Why You Should Hire a Fundraising Consultant – Episode 15


On today’s episode we discuss fundraising consultants and why you as a fundraiser should consider hiring one. Check out the How I Built My Fundraising Consultancy Podcast on Apple Podcasts , Google Play , Stitcher and other podcast directories.

13 Paths to Productivity & Satisfaction—Nonprofit Staff & Consultants

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6) “ You don’t have to work 100+ hours/week to be a great nonprofit leader ,” says Natasha Golinsky, consultant to nonprofit start-ups.

4 great reasons to hire a capital campaign consultant


Getting an experienced consultant onboard will increase your chances of success exponentially. The post 4 great reasons to hire a capital campaign consultant appeared first on MarketSmart, LLC |. Fundraising Lead Generation strategy capital campaign consultant capital campaign consulting firms capital campaign plan charity blog nonprofit operations advice nonprofit tips reasons to hire a fundraising consultantLarge amounts of money are at stake.

Considering Consulting to Nonprofits? Advice from the Pros

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Guest bloggers, Julia Reich, a designer and brand strategist at Stone Soup Creative and Marlene Oliveira, a copywriter and communications consultant at moflow and founder of the Nonprofit MarCommunity recap their #15NTC session on nonprofit consulting. Are you already a consultant?

How can you become a successful fundraising consultant?

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She has written so many books about fundraising, and she’s also been consulting for a really long time. So today we’re going to be talking about how to become a fundraising consultant and also hiring your first fundraising professional. But then I met another consultant.

How to Work With a Social Media Consultant

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This situation may call for a social media consultant to help you build your online communities, create great content and manage your time effectively. Despite your best intentions and great ideas, perhaps you do not know how to begin to work with a consultant or what to expect.

Open Government Consultation

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In the spirit of openness, I have decided to publicly share my open-ended responses to the ongoing Canadian Open Government Consultation , which has been taking place since December 6th, 2011 and is scheduled to end January 16th, 2012. The consultation covers questions on Open Data , Open Information , Open Dialogue and the Open Government Strategy. For more information on this initiative, please consult this news release.

#interview: Simone Joyaux, Nonprofit Consultant, Author, and Columnist

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Simone Joyaux is an internationally recognized consultant to the nonprofit sector on fund development, board development, and strategic planning and management. In the late ‘90s I was doing a consulting project in Tucson, Arizona, for a women’s fund.

New Site for Freelancers and Consultants: GetNonprofitClients.com

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Freelancers and consultants who specialize in serving nonprofit clients are a small part of our Nonprofit Marketing Guide community, but one that I enjoy working with. If you are a freelancer or consultant serving nonprofits (or want to be), I hope you’ll join us!

Seeking WordPress Consultant or Firm— Is it you?

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Small nonprofit marketing firm (that’s us!) seeks WordPress expert or small firm for ongoing maintenance of two main (and a few mini-) websites and email client (Emma, for now), and for special development projects. Role is virtual, so you can be anywhere in U.S.

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10 Dumbest Words Used By Fundraising Consultants

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Specifically, I’m singling out those fundraising, branding and communications consultants whose misuse of words and aversion to simplicity and clarity only serve to muddy the waters with their confusion. I’m not raising all this to poke fun at the consulting community.

5 Easy Steps: A Guide to Hiring a Fundraising Consultant

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Hiring a fundraising consultant, while incredibly important, can be tricky. Understand your organization When it comes to hiring a fundraising consultant, you’ll first need to understand your organization inside and out. Most consultants will have preset packages you can choose from.

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Coaching Consultants on Getting More Nonprofit Clients

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My second love is helping others who want to live that sweet life too by dedicating their consulting or freelancing careers to serving the nonprofit sector like I do. Hiring Consultants Nonprofit Communications

SRDC Open Data Consultation Debrief

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The SRDC Open Data Consultation was an invitation only event, which I had the pleasure of participating in. SRDC Open Data Consultation – May 6th, 2011. Debrief Open Data asthmapolis Canada community accounts consultation eatsure vancouver fitbit Government 2.0 Over the next few blog posts I will debrief a few of the many events I attended this Spring. I have included only key takeaways and interesting insights (ok, well I find them interesting anyway…).

Do you want to be a nonprofit consultant? Read this interview with Desiree Adaway

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What advice would you give people who are starting to be nonprofit consultants? Large consulting projects can take months to close and get approval through internal channels. Desiree Adaway designs programs and strategies that create revenue and advocates for organizations.

Social Media Experts, Gurus, Consultants & Strategists

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Then in early 2008, the real rush came in as the field became more legitimate and the term “ social media consultant &# emerged. What are you an expert, guru, consultant in exactly? Tags: Advice Rant consultant expert google insights guru job description personal brand search trends Social Media strategist terms

Nonprofits and Consultants: Best and Worst Experiences?

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If you work for a nonprofit, what are your best and worst experiences working with consultants and freelancers? If you are a consultant or freelancer, what are your best and worst experiences working with nonprofit clients? Hiring Consultants Nonprofit Communications

No Hard Choices = No Strategy and No Leadership

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Her organization’s leaders, the executive director and a committee of board members, had commissioned the strategy from a consultant. The leaders and the consultant were both apparently very happy with their strategy. This is not a strategy.

Free webinar: speed consulting for better year-end sites

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As we enter into year-end fundraising season, now’s the time to make sure your website is in tip-top shape. Have you ever wondered what should – or shouldn’t – be on your nonprofit website? Can supporters find your donate button? Do you really need to post your address and phone number? Where do you make your case for giving? Join Network for Good’s Nonprofit Team as they give homepage tips and tricks!

21 Stupid Things You Can Stop Doing [Infographic and Recording]

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Content Marketing Fundraising Hiring Consultants Marketing Team Nonprofit Communications Nonprofit Marketing Strategy Online Marketing Professional Development Trends npcommstupid We''ve Moved! Update your Reader Now.

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How to research your audience if you have no budget for consultants

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A reader of this blog, Joe, asked me the following question in response to my post on diagnosing message problems. He says: Can you point us toward some resources for understanding our audiences’ mindsets? Good questions to ask, good ways to ask questions, etc. For organizations without the resources to hire an expert researcher, where can we start learning how to do it right? Here’s my answer based on my chapter on the topic in Robin Hood Marketing.

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You Might Need New Tech More than New Staff

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Accidental Techies Advocacy Content Marketing Fundraising Hiring Consultants Nonprofit Communications Nonprofit Marketing Strategy nptech Online Tools TrendsWe've Moved! Update your Reader Now.

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Why I’m Working with Bloomerang

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Accidental Techies E-Newsletters Fundraising Hiring Consultants Nonprofit Communications nptech Trends Much of what we talk about at Nonprofit Marketing Guide requires software to do well. So naturally, I’m often asked which technology providers I recommend as you go about implementing all these best practices I share. My answer is always that I am vendor agnostic.

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Social Media 101 for Nonprofit Consultants

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Oh, and if you'd like a copy of my powerpoint slides from yesterday's presentation, just send me an email (contact info in the "about the consultant" section of this blog). Yesterday I had the opportunity to present an introductory workshop on social media to a few of my colleagues in the Fund Builders Alliance.

How Web Developers Hurt Their Nonprofit Clients

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I’ve run into more than the usual number of nonprofits who have crappy websites built by consultants lately. When I’ve questioned the nonprofit communications staff about these websites, the answer is always “The website consultant did it that way.&#.

This week on the podcasts


Coming up next week on How I Built My Fundraising Consultancy is an interview with Larry Raff, president of Copley Raff, Inc. Fundraising charity blog disney engagement fundraising fundraising consultants how i built my fundraising consultancy Philanthropy podcast

How to Make Your Meetings Happy and Productive???3 Questions You Can Ask

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Consulting. Staff and Consultants Dennis Fischman meetings Nonprofit Communications productivity Guest blogger, Dennis Fischman left a senior management position at a nonprofit organization to found Communicate! We love talking with friends. We hate going to meetings. Too often at meetings and conferences, were listening to people we dont know, talking about an agenda that doesnt matter to us.

Productive Partnering with Your Communications Firm (or Nonprofit Client)

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I was thrilled to sit in on this session at the recent Communications Network conference , and even more pleased to see that participation was evenly split between communications consultants/firms and the foundation staff members who hire them. Consultant/Firm Bill of Rights.

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Fundraising Careers: Kishshana Palmer Interview: Discover your strengths

Wild Woman Fundraising

Kishshana Palmer is an experienced non-profit executive, consultant and Certified Fundraising Executive (CRFE), a designation held by only 4,000 professional fundraisers. The Virtual Fundraising Career Conference is coming up fast, April 13th to 15th, and I am so psyched!

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5 Translation Mistakes to Avoid in Your Multilingual Nonprofit Communications

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Rivera is owner of Hook PR Group, a content marketing consultancy in Delaware that develops strategic and educational content for nonprofits in English and Spanish. Content Marketing Guest Bloggers Hiring Consultants Nonprofit Communications Publication Management translation

Spiking The Punch Bowl, Part 1: What Clients Think About Consultants

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As consultants and suppliers prepare to entertain and enthrall clients, and as clients sharpen their behind-the-back complaints about consultants, what better time to agitate for a little insight into this strangely symbiotic world of Client & Consultant.

Clients & Consultants: Punch Bowl Survey Results

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Many thanks to the Agitator readers who responded to our Punch Bowl Survey, looking at perceptions fundraising consultants and clients have of one another. Here are two examples … From a client: “GOOD consultants (and there are many) keep their ear to the ground and are able to test with multiple clients and then hopefully others (us!) But 53% of clients said they learned something from their consultants ‘once in a blue moon’ or even less!

Challenges of an Interim Executive Director

Nonprofit Consultant Blog

Whether your organization is thinking of using an Interim ED, or whether you are a consultant thinking of getting into this sort of work, I hope you will find some advice in this conversation that will help you navigate the relationship successfully. consulting executive director interim interview management Nonprofit podcast staffingSeveral weeks ago I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Kirsten Bullock for her Nonprofit Leaders Network podcast.

How to organize your fundraising job search like a pro with Phil Gerard

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So that said, what work do you find most fulfilling with your consulting? So those are two examples of many fulfilling moments in my consulting life. There’s another Gerard out there who consults. Mazarine Treyz: Hey, everybody. Welcome.

Exclusive Interview with Kim Klein, fundraising author, editor, consultant and thought leader

Wild Woman Fundraising

Widely in demand as a speaker, Kim Klein has provided training and consultation in all 50 of the United States and in 21 countries. Kim Klein. OMG I am so excited! Kim Klein, my first fundraising heroine, has answered my interview questions!

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Are you consulting for free? O RLY?

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Then somewhere along the way, you decided you could do some nonprofit consulting. Hippie Girl wants to change the world. So you’re a bleeding heart hippie liberal who wants to heal the world. That’s why you got into this field, right? To change the world.

Freelancers/Consultants: How to Work for Nonprofit Clients

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In addition to everything we do at Nonprofit Marketing Guide directly for nonprofits, I also have a small side project that helps freelance writers and consultants do a better job serving their own nonprofit clients.

INTERVIEW: Lisa Taylor of Challenge Factory Talks Your Career Transition

Wild Woman Fundraising

Are you consulting for free? Do you want to be a nonprofit consultant? Lisa Taylor, Founder, Challenge Factory. Are you ready to transition into another job or career? Are you a boomer who is looking for a take-two career?

Can I tell you a story? (with Rumi)

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Why Organize the Universe this way. What does not exist looks so handsome. What does exist, where is it? An ocean is hidden. All we see is foam, shapes of dust, spinning, tall as minarets, but I want wind. Dust can’t rise up without wind, I know, but can’t I understand this.

The Post Wherein I Take Credit for a Campaign I Wasn’t Consulted On

Cause Related Marketing

Penney announced yesterday a campaign whereby they will ask customers to round-up their change to the nearest dollar and send the money to the retailer’s long-standing efforts on behalf of afterschool programs. The campaign is called ‘ Pennies From Heaven ’ and the goal is to generate 100 million pennies, or $1 million. Pennies is also selling a limited-edition change purse for $9.99