Developing a Modern Public Relations Strategy

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Develop personas for those people — and where are the best channels to reach them. Peter Panepento. Last month, Peter Panepento challenged nonprofits to Stop Approaching PR Like It’s 2007.

How NOT to write a letter to your supporter community


Although this letter is meant for the “community” (non-donors and donors), this is NOT how you should ever address people. Dear University of Maryland community: In late 2006, the University of Maryland publicly launched the $1 billion Great Expectations campaign.

Letter 164

#DEVELOPMENT: Social-Networking Is Good, But Conversation-Building Is Better

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Moreover, some platforms shoot wide and far ( vis Facebook for everyone), while others target a specific subset of the social-media community ( vis Epernicus for the scientific community). Difficult to say that social networks have already grown to be mature means of communication.

#DEVELOPMENT: How Much Cash Is Required To Land A Donation?

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Did the time and money spent developing a program or launching a campaign prove to be worth the support? The post #DEVELOPMENT: How Much Cash Is Required To Land A Donation? What does it cost?

Development of a Global Social Marketing Community

Social Marketing and Social Change

This digital community (social network) should weave together the strands of social marketing that now exist. My next steps are to approach potential investors to support further development of this social marketing network (all leads will be appreciated!).

#Development: LinkedIn For Good Builds Bonds Among Nonprofit Members

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With such credentials and use among nonprofit employers and staff, the site has recently hired Bryan Breckenridge to establish “LinkedIn For Good,&# which is meant to enrich tools and networking opportunities specifically for the nonprofit community.

Power of Community Involvement

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We are all looking for the secret sauce in reaching out to our communities whether it is the perfect language in your next solicitation letter or the call to action at your next gala. Sort of a development version of “if you build it they will come.”. Unless you have a great referrals program and your board members and friend do a really good job of introducing you to the community it is hard to just meet new major donors.

#DEVELOPMENT: Do You Have Big Plans For Your Big Data? Not So Fast…

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The post #DEVELOPMENT: Do You Have Big Plans For Your Big Data? Development Fundraising Apache Hadoop Big Data BigData development Facebook IBM Marketing and Advertising NoSQL Online Communities Performance indicator Social network Statistics Technology Twitter

#Development: Postal Service Rates To Rise on 27 January

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The post #Development: Postal Service Rates To Rise on 27 January appeared first on Nonprofit Marketing 360. Forever stamps still good after the 27th.

What Nonprofits Need to Know from Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference

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Didn’t have time to watch the first day of Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference? “Meaningful Communities”, are “the most meaningful part of Facebook.” I am excited about the forthcoming “Join Group” button and plugin that admins and developers can add to their websites and their emails! The post What Nonprofits Need to Know from Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference appeared first on marketing for the modern nonprofit.

The Rabbit Hole and Community Engagement

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Guest Post by Beth Ann Spiegel, Fund Development and Communications Associate of The Arc of Atlantic County. When it came time to develop a new agency video, we asked Lisa if she’d give a testimonial in the video. Beth Ann Spiegel.

Do You Need to Hire A Development Director?

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Then you need to hire a Director of Development. Not a Development Coordinator. Not a Development Associate. A Development Director. This is one of the most corrupt and confusing parts of nonprofit work, when a nonprofit only has a development manager, a development associate or development officer, and not a development director. For example, when I was a development associate at a previous nonprofit, I was writing and sending mailings.

More Than Fund Development

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With major gifts fundraising I spend a lot of my time interpreting the future direction of the organization and working with specific program leaders around what financial dollars would mean for their program development. As a development professional you have a unique perspective connecting community need and interest. You have an understanding of what it takes to develop a proposal, what other organizations are doing as well as what other donors are funding.

#INTERVIEW: Rob Wu of Causevox Tells Us About Developments In Online Fundraising (Part II)

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In particular, he stresses how nonprofits like in Australia participated in the development and refinements that brought about version 2.o. The coders and developers at Causevox clearly see mobile communications and seamless sharing as the means to improve outreach in the near future. Earlier this month we posted our first interview with Rob Wu , co-founder of the online fundraising and social-media platform Causevox.

#Development: Action Group ‘Do Something’ Grows Huge Through Small Smartphones

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DoSomething was co-founded in 1993 by Andrew Shue , who played Billy Campbell on “Melrose Place,” and his friend Michael Sanchez, with the goal of “making community service as cool an activity for teenagers as sports.&#

Groups 130

#SOCIALNETWORKS: A Social Platform Primed For The Environmental Community

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More importantly, is packed with resources to keep up with worldwide developments, including full video and textual reports from UN global summits on the environment since Copenhagen in December 2009.

#SocialNetwork: Senior Living Communities See ROI On Social Media

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Which means numerous businesses that target seniors and their families have begun to develop strategies to reach out to those ever-growing constituencies and markets.

ROI 130

#Development: Establishing Goals To Ensure Integrating Social Media In Your Organization’s Growth Plans

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Steve and Dado's 4 Phases of developing a Social-Media Strategy. Toward the end of the beginning efforts, the authors stress the development of a pilot project or two that focuses as much on intra-organizational engagement as it does on outreach.

Tourists, Travelers, and Snowbirds: Empowering Community Leaders to Navigate Broadband

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I met Elizabeth Hundley Finley, the development and communications manager for the Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Campaign of North Carolina , a couple of weeks ago at an AFP workshop I presented.

#VIDEO: Rob Wu of Causevox Tells Us About Developments In Online Fundraising (Part II)

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In particular, he stresses how nonprofits like in Australia participated in the development and refinements that brought about version 2.o. The coders and developers at Causevox clearly see mobile communications and seamless sharing as the means to improve outreach in the near future. The post #VIDEO: Rob Wu of Causevox Tells Us About Developments In Online Fundraising (Part II) appeared first on Nonprofit Marketing 360.

Building Community Online

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It is important as you develop and grow your online community that you have an intentional culture. Create some kind of opportunity for your community to engage you online via a comment box, forum, or Facebook page. When you are creating an online community, you want to think about your audience this way too. Related posts: Question: Building Community Online Strategy: Capital Campaign Interview Online Fundraising is Hard Online Giving Thoughts.

#INTERVIEW with Lori Jacobwith, Communications & Fundraising Coach, & Founder of the Ignited Online Fundraising Community

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She founded the Ignited Online Fundraising Community and is author of the forthcoming book, Withism’s from Lori: Boldness, Clarity and Wisdom for Fundraising Professionals Making a Difference. NPM360: You’ve been a development director, an executive director, a CEO.

#Development: Listening To Social Networks An Important Investment Too

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Advertising Advice Blogs Campaigns Case Study Cause Marketing Communications Community Fundraising Marketing Marketing Budget Marketing Skills Measurement Nonprofit Public Relations Site Administration Social Media Beth Kanter communication design Facebook Flickr Marketing and Advertising Non-profit organization Online Communities Tumblr web 2.0 The field got built only after Ray listened.

Developing a Plan to Approach Companies

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It could be the CEO, or it could be a community relations director, or head of a corporate foundation. Even when there is a foundation, an employee charitable giving committee, or a community relations department, the CEO most likely will have a great deal of influence over these other “decision makers.” At least you only have one person to research and one major relationship to develop. The post Developing a Plan to Approach Companies appeared first on

9 Tips for Creating an Editorial Calendar Chock Full of What Your Community Wants

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On this blog and in her webinars and book, Kivi talks about how you should try to become your community’s favorite nonprofit because research has shown that people give two-thirds of their charitable donations each year to one favorite charity. Don’t forget to interact with your community.

#ENVIRO: Spring Is The Time To Build Rain Barrels & Community Gardens

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A community garden in Montreal, Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia). But with spring comes new buds, rebirth, baseball, and the opportunity to establish that community garden that you and your neighbors have been talking about all winter. Does your community have a garden?

Spring 130

#INTERVIEW: Rob Wu of Causevox Tells Us About Developments In Online Fundraising

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Advice Branding Campaigns Case Study Cause Marketing Communications Community Crowdfunding Design Development Donor Acquisition Fundraising Grants and Funding Interview Marketing Nonprofit Public Media Public Relations Site Administration Social Media Storytelling Video Video Interview Web and Print CauseVox Charitable organization communication marketing New York City Non-profit organization philanthropy Rob Wu Technology web 2.0Causevox moves to version 2.

A resource for community organizers

Get Fully Funded

If you’re trying to organization and mobilize people to get things done in your community, I’ve got a couple of resources for you. Here are two documents from the Center for Community Change. . “Funding Community Organizing: Social Change Through Civic Participation&#. “Untapped: How Community Organizers Can Develop and Deepen Relationships with Major Donors and Raise Big Money&#.

#TECH: Once Developed By Apple, Now Abandoned By Apple: EPEAT Standards

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Apple Branding Civics Community Hardware Review iDevice iPad/Tablet Marketing News and Current Affairs Opinion Public Relations Reviews Technology design economy Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool EPEAT Marketing and Advertising Politics Recycling

Apps for Democracy “Community Edition”

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crowd sourcing initiative that I always use in my presentations, has just launched a new initiative called Apps for Democracy “Community Edition&#. Citizens get to submit their community improvement ideas in real-time and vote using this insights portal. Because last time they had very little support and yet they managed to have citizens develop 47 applications in 30 days using crowd sourced government data.

#TECH: How and Why To Develop A Google+ Page For Your Nonprofit

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Maile Ohye covers the basics of Google+, the +1 button, and how social information can make products, like Search, more relevant: For nonprofits and businesses, you can move directly to the 5th minute, where she starts her discussion of how a company or community can benefit from a presence on Google+. But is your organization developing a Google+ presence? Tools for your nonprofit's outreach.

Google 100

Blending Marketing and Fundraising into Community Engagement Teams

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Layla Fry, director of communications for Southwest Key Programs , emailed me this question: “My organization is interested in merging the now separate functions of fundraising and communications into a ‘Community Engagement Team’ as you recommended in your book.

Team 153

Webinar on Community-Based Prevention Marketing

Social Marketing and Social Change

Can social marketing be used in community settings? Involve real people from the community? Community-Based Prevention Marketing (CBPM): Evolution from Programming to Policy Development to Systems Change" is based on over 15 years of work developing and testing CBPM.

Can Social Marketing Revitalize Communities?

Social Marketing and Social Change

These neighborhoods are described as ones in which improved educational and developmental, commercial, recreational, physical and social assets are sustained by local leadership and lead to improved well-being and community quality-of-life. The idea of using social marketing to change neighborhoods and communities may seem absurd to people who believe that social marketing is ONLY about behavior change (or worse yet, using social media).

Development 301: Managing & Motivating Others, Part 3

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This person can be generous, and likes to develop bonds with others through knowing their goals. This person will make claims to excellence, and you need to help them keep benchmarks for developing their strengths. Ask this person to be a goodwill ambassador to your community. Thanks for reading this series on how to manage and motivate others by discovering their strengths and helping them find tasks that they can excel in!

Email Design and Technical Development in the Age of Mobile


This means that web designers and technical developers need to focus their efforts to ensure that the assets we craft for their clients are “mobile-first” and fully responsive — meaning they display correctly on screens and devices of all sizes. This evolving trend should be fully embraced, as it gives us clear and unequivocal directives for design and technical development. Jesse Kelsey is the Senior Web Developer at Donordigital. By Jesse Kelsey and Anthony Blair-Borders.

Designing Community Campaigns For Weight Loss

Social Marketing and Social Change

Developing community and statewide initiatives to combat obesity has been described “as American as second helpings of apple pie” ( Levitz & McKay, 2013 ). I believe that these community and state efforts need better marketing of weight management.

Alliance of Artists Communities: Emerging Program Institute

Fundraising 123

On February 16, 2009, I had the honor to present at the 2009 Emerging Program Institute at the McColl Center for Visual Art in Charlotte, NC. At the bottom of this article are a PDF copy of the slides for this presentation. In addition, I've included some of my favorite articles from here in the Network for Good Learning Center. Enjoy!

WordPress as a flexible development platform


The tools available to web developers for building websites, web tools, apps, sitelets, widgets, etc. Develops Quickly: Through modifying some themes available, building the site in a dynamic fashion, and utilizing powerful third party tools, we are able to build out sites and applications quickly on the WordPress platform. It’s an Open Source project with a very active community of supporters and developers.

International Social Marketing Developments

Social Marketing and Social Change

Our latest milestone of raising money to support the development of a global social marketing association was a success. Nominees from developing countries are especially welcome at this point to assure that the global presence and activities of social marketing are represented on the board. Please take the 2-3 minutes to complete it so we can make an informed decision if this is something the community would like to see happen and participate in.