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Why is a nonprofit’s usual and, generally, only source of money for growth limited to either ‘stealing’ from operating funds, or some rich guy or gal committed to funding the growth of a favorite cause? As an example, Tina cites a Connecticut drug program aimed at preventing family disintegration. If the program fails to meet its targets (the University of Connecticut Health Center will evaluate it), investors can lose all their money.

2012 Voting Resources: Open Secrets

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In the first election since the Supreme Court opened the floodgates of campaign money, Open Secret s is more important than ever. This site is the most comprehensive and best organized website tracking where and how campaign money is flowing.

Fundraising from Out-of-State? An Update on Registration Issues

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As you get your online fundraising programs in place and start connecting with people through social media, the liklihood that you will raise money not only within your home state, but in multiple states, goes up.

Guest post: It’s your nonprofit’s anniversary? Who cares…


Yet many nonprofits assume that a fancy-numbered anniversary will somehow magically: 1) finally make them as famous as they deserve to be, and 2) bring in lots of money. Governor Jodi Redl declared a “Community Foundation of Southeastern Connecticut Day&#. Rick Schwartz.

Some Unsolicited Cause Marketing Advice to a Growing Race Series

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Megan started the race in Ridgefield, Connecticut in 2008 and, with the sponsorship of Redbook Magazine (see at the Redbook ad left), has expanded to 12 cities in 2012. Only instead of giving prize money to the mother, give it to the cause that she has chosen. Run Like a Mother is women’s-only 5K race that takes place on Mother’s Day in 12 cities across the United States. It sounds like a cause, but it’s not. Instead, each of the dozen races benefit their own causes.

Nissan Providence Rhode Island

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To Cope With Recent Tragedies I Have Taken Stock and Even Learned That I Am Grateful For Community Organizations In Part to Cope and Hope

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I have not been posting, here, on Seeking Grant Money Today , or on its Twitter account for the past two weeks because my computer (which is five years old) went on the fritz and then simply did no more. During the past two weeks, of course, the Sandy Creek Elementary Massacre in Newtown, Connecticut occurred on Friday, December 14. in Connecticut, in the United States, and in the world.