Should You Contact People Who Unsubscribed from Your Email List?

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In all seriousness, this question came up in a nonprofit communications Facebook Group and I was amazed how many people told the poster to contact unsubscribers to see why they left. No, you shouldn’t. OK, nice chatting with you. Have a great day!

How many LinkedIn contacts do you have?


The post How many LinkedIn contacts do you have? Fundraising Lead Generation strategy charitable giving communication and engagement LinkedIn contacts LinkedIN marketing tips LinkedIN profiles Nonprofit nonprofit social media marketing Outreach on LinkedInI’m always surprised when I click on a major gift or planned gift fundraiser’s LinkedIn profile and see that they only have 30, 50 or 100 connections. How can that be possible?


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How to Thank Facebook Donors (Even If You Don’t Have Their Contact Info)

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Fundraisers are still fighting this potential tidal wave of donations for their organization, simply because they can’t control every step of it, and they may not get the contact information for each and every donor who gives. . Yes, I know what you are saying right now: “OK, Julia, sure, that’s all well and good, but if we don’t get the contact information for the people raising money for us, how can we possibly thank them? Don’t get hung up on not having 100% of the contact info.

Make Contact!

The Agitator

Here’s yet another study from the commercial world that delivers the refrain: Make contact with your customers! Yeah, the study was conducted by Harris Interactive for InContact, a vested interest provider of contact center software. But dismiss these findings, which I believe apply to donors, at your peril … More than a third (68%) of consumers said that companies who have no other means of contact other than a toll-free number seem outdated. [We

Keep Better Contact Records with the Personal Email to Notes Feature


For fundraisers, the clarity of each donor contact record matters. A clean and complete contact record saves time and provides fundraisers with the full picture. Instead of copying and pasting email text into contact records, the ‘Personal Email to Notes’ feature will allow you to push the text of your Outlook, Gmail or other email communications with your supporter automatically into the supporter's EveryAction contact record.

Pimping for Constant Contact

Cause Related Marketing

was invited to a local presentation on email marketing from Constant Contact, the Waltham, Massachusetts email marketing outfit whose target market is small businesses and nonprofits.They offer a cause-related marketing campaign called Care4Kids meant to. Tags: Constant Contact Email Marketing OK, not pimping really. More like a gentle noodge to nonprofits and the companies that love them that it’s time to start email marketing.I

To Build Trust, Make Sure Your Photos Make Eye Contact With Your Donors


The post To Build Trust, Make Sure Your Photos Make Eye Contact With Your Donors appeared first on MarketSmart. Whether you are sitting face-to-face with your supporter or are using a photograph in your marketing campaign, make sure you or the person in the photograph look directly at your donor. Fundraising

The 4 Donor Groups You Need to Contact Before the End of Year

Fundraising Coach

As we've been approaching the end of year, my coaching clients are asking me to help them prioritize their major gift fundraising contacts. Individual contacts, not spray-and-pray! The post The 4 Donor Groups You Need to Contact Before the End of Year appeared first on Photo courtesy of Willy D on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

WARNING: You’re Prohibited From Contacting Donors After 1/1/17

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“We regret to inform you that as of January 1, 2017 nonprofits will not be permitted to contact their donors without the express written consent of each donor.” Once you’ve picked yourself off the floor with the fear you can’t meet next year’s goal, exactly what action steps will you take to prepare for what the majority of fundraisers would consider a disaster of immense dimension?

Staying Cool: 5 Tips for Beating the Summer Heat While Doing Voter Outreach


organizer community advocacy webinar organizing voter contactNon-partisan civic engagement efforts are so important to the health of our democracy, but how do you protect your canvassers from the record-breaking summer heat? Here are five tips for keeping you and your canvassers safe while they're engaging voters and knocking doors. Stay hydrated. Make sure that you and your canvassers have access to plenty of cold water. The key is to drink as soon as you become thirsty.

Turning Contacts into Donors

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Non-donors don’t.) • Belief—Probably (but he needs to confirm this, which he can begin at Google or Dogpile for bios and community involvement and continue with further personal contact with the people). One of my clients met some people at an annual conference peripherally related to his organization’s cause. They hit it off. During the weekend, they talked a little about his work, and he believes they might be sympathetic.

GUIDE: Voter Registration Campaigns for Nonprofits


organizing voter contactFor nonprofits which engage in advocacy around civic engagement or political issues, voter registration drives are a great tool for activating your volunteer base, deepening relationships within your community, and increasing local democratic participation. To maintain 501c3 status, nonprofits must carefully avoid any partisan activity, actions that endorse a candidate or party.

Guide 120

5 Steps to Running a Campus Voter Registration Program


Pulling lists of students based on their voter registration status for email or text message outreach is useful for contacting students who have not yet registered to promote opportunities, following up with students who need to complete registration processes, and sending election-related information to registered students. higher education organizing voter contact

How To Build Raving Fans, A Huge Email List & Facebook Ads That Work: Lessons from #AOC2014

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Heather is a Constant Contact and digital & email marketing expert. Entrepreneurship Events Facebook Marketing Mobile Pinterest Social Media Video #AOC2014 agents of change Chris Ducker Constant Contact Cynthia Sanchez Email marketing Facebook Ads Greg Hickman Heather Jackson John Lee Dumas Mobile marketing Nathan Latka Nick Unsworth Pat Flynn Portland Maine Rich Brooks Rick Mulready SEO Stephanie Sammons With Jillian Vorce at #AOC2014.

Ads 182

NonProfit Pulse Survey

Social Media Bird Brain

Thought you might be interested in the results of a survey ConstantContact did recently on nonprofits Here's the text: Constant Contact Nonprofit Pulse Survey: Attracting New Supporters Keeps Nonprofits Up at Night Majority of nonprofits see potential of social media marketing to help with engaging supporters WALTHAM, Mass. social communications Email Constant Contact website social media marketing Small nonprofit small business survey

Survey 114

What’s The Best Cause Marketing Program for My Business?

Selfish Giving

Another example of keeping it simple is Care4Kids , a program Constant Contact , the company I use for my email newsletter (which you can sign up for in the top right!). Current customers like me can nominate a kids charity to receive a free Constant Contact account so they can better communicate their message. Not only is Constant Contact giving away a service they own, but their customers are the ones nominating the causes to receive the service.

Apps I Use for Cause Marketing

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Constant Contact. Tags: Cause Tools analytics pro apps cause marketing constant contact dropbox evernote iphone read it later remember the milk wordpress app Anyone who knows me knows how important my iPhone is to me, especially now that I have the super-fast 4G! Except for typing posts like this one, which I’m writing on my iPad , I do just about everything on my iPhone. This means I do a lot of my cause marketing business with my iPhone and the apps I download.

Five Signs You Should Double Opt-In Your Emails


Your List is Reaching Thousands of Contacts. Yet, there's also an inverse relationship between the size of a list and your knowledge of its contacts. Laws such as Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) and the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) put specific emphasis on the proof of consent for each contact in your database. You're Struggling to Engage Contacts.

Opt-in 134

New Research Findings: Advocacy Groups More Trusted - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - frogloop


Congress – and appreciate these groups’ efforts to inform and mobilize citizens to contact Congress via the Internet. Eighty-four percent of subjects who had contacted Congress, and 44% who had not, had been prompted to do so by a third party – with interest groups being the main source of these requests. Whether Web users end up contacting Congress or not, most find information from interest groups to be more credible than information from Congress.

Trust 30

Expanded Social Matching Allows Nonprofits to Learn Even More About Their Supporters


Before, only Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles were matched to an individual's contact record. Now, 97 different social networks are matched daily , and also provide social media biographies to be integrated into a contact record. Understanding your supporters and meeting them where they are is an increasingly important part of any outreach campaign.

Fundraisers: Stop Blaming Facebook For Donors Not Wanting to Hear From You

J Campbell Social Marketing

Under GDPR laws , charities can no longer automatically add emails or other contact information to their database, just because someone gave them money, online or off. . We aren’t entitled to their donations – so who says we are justified in getting their contact information?

Virtual Volunteering: Ideas to Engage Your Volunteers Remotely

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Split up your contact list amongst staff members, board members, and volunteers. Provide participants with a script to call their respective contacts. The “ask” for contacts will be to participate in an online survey. Send the survey to all contacts that agree to answer.

Ideas 242

3 Ways Strong Web Design Can Get Your Nonprofit Better Results

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Rather than asking for too much information from your donors upfront, focus on pertinent information, such as their basic contact info, payment info, and the amount they want to donate. Meaningful contacts. It’s not to late to check out my newest online course!

Design 223

A New Landing Page, Just for Fundraisers


Using the Fundraising Management Landing Page in EveryAction, it's easier than ever to view this data, access critical lists of top donors, search for specific contacts, analyze campaign performance, and more. Fundraising professionals often have enormous workloads, so it's critical that they're able to quickly access top-line data about their various fundraising channels and easily accomplish related tasks.

Stats 157

5 Email Marketing Mistakes You’re Definitely Making Right Now

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Email is the way to be sure that you can contact your supporters directly, in a personal way, no matter what happens in the great wide world of Facebook and Instagram. What a training!

Powerful, Targeted Facebook Ad Integration Now Available on EveryAction


The new functionality provides the option to indicate which contact records were targeted for the ads, allowing users to measure results of how those ads increase supporter participation and engagement. Here’s how it works: Users first create a list of contacts in EveryAction that they want to target.

Target 100

Analyzing Budgets and Saving Money at a Nonprofit

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Conversations with essential vendors – Contact your provider and explain the situation. Consider contacting your court’s community service work program to explore options for becoming an approved worksite. A penny saved is a penny earned.

Budget 169

Why You Should Start Creating a Mid-Level Donor Program ASAP


Your mid-level giving manager should be the primary point of contact for these donors. Email signatures should encourage donors to reach out to the point of contact. By focusing a little extra energy on your mid-level donors, you can raise more money and create a quality pipeline for your major gifts officers. Successful mid-level donor programs are all about providing donors with a personal touch while maintaining the analytic discipline that allows you to scale your programming.

Is Email More Inspiring Than Social Media?

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From segmenting your lists to including first names and other contact information, email acts more like a conversation between friends than social media can. According to the newly released 2020 Global Trends in Giving Report , it is!

Here's 28 Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Should Switch to EveryAction


EveryAction's organizing toolset is trusted by major labor unions and advocacy groups - providing them with access to SmartVAN, the gold standard in voter contact technology. #10. Match your contact records to nearly 100 social networks. Thousands of nonprofits use EveryAction every day to raise money, manage offline fundraising through pledges and grants, send emails, run nonprofit digital advocacy campaigns, and so much more.

6 Overlooked Ingredients Your Year-End Emails Need

Fundraising 123

Contact information. Linking to an effective contact page that answers how people can contact your nonprofit and why they should want to contact your nonprofit can help donors find the right way to get in touch if they have an important question. It''s also important that you put in an easy way for readers to opt-out of your nonprofit emails (and if you''re not sending from a email service provider like Constant Contact , be aware of CAN-SPAM laws ).

Email 132

Using Inkind Donations To Help You Grow Your Nonprofit

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Be aware that you might not get contact information for inkind donors which means you can’t thank them. Record the item, the estimated value, the donor, and the donor’s contact information, if available.

6 Time-Saving Scheduling Tools Recommended by Fellow Nonprofits

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Does it allow contacts to book directly on your calendar or request a booking time? Can you get your own customized booking URL to offer contacts? Share your availability and let contacts book straight into your calendar. Scheduling a meeting shouldn’t be hard. But all too often, it feels like: via GIPHY. The back-and-forth is enough to suck your soul dry. Thankfully, there are apps to improve the process.

Tools 169

How to Use Your Nonprofit CRM to Build a Social Media Ambassador Program

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It should include their contact information, social media profiles, giving history, and indicators of affinity and capacity. . guest blog by Tim Sarrantonio , Neon One.

CRM 260

Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator – Lindsey Williams

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to 10:00 a.m – I hold a full time job at an autism clinic as a behavior therapist, so during normal business hours, I am busy, but check emails and contacts throughout the day – especially on my lunch break. Lindsey Williams.

How to Win the Game of Facebook Fundraising

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For starters, you don’t get contact information for all your donors, only those who choose to share. For longterm fundraising success, you need to capture donors’ contact information so you can nurture them into becoming loyal, repeat donors.

Dr. Russell James’ Top 10 Ways Your Supporters Can Give Wisely Before the Year Ends


It’s easy to change account beneficiaries by contacting the financial institution.). To learn more about how your gifts can make a lasting impact at [ organization ], contact: [ insert fundraiser contact information ].

Get Organized and Increase Your Nonprofit Productivity

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Contact customer support or look up YouTube tutorials if you get stuck. Look at your desk right now, and tell me how many sticky notes are on it. How many to-do lists? How many reminder notes to yourself?

How to Learn SEO in 2021 [Newbie-Friendly Guide]

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

Don’t hesitate to contact him. How to Learn SEO in 2021 [Newbie-Friendly Guide]. A special guest post by Visme’s Marketing Manager, Sergey Aliokhin to get you started on learning SEO. Needless to say that SEO changes rapidly.

SEO 113

Facebook Events Integration Pulls Attendee Data Directly into EveryAction


The new Facebook Events integration in EveryAction allows users to link an EveryAction event to Facebook, pulling attendee RSVP data directly into the EveryAction database - merging attendees with existing contact records, or creating new contact records for new supporters. Facebook is one of the most important digital organizing tools of our time.

Create a Successful Volunteer Program that Inspires Volunteers to Follow Through

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Maybe you’ve been there: Someone contacts your organization eager to volunteer. Contact the chair of specific departments that might have students with the career goals most likely to align with the opportunity. The key to a successful volunteer program is follow through.

SEO and SEM for Your Nonprofit Organization: Understanding the Basics

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

Contacting non-competitive businesses: Do you think that your nonprofit can be resource for another non-competitive business? For example, you can contact an eco-friendly blog that will feature or link your nonprofit company that supports sustainable packaging.

SEM 70

How to Prepare for an Extended Leave (Or a Permanent Exit!)

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Contact Information. One of the last conversations the most recent cohort of the Communications Director Mentoring Program had was around how you prepare for an extended leave (or exit) when you are a nonprofit communications director.

How To 151