Launching Campaigns a Week or More Ahead of Giving Tuesday

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A full week ago — two weeks ahead of Giving Tuesday — the Fossey Fund launched their Gorilla Game Changer campaign asking for help to “change the game” for people and gorillas in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Seminar: The Growth of New Media in Health Communication and Marketing

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Jamaica Corker, Family Planning Technical Advisory, Population Services International, Democratic Republic of Congo: “Ligne Verte" Toll-Free Hotline: Using cell phones to increase access to family planning information in the Democratic Republic of Congo. .

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#SM4NP: Kony 2012 Will Get A Sequel & More Context Today

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It had been designed for an international audience with more details on Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and more voices from the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo , where the LRA currently based, he said. Today is the day. Probably.

A fundraising tip: Choose hope over hopeless

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Soon after the genocide in Rwanda, researcher Paul Slovic asked some research subjects whether they were willing to give money to deliver desperately needed water to a refugee camp in Zaire (now Congo) to save 4,500 lives. Some of the people were told the refugee camp had 11,000 people in it. Others were told it had 100,000 people in it. Either way, the number of lives that could be saved was 4,500. But guess what? People gave less when they thought the camp was bigger.

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Get Off Your Butt Or Get Out

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The Democratic Republic of Congo. I only wish I could stop crying as I write this, my last post of the year. 28 dead from the Newtown shootings in Connecticut. Lives that will never progress, will never be part of our shared future. All a result of an unspeakable tragedy. Lives snuffed out by a lack of political will and guts. Lives I might have helped save had I been a better consultant to the handgun control movement.

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Announcements for the Social Marketing Community

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The presentations included An Online Social Network Approach for Smoking Cessation; Using Social Media to Reach Women with "The Heart Truth;" and "Ligne Verte" Toll-Free Hotline: Using cell phones to increase access to family planning information in the Democratic Republic of Congo. [Ed There are a number of activities going on that you may want to catch up on or participate in. Here's my latest list (and thanks to all those who send them in).

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Diversity and the Arts

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An example: When I was the ED of Chicago's Congo Square Theatre (an African-American ensemble theatre)we partnered with the Goodman Theatre (one of the largest regional theatres in the country) to do a play called "Black Nativity" by Langston Hughes.  Last week's blow up with the American Theatre Company raised some very interesting. very complex questions about diversity in the arts, theatre in particular.

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