Ep216: How Whirlpool is Cleaning Up a Major Attendance Problem in Schools

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Today on CauseTalk Radio , Megan and I talk to Alison McArthur , Community Achieves Coordinator for Metro Nashville Public Schools about the The Whirlpool Care Counts laundry program. Alison McArthur, Metro Nashville Public Schools.

Where is the money for our schools?

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Like, Austin Independent School District has to lay off 1,500 teachers. Protests are nice and all, but what is really going to get politicians to pay attention to you is the communities that you can encourage to vote one way or another based on the politicians stance on certain issues, like money for schools versus no taxes for corporations. Lately I’ve been pondering a couple of things. And corporations like Amazon, BP, and other gas companies post record profits.

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Do you have people from the community you help on your board?

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” One thing we know about addressing community problems and making long term change is that those who will have to live with the solution have to be a part of putting it into place. I walked in there, the privileged American, assuming that what the community really needed was condoms.

What Going Back to Middle School Can Teach You About Donor Communication

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You may be wondering how is middle school relevant to your donor communication when most of your donors are old enough to be parents or grandparents of middle school students? But keeping middle school students in mind can help you improve your donor communication.

Bring Your Experience to Your Community (Case Study: Curtis Institute)

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Curtis is a highly-selective music school, based in Philadelphia. Historically, the school has done a great job opening itself up to the community (and building a strong base of support) via frequent free or low-charge concerts at Curtis and other cultural venues throughout the city.

What does an LGBTQ nonprofit organization do?

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Since I didn’t know a lot about various LGBTQ organizations, I pointed him to the now sadly defunct Planet Out (which now redirects to Gay.com ), where I thought he might be able to find more people in the community. I was a member of the Gay Straight alliance in my high school.

The Top 10 Free Fundraising Ideas

Fundraiser Ideas

This is especially useful for local organizations, since support for these charitable activities can be linked directly to benefits for the community and those fundraising may be more likely to gain support from local stations. By requesting donations in return for these lessons, charities can often boost their funding while helping the larger community.

10 Specific Ways to Use Digital Storytelling in Your Next Fundraising Campaign

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Storytelling Summer School is in session! 3) Share stories about staff member’s family and encourage you online community to share their stories. Sign up for Storytelling Summer School (it’s free!) Haven’t signed up yet? Not to worry!

The Top 22 Art Fundraising Ideas

Fundraiser Ideas

Most of these ideas would be great as elementary school fundraisers or as preschool fundraisers, but they can be adapted for other settings, of course. Community Mural: You could start a community mural project in which members of the community each paint a portion of the mural. Live Art Auction: You could have high school students create pieces of art to be included in a live auction. Related posts: School Fundraising with Custom T Shirts.

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The Top 9 Unique Fundraising Ideas

Fundraiser Ideas

These nights can also help you raise awareness for your organization within your community. School supply packages. While selling school supplies, isn’t unique, your group can make it easy on parents by getting the school supply lists from the local schools, buying the supplies, organizing them into packages (e.g. Auction the cakes in your local community.

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10 Excellent Club Fundraising Ideas

Fundraiser Ideas

Organizing fundraisers for clubs and activities can be a fun and educational experience for high school students. By selecting club fundraising ideas that relate thematically to the activity or club being supported, club members can often achieve improved results, both in donations and in increased awareness of the club in the greater community. Incorporating the club’s activities into a fundraising event can boost interest both in the community and on the part of the participants.

10 Good Fundraising Ideas for the Novice Fundraiser

Fundraiser Ideas

A bake sale at a school function, office, or other event is easy to organize, even for the novice fundraiser. Garage Sale – Ask all of your organization’s members, as well as others in the community, to donate items to sell at your fundraising garage sale. Can Collection – Set up recycling receptacles in various places around your organization’s office or throughout your community/neighborhood. You don’t have to be a professional to be successful at fundraising.

Are you a wage slave at your nonprofit? Take this quiz!

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Do you have a giant school or credit card debt you’re paying down right now? Aristotle made the statement “[a]ll paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind” As the Blue Scholars say, it’s a 501 Community Plantation! Are You a Wage Slave?

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5 Types of Stories Your Nonprofit Needs to Share on Social Media

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Storytelling Summer School is in session! Community story. Sign up for Storytelling Summer School (it’s free!) Nonprofits Social Media Storytelling presentation social media storytelling story collection storytelling summer school

Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser

Fundraiser Ideas

In this case, your community might prohibit the sale of food without a restaurant license, for instance. A spaghetti dinner fundraiser is a classic fundraiser , but it is classic for a reason: It’s remarkably easy and it is a near sure-fire money-maker.

10 Charity Fundraising Events to Raise Large Amounts of Money

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Invite the community out to support participants as they walk for a cause! Couple a tasty, home-cooked meal with a good cause and your community will flock to number five on this list of ten charity fundraising events. Gather donation items from your organization’s members and other community members, and hold your sale in a high-traffic area. Sell tickets for private viewings of fine architecture in your community.

10 Ways to Creatively Ask Friends and Family for Money

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Your friends and family will be more apt to donate if they know others in the community will know about it. Charity Fundraising Church Fundraising Easy Fundraising Free Fundraising Ideas Fun Fundraising Ideas Fundraising Ideas for Kids High School Fundraising Ideas School Fundraising“Oh no, here she comes with another solicitation for money for a fundraiser.”. Do you often feel as though your friends and family think that when you approach them? If so, you are not alone.

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11 Elements of Fierce Loyalty to Keep Your Donors

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Think about creating an online community for your nonprofit.You may say, well, we already have a website! But if you didn’t make that website with a community in mind, you don’t have a website that is necessarily good at nurturing community for your nonprofit.

How to Collect Stories About Your Nonprofit [WORKSHEET]

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Last week’s lesson in Storytelling Summer School detailed the 5 types of stories you need to actively collect and share about your nonprofit and it’s impact. (If Client, Staff, Volunteer, Donor, Community.

Dunk Tank

Fundraiser Ideas

A dunk tank is a remarkably easy fundraiser , particularly when it comes to school fundraising. A dunk tank fundraiser is best executed not as a standalone event, but in addition to an outdoor community event, such as a town fair or a school’s field day. In a school setting, be sure to ask the principal, the vice principal, the gym teacher and well-liked teachers to participate. The captains of school sports teams might be good choices as well.

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Reader Questions: Snow White and the 7 Faces of Philanthropy

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Communitarian Donors: These are the people who are giving because it will make their business look good, because they do business with people on your board, or because they want to improve some aspect of the community. Snow White by 12×07 on Deviantart.com.

Making Your Case for Support for the Arts

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vs. $17.42), demonstrating that when a community attracts cultural tourists, it harnesses significant economic rewards. I’m back! Guess where I was? An encaustic art conference in Cape Cod! It was so fun.

10 Simple Fundraising Ideas for Individuals

Fundraiser Ideas

Use social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, to reach out and ask for donations from your virtual community of friends and colleagues. Charity Fundraising Creative Fundraising Ideas Easy Fundraising Free Fundraising Ideas Fundraising Ideas for Kids High School Fundraising Ideas Non Profit Fundraising Other Quick Fundraising Ideas School Fundraising Sports Fundraising

Grants for Public Schools' Music Programs and Independent Music Programs

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Deadline: February 17, 2012 Muzak Heart and Soul Foundation Invites Applications From Music Education Programs for Music Matters Grant Program The Muzak Heart & Soul Foundation , a nonprofit public charity established by Muzak LLC , is accepting applications for its Music Matters Grant Program, which provides grants to public school and independent music programs in the United States. American public schools RFP grants music the foundation centerFrom The Foundation Center. [As

One Free Way to Ramp Up Your Social Media Storytelling

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What is Storytelling Summer School ? . What is included in Storytelling Summer School : . Nonprofits Social Media Storytelling free course social media storytelling storytelling summer school video training

The Top 10 School Fundraising Ideas

Fundraiser Ideas

As school budgets tighten across the country, school fundraising becomes an increasingly critical pursuit. What follows are our top 10 school fundraising ideas: Corporate sponsorship. Partnering with your local businesses to raise money for a specific school project or event is one of the best school fundraising ideas out there. Let the community physically help build a better education for your children.

Rhode Island School Calendar

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If a party in determining the rhode island school calendar an entire calendar year even infrequent overtime becomes an element of child support amount is $956. assuming there is only really broken up by Brown University, the rhode island school calendar no jail time penalty because it is best to seriously considering filing a divorce proceeding. This suggestion is not explained in the rhode island school calendar of conversations that I wanted to try.

Strategic Fundraising: 10 Tips for Better Financial Results

Fundraiser Ideas

Reach out to the local community. Charity Fundraising Church Fundraising College Fundraising Non Profit Fundraising PTA Fundraising School FundraisingRather than simply waiting for donations to come to your nonprofit or charitable organization, it is far preferable to plan and organize an effective fundraising campaign that provides a solid financial basis for current operations and future needs.

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Let’s hear it for Asian Female Nonprofit Leaders!

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Lisa Hasegawa, Executive Director, National Coalition for Asian Pacific American Community Development: Since 2000, Lisa Hasegawa has led National CAPACD’s efforts to be a powerful voice for the unique community development needs of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities.

#INTERVIEW: Debra Askanase, Socialbrite.org Strategist, Offers Useful Advice To Nonprofits Using Social Media

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Debra Askanase, founder of Community Organizer 2.0 , is an “engagement strategist” who consults with nonprofit organizations on digital media. Her background includes a decade of community organizing experience, followed by seven years in community economic development.

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Do You Make Any of These 10 Fundraising Mistakes?

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Spend time in the community, meeting people and telling them about the organization. Charity Fundraising Church Fundraising College Fundraising Fundraising Events High School Fundraising Ideas Non Profit Fundraising Other PTA Fundraising School Fundraising Sports FundraisingWith over a decade of fundraising experience, I have stumbled over many fundraising mistakes. The great thing about mistakes is that you learn from them, which makes the coming years much more successful.

Are you attacked for not being corporate enough?

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I’ve written before about the pervasiveness of gender bias in higher education as well, in the gender discrimination of female teachers at Harvard Business School, and the seven teachers who left around the same time in 2010.

Remapping Food and Activity in Communities

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Where do people find healthy foods and places to be physically active in their neighborhoods and communities? Six themes emerged from the qualitative analysis of the maps and photographs: the family home; opportunities for physical activity and sedentary pursuits; food items and locations; green space and outside areas; the school and opportunities for social interaction.

Part 1: What is an Appeal Letter?

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Are you dealing with a person who is a Communitarian, who gives for the good of the community? get tons of money in the mail for your nonprofit. Do you like writing email or letters? Do you remember the joy of receiving a beautiful letter, and sending one in return?

10 Fun Fundraising Ideas to Excite Any Audience

Fundraiser Ideas

The most successful fun fundraising ideas are those that engage and appeal to a large percentage of the community. Nearly every community has its own ghost stories and reputed haunted houses. One of the most effective ways to raise money for your cause or group is by organizing and hosting fundraising events that are designed to attract a crowd. By planning and presenting original and fun fundraising ideas, you can raise money and awareness for your organization in your local area.

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Grants for U.S. Public Schools in Farming Communities for Science and/or Math Education (in 39 states)

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Deadline: April 15, 2012 Monsanto Fund Invites Farmers to Nominate School Districts for America's Farmers Grow Rural Education Grant Program Monsanto Fund , the philanthropic arm of the Monsanto Company , has announced the launch of its America's Farmers Grow Rural Education program. The grant program will provide grants in over twelve hundred counties across thirty-nine states to help strengthen local communities and education systems, especially in the areas of science and/or math.

10 Fundraising Ideas for Schools You Can’t Afford to Miss

Fundraiser Ideas

With budget cuts being more and more frequent for schools nationwide, fundraising for extracurricular programs has become increasingly important. Active fundraising is a perfect way for schools to raise money for new uniforms, trips or new equipment. The following are 10 fundraising ideas for schools you can’t afford to miss: Discount Cards – Discount cards are a popular fundraising idea for schools.

Grants and Scholarships for U.S. Middle or High School After School Science or Environmental Clubs' Students

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The competition is open to students in grades 6-12 who are either registered and home-schooled or enrolled in a public or accredited private school, and who are legal residents of the U.S. Teams of students can enter if they are part of an after school science or environmental club, but the challenge is not open to clubs outside of school. Each of the challenges will have sixteen winning entries — eight middle school and eight high school teams.

Is shaming an effective fundraising strategy?


It was from the president of the school. I meant to say how amazing the school is). Next, he lamented that Nicole clearly is not “in the know” and is apparently not proud of her school because she, and so many others like her, are not giving as much as their peers at other schools. She could help make the school affordable and accessible to future students (but not for her). I was intrigued. .

Leadership Awards for American and British Jr. High & High School Level Students Wishing to Improve Their Communities

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The program is open to eligible high school juniors and seniors in selected market areas who are committed to improving their communities. Selected student leaders participate in a paid eight-week summer internship with a designated local nonprofit organization where they experience firsthand how they can help shape their communities — now and in the future. The program's goal is to nurture and develop the country's next generation of community leaders.