewsletter Fundraising How-to Marketing Newspaper Article Nonprofit Publications Social Media Technology Web and Print Writing advice communication direct mail donors email Jeff Brooks mobile phones Non-profit organization online fundraising publications web

What’s Wrong With This Cause Marketing Paper Icon? Let Me Count the Ways

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Komen for the Cure would almost certainly consider the phrase “Bowl for The Cure” a copyright and/or a trademark violation. Where to start?

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You Too Can YouTube

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Not sure how to include music in your videos without getting into copyright issues? No video camera? No problem. Don’t forget: Tell a story!

Nonprofit Video – What’s It Really Worth?

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Copyright and finding free music, stock video and photography. Aaron Bramley. Camera. Help. You may know them from their Lights. Camera. hours.

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How Do You Define Good Journalism?


This is a big question–I realize that. As, you could dedicate a whole blog to the topic. I know I take a more liberal definition of journalism.

The Heroes and Villains of the Give Local America Story #GiveDayLessons

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When I do storytelling training, I compare the stories that nonprofits tell to a TV series. It will take months to play out. ” across America?

#Interview: Michael Stein, Author, Blogger, & Veteran Nonprofit Technology Strategist

Non Profit Marketing 360

With Nick Allen and Mal Warwick, Michael wrote the groundbreaking 1997 book Fundraising on the Internet: Recruiting and Renewing Donors Online.

#Interview: Michael Stein, Author, Blogger, & Veteran Nonprofit Technology Strategist

Non Profit Marketing 360

With Nick Allen and Mal Warwick, Michael wrote the groundbreaking 1997 book Fundraising on the Internet: Recruiting and Renewing Donors Online.

A guide to telling your story in pictures

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”>. If you’ve been reading the blog lately, you know just how critical it is to have the right pictures in all your outreach. Tweet it.

#INTERVIEW: Sean Triner, Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist of Pareto Fundraising

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Before You Reprint This Blog Post.

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In these cases, you do not need permission from the copyright owner. What does “fair use” mean? Please play nice.

How to Coordinate a (Cheap) Successful Photo Shoot for Your Nonprofit Part II

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Marta Lindsey. Yesterday, we published Part I of How to Coordinate a (Cheap) Successful Photo Shoot for Your Nonprofit by Marta Lindsey of TransForm.

Think Conversation, Not Megaphone, for Social Media Success (NTEN Case Study)

Getting Attention

Copyright laws aside, we’re now able to play whatever we wanted as folks hold. It’s a skill that has to be developed.

How to Write Posts People Will Remember

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Image copyright Christopher Nuzzaco – I’m honored to introduce you to Darren Rowse , uber-blogger. by Darren Rowse.

Tips for Sharing Curated Content (the Good Stuff You Find)

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In many cases, you’ll be violating copyright laws. Adding Value to What You’ve Found. Always Give Credit. You’re a Curator, Not a Thief!

New Social Media Network Road Map

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For Pinterest that might include: Terms of service, copyright, pinabilty of your own visuals. . etc. . Glad you asked. Strategy .

#Tech: SOPA Inspiring Blackouts & Lobbyists – Should Nonprofits Care?

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Could SOPA chill free speech? On the surface, not much seems to be of relevance in the ‘Stop Online Piracy Act’ ( SOPA, H.R. Not really.

Collective Joy = How to Harness the Power of #Occupy for Your Nonprofit Cause

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Protest Puppet from Paris: Image copyright 0olong from Flickr. Really? What does your cause need next? Music! Face-painting! Big puppets!

Space Available Cause Marketing on Packaging

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The copyright says 2005, although I doubt this box is that old. Magazines and newspapers have long offered space-available ads to nonprofits.

Cause Marketing in Your Grocer's Aisles

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But since 505 uses only the pink ribbon, which is not trademarked/copyrighted, no permission is required. Here are 14 that caught my eye.

Cause Marketing Breakfast

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So long as Kellogg’s isn’t violating any trademarks or copyrights, they’re in the clear. Why should we care? What should we do? What happens?

38 Ideas For Your Pinterest Strategy

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Be mindful of copyrights. Pinterest continues to fascinate me by it's simplicity and ease of use. Neither of which am I. Strategy. Content.

Six Tips on How To Make Your Website Pinterest Friendly

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Last, but important since people are still hesitant to pin because of copyright issues*, indicate that you encourage pinning. Pinterest.

CMO 28

#TECH: Megauploads Shut Down, Highlighting Concerns Of Cloud Computing

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violating copyright laws. But what about all the legal files on the servers? offer comparatively little storage space.

Sites 11

How To Check Out: Reading the magazine covers in the grocery line

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Copyright pixie vision productions. And I started to do the same thing. And I wished there was something better for us to look at.

Copy and Paste Cause Marketing

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Well copyright laws notwithstanding, nothing could be easier to steal. Like the look and feel of a webpage? Susan G.

Anniversary - Remember More Than the Date

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Image copyright The Mitikin RevolutionIt's September 11th again.It's s likely that in the future, this date will be marked the way Labor Day is now - with picnics and barbecues, speeches and retail sales, the bloody past smoothed over with words like "sacrifice" and patched with potato salad. But not yet.No

Does Your Social Media Policy Let Staff Be Real?

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For example, many policies talk about respecting copyright rules, citing sources, and following Creative Commons licensing. Get the Details.

No I will not endorse your product/event/company for free.

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Phil. > – Dear Phil, It’s because of Disney’s intervention buying off Congressman Bono that made it possible to keep pushing copyright extensions so that Mickey Mouse would never go free, AND by extension, every musical artist would have to be dead 70 years before their work would be public domain. For free. For free.

Favorite, And Least Favorite, Appeals

The Agitator

probably a copyright issue.]. Over the holidays, a couple of online appeals really called out to me. They were creative. They each displayed a bit of personality. They stood out from the rest. And as I’m sure you experienced yourself, there was plenty of fundraising clutter that arrived in our mailboxes over the holidays.

What to do about Comment Trolling on 99Designs

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3 days ago I started a contest on 99 designs, for a book cover. Then I said, “US Designers preferred” in my design brief. l/, /?tr?l/)

How Do You Build B2B Relationships Using Social Media?

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This content is copyrighted by - fjk . The miracle is this: the more we share the more we have. Leonard Nimoy. One Tip Crowd Sourced Question. No one holds all the answers. Especially in social media marketing, or as some people refer to this brave new digital word as, new media. When you think of it how could she?