Translating skills from the for-profit world to non-profit

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Skills/concepts that translate: Marketing concepts are the same in for-profit as in non-profit. Donors, volunteers, and people in the community enjoy being treated well and sort of expect it from nonprofit organizations. This is troublesome, because in the for-profit world, it’s a commonly accepted practice. In the for-profit world, it’s all about me, me, me.

Designing for Community Change


Pilloton founded Project H Design , a non-profit design firm where they apply the design process to catalyze communities and public education from within. The global citizen can start with us and our neighbors--We can design change change in our communities.

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Do you have people from the community you help on your board?

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” One thing we know about addressing community problems and making long term change is that those who will have to live with the solution have to be a part of putting it into place. I walked in there, the privileged American, assuming that what the community really needed was condoms.

Is shaming an effective fundraising strategy?


The Princeton Review named us the “Best _ College in America” while the Fiske Guide to Colleges credited us for “first-of-their-kind academic programs and innovative out-of-classroom learning and networking opportunities,” that drive __’s “vision of preprofessional education shaped by commitments to the liberal arts, leadership, and community involvement.” I was intrigued. . A few weeks ago one of my employees (Nicole) forwarded the following email to me from her beloved alma mater.

Donation Usability: Increasing Online Giving to Non-Profits and Charities

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User research finds significant deficiencies in non-profit organizations' website content, which often fails to provide the info people need to make donation decisions. Non-profits would collect much more from their websites if only they'd clearly state what they are about and how they use donations. In 2008, non-profits got about 10% of their donations online, according to a survey by Target Analytics.

The Top 22 Art Fundraising Ideas

Fundraiser Ideas

Community Mural: You could start a community mural project in which members of the community each paint a portion of the mural. Though generally publishes one comprehensive description of a fundraising idea at a time, we know that many people are looking for ways to integrate their passion for art with their fundraising efforts and thus we decided to post a long list of art fundraising ideas.

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Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser

Fundraiser Ideas

In this case, your community might prohibit the sale of food without a restaurant license, for instance. A spaghetti dinner fundraiser is a classic fundraiser , but it is classic for a reason: It’s remarkably easy and it is a near sure-fire money-maker.

How MarketSmart Works With Partners


Bottom line: Our friends, partners, and allies in the fundraising community work with us to use our platform and to learn to employ it. . Digital Marketing Fundraising Lead Generation Major Giving Planned Giving fundraising tools fundraising tools and techniques marketsmart non-profit management software nonprofit marketing toolsPeople often ask me, “How does MarketSmart work with partners (allies) to help nonprofits lower costs and increase revenues?”



Fundraising Lead Generation benefits of donating to a nonprofit benefits of donating to charity charity offers donor value proposition non-profit value proposition why companies should give back to community

Fundraising Events: Food Bank Scavenger Hunt

Fundraiser Ideas

They can knock on doors in the community and visit stores to collect the items on the list. Note: This event has the potential to really spread the word about your organization in a community. Fundraising Websites: Create Non-Technical Websites for Your Organization and Events.

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10 Charity Fundraising Events to Raise Large Amounts of Money

Fundraiser Ideas

Invite the community out to support participants as they walk for a cause! Couple a tasty, home-cooked meal with a good cause and your community will flock to number five on this list of ten charity fundraising events. Gather donation items from your organization’s members and other community members, and hold your sale in a high-traffic area. Sell tickets for private viewings of fine architecture in your community.

How can nonprofits monitor their online reputations?

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If your main problem is that people AREN’T talking about you, how do you get a community built? Again, Amy Sample Ward did a very good job of talking about how to get your community engaged in her recent blog post.

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Dunk Tank

Fundraiser Ideas

A dunk tank fundraiser is best executed not as a standalone event, but in addition to an outdoor community event, such as a town fair or a school’s field day. A dunk tank is a remarkably easy fundraiser , particularly when it comes to school fundraising. For those who are unfamiliar, a dunk tank is a large tank of water with a plank or bench overtop for a person to sit.

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#HOWTO: Setup A (Free) Magazine For Your Community

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We introduced and Pinterest earlier this week because we think these information-sharing sites offer a great platform for nonprofits and charities to share their own news as well as related images or stories in their sectors.

The 22 Things You Absolutely Must Do Before a Fundraising Event

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We often did charity work for disadvantaged families in the community. We would often just set up a car wash in the community, and paint a huge sign telling people to get their car washed. Research community events to choose a date for your event, so they don’t occur around the same time. Pass out and post flyers throughout the community to advertise the event.

Do you have bad boundaries?

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I think thinking about ourselves without connecting it to our families and family pressure, community pressure, work pressure, whatever, to really just think about ourselves is an exercise that makes a lot of people uncomfortable because it’s like, I’m being selfish to think about myself.

The Top 10 Free Fundraising Ideas

Fundraiser Ideas

This is especially useful for local organizations, since support for these charitable activities can be linked directly to benefits for the community and those fundraising may be more likely to gain support from local stations. By requesting donations in return for these lessons, charities can often boost their funding while helping the larger community.

The Top 9 Unique Fundraising Ideas

Fundraiser Ideas

These nights can also help you raise awareness for your organization within your community. Auction the cakes in your local community. Charity Fundraising Church Fundraising College Fundraising Creative Fundraising Ideas Easy Fundraising Fun Fundraising Ideas Fundraising Events Fundraising Ideas for Kids High School Fundraising Ideas Non Profit Fundraising PTA Fundraising Quick Fundraising Ideas School Fundraising Sports Fundraising

10 Good Fundraising Ideas for the Novice Fundraiser

Fundraiser Ideas

Garage Sale – Ask all of your organization’s members, as well as others in the community, to donate items to sell at your fundraising garage sale. Can Collection – Set up recycling receptacles in various places around your organization’s office or throughout your community/neighborhood. You don’t have to be a professional to be successful at fundraising. In fact, some of the best fundraisers are so easy anyone can organize them!

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#Tech: SOPA Inspiring Blackouts & Lobbyists – Should Nonprofits Care?

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Could SOPA chill free speech? On the surface, not much seems to be of relevance in the ‘Stop Online Piracy Act’ ( SOPA, H.R. 3261 ) because nonprofits aren’t really in the business of selling digitized content, much less pirated content.

YouTube's Non Profit Program

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Video is a powerful way to show your organization's impact and needs, and with a designated "Nonprofit" channel on YouTube, you can deliver your message to the world's largest online video community. Does your organization have a compelling story to tell?

#HOWTO: Have A Film Screening As A Fundraising Opportunity

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First, pick a movie relevant to your organization’s work and of interest to the community you want to draw to your organization. We at MKCREATIVEmedia wish you a joyous, healthy, and prosperous New Year!

#ENVIRO: CBS/EcoMedia Partnership Expands To Bring Advertising To Green Nonprofits

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And a press release from CBS on 29 March announced the addition of The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation , Waterkeeper Alliance , Forest Stewardship Council , Enterprise Community Partners , and Volunteers of America into the partnership.

#SocialNetworks: Bring Them Back To Facebook For The Holidays

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Nonprofit Advent Calendar Charitable organization Christmas Christmas and holiday season Facebook Non-profit organization Online Communities Social networkThe holiday season is prime gift-giving and donation-giving season.

#SOCIALNETWORKS: How To Promote Facebook Posts & Why You Might Not Want To

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It was hailed by many for- and non-profit organizations as an opportunity to push through the background noise endemic in most people’s timelines to get your words and images out to a larger but (broadly) targeted audience.

#Development: Make The Nonprofit Video – Don’t Sweat The ‘Viral’

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The Marketing Director at the time, George Wright, heard about the testing and thought the company could develop videos of the blenders taking on various non-food products. Happy New Year to our much-appreciated readers! May your 2012 be notably donor-rich and Mayan-free.

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Strategic Fundraising: 10 Tips for Better Financial Results

Fundraiser Ideas

Reach out to the local community. Charity Fundraising Church Fundraising College Fundraising Non Profit Fundraising PTA Fundraising School FundraisingRather than simply waiting for donations to come to your nonprofit or charitable organization, it is far preferable to plan and organize an effective fundraising campaign that provides a solid financial basis for current operations and future needs.

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10 Simple Fundraising Ideas for Individuals

Fundraiser Ideas

Clear out the basement and closets of all your unneeded items and host a garage sale, with profits going to support your cause. Use social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, to reach out and ask for donations from your virtual community of friends and colleagues. Contact your favorite home sales party person, such as Pampered Chef or Mary Kay, and ask if they’d be willing to donate their profits from your party to your fundraising efforts.

Reader Questions: Snow White and the 7 Faces of Philanthropy

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Communitarian Donors: These are the people who are giving because it will make their business look good, because they do business with people on your board, or because they want to improve some aspect of the community. Snow White by 12×07 on

INTERVIEW: Lisa Taylor of Challenge Factory Talks Your Career Transition

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Corporate people still have to think about what volunteer manager think about, for example: How you build community? Lisa Taylor, Founder, Challenge Factory. Are you ready to transition into another job or career? Are you a boomer who is looking for a take-two career?

#Tech: QR Codes Offer Easy And Appealing Access To Your Nonprofit

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Birders, Bowlers and Baristas: Igniting Passion Communities

Sea Change Strategies

I’m a non profit marketing geek. And that’s just what we non profit marketers and fundraisers want people to do, right? Instead of valuing big lists, we should focus on finding and stewarding our passion communities. Join us and learn: Attributes of a passion community. How to find and segment your passion communities. I – like you – have many passions. I’m a music fanatic. I’m a yogi. I’m a lover of tequila. I’m a fashionista. I’m a dog-o-holic.

#Development: Jumo And Join To Create Largest Nonprofit Network

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The union will bring together Jumo’s model of searching for and supporting projects by topics with’s focus on stories, data, and news about a myriad of projects near and dear to the ethically-driven, the socially-engaged, and the community-oriented.

Attention Seattle Non Profits:'s 2008 Community Partnerships

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From Seattle's Non Profit Networking Yahoo Groups List Serve:, in Seattle, is a non profit radio station that began as KCMU on the University of Washington campus (also, then, a non profit radio station). KEXP is known, today, for it's independent, "listener-driven", and non-pop radio programming. For 2008 they are offering, through the Audioasis radio show, on KEXP, the Community Partnership program, again.

#SOCIALNETORKS: NTEN 2012 Report Shows Real ROI Growth Over Past Year

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Click to go to the report Okay, so you have been developing your nonprofit’s presence on the staples of social media new for a couple of years. Facebook page? Check. Twitter account? But how much time do you want to put into keeping up with those outlets?

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#SOCIALNETWORKS: StumbleUpon An Early & Still Independent Social Network Web Searcher

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Creating social networks before anyone knew what they were. In 2001, long before ‘social network’ was a concept bandied about by anyone trying to explain what brings together more than a half-dozen people, four young Canadians wanted to start a company and then build a product from it.

#DEVELOPMENT: How Much Cash Is Required To Land A Donation?

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He also recently posted his somewhat-scientific results on using his ‘ Cost Per Acquisition ‘ (CPA) calculator to see what kinds of costs he was incurring to get people engaged with his for-profit business. What does it cost?

#SOCIALNETWORKS: Facebook Stocks Being Sold Off & Facebook Accounts Not Expanding

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Should nonprofits worry? The saga that is the Facebook IPO continues. Wall Street took a break from claiming to be the US Economy yesterday, but as of lunchtime this Tuesday, stock in the uber-social network fell below $30 for the first time.

#GRANTS: Sony USA Offers Year-Long Support To Many Types Of Nonprofits

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But more importantly, Sony gives year-long grants to numerous organizations involved in the arts, community outreach and renewal, education, volunteerism, and health and human services. Nonprofits depend on technology for communication, internal organization, and creative outreach.

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Do You Make Any of These 10 Fundraising Mistakes?

Fundraiser Ideas

Don’t compromise your profits by spending more on the fundraiser than you will make or close to it. Setting up a budgeting plan will allow you to consider how much you are spending and speculate how much of a profit you can make from the event. When you think about the profit, consider the time it will take you to organize the event and/or sell the products. When you don’t make the profit you expected, the need for funding can put your organization in a bind.