The babushka, the alarm clock and the art of fundraising

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Once upon a time, when I was living in Ukraine, I met the staff of a community foundation named Dobrata that was trying to encourage businesspeople to give money to charitable causes. It was depressing—everyone in Ukraine knows the collapse of the Soviet Union hit pensioners hardest—but not personally motivating.

How to show impact? Here’s a great example.

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These efforts range from a single mother in Minneapolis who staves off foreclosure thanks to an emergency financial assistance grant, to a 90-year-old Holocaust survivor living in Ukraine who receives food, medicine and warm clothes, to a boy in Haiti who can access a counselor to manage the post-traumatic stress he endures following the earthquake. “At Users can like, share and comment on the feeds, helping to spread the impact of a networked, global community.

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Fundraising Overseas: Lost in Translation?

Fundraising Breakthroughs

I’ll be returning to Ukraine in late August to deliver a two-day training on fundraising for local alumni of U.S. Certainly, a well-thought-out program design based on compelling community need speaks to anyone, as does having well-written materials and a solid, justifiable budget.

Several Grants Available for the Arts Or Theatre

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California Community Foundation Invites Los Angeles Artists to Apply for Cover Art Award Deadline: May 4, 2007 The California Community Foundation's ( [link] ) Cover Art Award is designed to support an emerging Los Angeles artist working in painting, drawing, or printmaking by purchasing an artwork that best reflects the foundation's annual theme: "Arts and Culture in Diverse Communities." From The Foundation Center. Below, are three grants.

Grants for U.S. Nonprofits and International Non Government Organizations Promoting the Rights of Persons With Disabilities

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The first is directed at DPOs in Indonesia, Mexico, Ukraine, and eligible states and cities in India (Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Kerala, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, and the National Capital Territory of Delhi). Cross-disability and other partnerships in-country are strongly encouraged, as are projects that address particularly marginalized sectors of the disability community. From The Foundation Center. Deadline: Various (See below.)

The well, the mom and the baby: Breathing life into work that’s indirect or technical

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My agency’s mission is to provide training and technical assistance to community clinics and hospitals to improve access to and the quality of perinatal care for underserved women. My challenges are: - Our work is highly technical and so it has been difficult to reach donors outside of the health community i.e. corporations and individuals. - I got this email today: Hi Katya –. I subscribe to your blog and get your great tips every morning!