#GRANT: Dell Computers & Dell Foundation Offer Resources For Youth & Environment

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To make a meaningful difference, companies must integrate the process into its business model, strategically align community involvement with business initiatives and avoid diluting efforts by consciously focusing on areas where the greatest impact can be made. The foundation’s reach is worldwide , and it’s focus is on education, scholarship, and the environment.

The Top 10 School Fundraising Ideas

Fundraiser Ideas

As school budgets tighten across the country, school fundraising becomes an increasingly critical pursuit. What follows are our top 10 school fundraising ideas: Corporate sponsorship. Partnering with your local businesses to raise money for a specific school project or event is one of the best school fundraising ideas out there. Let the community physically help build a better education for your children.

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Grants and Scholarships for U.S. Middle or High School After School Science or Environmental Clubs' Students

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The competition is open to students in grades 6-12 who are either registered and home-schooled or enrolled in a public or accredited private school, and who are legal residents of the U.S. Teams of students can enter if they are part of an after school science or environmental club, but the challenge is not open to clubs outside of school. Each of the challenges will have sixteen winning entries — eight middle school and eight high school teams.

Getting to Know Social Marketing, Public Health and the Environment

Social Marketing and Social Change

USF’s conference has done more to advance social marketing than any other single effort I know,” said Philip Kotler, PhD , distinguished professor of international marketing at the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University, who coined the term “social marketing” in 1971.

Grants for Communities Innovating in Urban Forestry

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To be eligible for a TD Green Streets grant, qualified municipalities must be a current Arbor Day Foundation Tree City USA-designated community within TD Bank''s United States footprint. Municipalities are encouraged to apply in partnership with community partners such as nonprofit organizations, schools, businesses, etc. Complete program information, list of eligible communities, and the online application are available at the TD Green Streets Web site."

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#Fundraising: How To Apply For A Grant From Intel

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The projects that their grant-giving body focus on are education, the environment, and ‘community sites’ (all of which make grants to projects all over the world).

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Grants for 50 Elementary Schools' Programs and Projects

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Goody's Family Clothing Offers Funding for School Needs Deadline: November 1, 2008 A philanthropic program of Goody's Family Clothing> ( [link] ), Good Deeds for Schools is a grant program designed to help local schools pay for the things they need but cannot afford through regular education funding. Through the program, Goody's will award $10,000 each to fifty schools in communities where Goody's stores are located. From The Foundation Center.

#Aging: Some American Cities Meeting The Challenges Of Boomer Residents

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An Associated Press story carried by NPR discusses the efforts of a few cities to get ahead of the demographic shift, and to ensure that their communities do not become ghettoes of like-aged residents. NYC has added 4 seconds to each crosswalk.

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10 Awesome LGBTQ Organizations You Should Support This Pride Month


June is observed as LGBTQ Pride month to commemorate the June 1969 Stonewall Riots and celebrate the vibrant and diverse LGBTQ community.

Grants for Indian Tribes & U.S. Territories Involving School Age Youth in Service Learning Projects

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Deadline: March 9, 2010 Corporation for National and Community Service Announces Availability of Funding to Support Service-Learning The Corporation for National and Community Service has announced the availability of a total of $650,070 for new Learn and Serve America School-Based grants to Indian tribes and U.S. territories to involve school-age youth in service-learning projects that simultaneously support student development and meet community needs.

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10 Simple Fundraising Ideas for Individuals

Fundraiser Ideas

Place a sign on the bin letting people know that not only are they helping the environment, but they’re helping a worthy cause too! Use social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, to reach out and ask for donations from your virtual community of friends and colleagues. When people talk about fundraising, we often think of a group of people getting together and raising money for an organization.

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Are you a wage slave at your nonprofit? Take this quiz!

Wild Woman Fundraising

Do you have a giant school or credit card debt you’re paying down right now? Aristotle made the statement “[a]ll paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind” As the Blue Scholars say, it’s a 501 Community Plantation! Are You a Wage Slave?

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10 Organizations Leading The Way This Mental Health Awareness Month


With many vulnerable populations lacking accessible and affordable mental health care services, nonprofit healthcare providers have stepped up to bridge the gap and provide necessary care to their communities. s LGBT community by offering a range of physical and mental health services.

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10 Engaging, Effective Team Fundraising Ideas

Fundraiser Ideas

Car wash fundraisers can provide your group with a chance to build team spirit in a fun, outdoor environment. Your team can advertise its services as expert dog walkers before and after school in order to raise money for your activities. By offering your services to individuals and businesses around the community for lawn work, inventory or other tasks, your team can often raise significant funds for activities and events.

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Grant for Journalists Writing About Health Issues That Under Served Communities Face

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Hunt Memorial Fund for Health Journalism provides grants for reporting on the critical health issues facing under served communities. community built by the California Endowment Health Journalism Fellowships. The fund seeks proposals for stories or multimedia projects that illuminate or expose critical community health or community health policy issues. From The Foundation Center. Deadline: July 22, 2009 Journalists Invited to Apply for Dennis A.

Let’s hear it for Asian Female Nonprofit Leaders!

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Lisa Hasegawa, Executive Director, National Coalition for Asian Pacific American Community Development: Since 2000, Lisa Hasegawa has led National CAPACD’s efforts to be a powerful voice for the unique community development needs of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities.

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#Tech: New Book Argues For New Education To Prepare New Economy

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I am against simply dumping technology into a school system. In the business world, IBM happens to spend the equivalent of $1,700 per year per employee on retraining to help workers adjust to a rapidly changing environment. Technology IS the classroom.

Why Advocacy Is an Important Social Marketing Tool


Either personally or within your community? Did you know that only 1 in 5 middle and high schools offer fruits and non-fried veggies in vending machines, school stores or snack bars? Feel free to share what you and/or your community is doing to address this epidemic.

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Part 1: What is an Appeal Letter?

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Are you dealing with a person who is a Communitarian, who gives for the good of the community? They help environmental nonprofits all over the country do workplace giving, so in a way, they help get companies to give back to the environment.

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Knowledge + Attitude = Action?


McKenzie-Mohr is a leader in what is referred to as community-based social marketing. Key Take-Aways: Social marketing can be applied to world issues beyond just public health such as the environment, financial literacy, poverty and other challenges.

8 Organizations to Support this Black History Month


February is Black History Month and while there are countless ways to honor and celebrate black history throughout the year, we’re giving you a place to start by highlighting eight nonprofits that are making major waves in their communities. From recruiting, developing and sustaining Black teachers for schools, BTP works to develop recruitment strategies, create support structures and even conduct research to ensure long term sustainability for Black teachers.

Are you attacked for not being corporate enough?

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I’ve written before about the pervasiveness of gender bias in higher education as well, in the gender discrimination of female teachers at Harvard Business School, and the seven teachers who left around the same time in 2010. These environments are distinctly corporate.

Our EveryAction Hero: Girls Inc.


is that all 83 affiliates are all their own individual nonprofits so they're able to meet the needs of their local communities. of Memphis has taken on a three year project to prevent the building of a landfill right next to their affiliate and their local elementary school. It brings together a group of high school age girls from across the country to think about the issues that affect their lives and turn their passion into action. Girls Inc.

The 2018 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


We invite you to join in this extraordinary conference experience and community in the spirit of love, curiosity, and respect for each other and our LGBTQ family. USD School of Leadership and Education Sciences / San Diego, CA / $250. This is the community that shares your passion.

How a Little Communications Research Can Yield Big Results

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Since 2014, the American Friends Service Committee has been building a communications research team so that we can help our staff and supporters build lasting peace with justice in their communities. Does the media provide a friendly environment for the issues your supporters care about?

Where’s the Love: Is Your Communications Strategy LGBTQ Inclusive?

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A success story came from Janeen Gingrich, interim chief executive officer at SHIFT NC , an organization that helps schools, healthcare providers, and other youth-serving agencies improve adolescent sexual health. The LGBTQ community is facing so much isolation right now,” she said.

Great Nonprofit Marketing Jobs Friday Futures

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Associate Director, Marketing & Communications , Chicago Community Trust (Chicago, IL). Community Outreach Manager , Philadelphia School Partnership (Philadelphia, PA). Director of Communications , The Marist School (Atlanta, GA).

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Leading the Resistance: 28 Organizations You Can (and Should) Support Today


Environment. We believe change is possible in every community. The Tyler Clementi Foundation's mission is to end online and offline bullying in schools, workplaces and faith communities. Make the Road New York (MRNY) builds the power of Latino and working class communities to achieve dignity and justice through organizing, policy innovation, transformative education, and survival services.

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Virtual Reality and Nonprofit Marketing – A New Way to Engage Donors

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Shown at its annual gala, then posted on YouTube360, Beginning takes viewers on an intimate, 360 tour of one of PoP’s schools in Ghana. The narrator tells viewers about PoP’s mission, which is building schools and creating educational opportunities in Ghana, Guatemala, Laos, and Nicaragua.

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New Books on Social Marketing

Social Marketing and Social Change

Novelli, Professor, McDonough School of Business , Georgetown University, former CEO, AARP and founder, Porter Novelli and Campaign for. Robert Gold, MS, PhD, Professor of Public Health and Former Dean of the School of Public Health at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator – Erika Olson

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The challenge of working in different environments, with different teams and different resources, makes each day fresh and keeps her on her toes. Check in with the kids as each gets up and out the door to school. Erika Olson.

Low-Cost Fundraising: 6 Innovative Ideas

Ann Green

Host a community drive. T-shirts are one of the most effective products, but there are plenty of options that can suit your organization’s needs, whether it be a school, church, or traditional nonprofit. Host a community drive. By Kerri Moore.

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Top 10 Things to Look For in New Board Members

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Knowledge of our community and our environment. When you have board members who understand your unique community or the environment you operate within, it just save time and energy. Gail Perry. Gail Perry knows how to fire up a board!

Join us for the Next Level Conference and learn how to improve your bottom line with research from Tycely Williams

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I chair the board of trustees for a new charter school here in Washington, DC – Monument Academy Public Charter School. It’s the first charter school that serves as a boarding school for children in the foster care system. That school was recently launched this year.

15 Ways Nonprofits Can Use Instagram

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Think of ways that your organization can use the service to provide a sneak peek into the behind-the-scenes action, the daily lives of the people you impact and the community you serve. Your supporters, constituents and community members are online. (I

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Stories From Smaller Nonprofits ~ Bags of Hope Project

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This important community initiative brings internet safety presentations to schools, neighborhood groups and other community organizations. The juvenile court also was involved with situations involving neglect, where kids were placed in healthier and safer environments.

Stories From Smaller Nonprofits ~ Bags of Hope Project

Diva Marketing Blog

This important community initiative brings internet safety presentations to schools, neighborhood groups and other community organizations. The juvenile court also was involved with situations involving neglect, where kids were placed in healthier and safer environments.

Changing the World One Article at a Time

Social Marketing and Social Change

I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of professionals and interested parties in homeless shelters, community action agencies, prisons, and other contexts that may benefit from our expertise and service. and Barbara Naclerio Endowed Chairholder, Villanova School of Business.

Gen Y: Social Entrepreneurs


My job there was to help colleges and universities expand their entrepreneurship courses outside of the business school. But Generation Y has the opportunity to live their entire career spans expecting to work for companies that treat their employees well, give back to their communities, and create a product or service that brings value to the world. Today's post comes to us from guest blogger Desiree Vargas, co-founder of Give Forward , a really cool organization.

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The Best of Social Marketing in 2014

Social Marketing and Social Change

One article that should be in the social marketing canon is the results of a comprehensive review of the literature by the US Community Preventive Services Task Force by Robinson et al. The campaign ran for 3 months before the school year started and when parents were most likely to seek vaccinations for their children. Evidence synthesis: Twenty-two studies that met Community Guide quality criteria were analyzed in 2010.