How NOT to write a letter to your supporter community


Although this letter is meant for the “community” (non-donors and donors), this is NOT how you should ever address people. Dear University of Maryland community: In late 2006, the University of Maryland publicly launched the $1 billion Great Expectations campaign.

10 Ways to Build Loyalty Among Your Online Community Members

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Here are 10 ways to build loyalty among your online community members through celebration and acknowledgement! Start by taking some time to plan out an acknowledgement and celebration strategy for your online community members. How do you build loyalty among your online community? .

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Designing for Community Change


Pilloton founded Project H Design , a non-profit design firm where they apply the design process to catalyze communities and public education from within. In short, Poilloton and the Project H team “design solutions that empower communities and build collective creative capital.&#

Meet the 4 Types of People Who Make Up Your Online Community [Infographic]

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Get rid of all the stereotypes that you have about these groups and start thinking of them as your online community. Key Influencers are directly influencing discussions on certain topics, and can often mobilize their loyal online communities to action with just a simple tweet or post.

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Is Community Engagement or Awareness Essential? Depends on Your Mission.

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Engaging our community to keep people inspired by and active in our work. “Engaging our community” is the #1 nonprofit communications goal overall. Will the way an arts organization approaches its communications work vary significantly from a social service agency?

Power of Community Involvement

A Small Change

We are all looking for the secret sauce in reaching out to our communities whether it is the perfect language in your next solicitation letter or the call to action at your next gala. Unless you have a great referrals program and your board members and friend do a really good job of introducing you to the community it is hard to just meet new major donors. I have been amazed at the value of engaging and being connected in your community.

9 Tips for Creating an Editorial Calendar Chock Full of What Your Community Wants

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On this blog and in her webinars and book, Kivi talks about how you should try to become your community’s favorite nonprofit because research has shown that people give two-thirds of their charitable donations each year to one favorite charity. Don’t forget to interact with your community.

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Blending Marketing and Fundraising into Community Engagement Teams

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Layla Fry, director of communications for Southwest Key Programs , emailed me this question: “My organization is interested in merging the now separate functions of fundraising and communications into a ‘Community Engagement Team’ as you recommended in your book.

[Guest Post] Correctly setting up your nonprofit's Google+ Community

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A few months after I wrote the book Google+ for Nonprofits , Google+ released a new feature called "Communities." In communities, everyone sees each others posts and comments, giving much more opportunity for people to build stronger connections. Google+ Communities for Nonprofits.

10 Ways to Celebrate Nonprofit Online Community Members Using Social Media

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Today I am hosting the #Commbuild Twitter chat and the topic is creative ways to celebrate online community members. Here are 10 ideas and ways to celebrate, acknowledge and reward your online community members for being there for you and for being awesome!

Community First, Monetize Later

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If you go in looking to engage, interact and build up a community of people who are interested in your mission/brand, then down the road you have a better chance of successfully running a fundraising campaign.” How will you help your community? What are the guidelines for your community manager? That’s the mantra recommended by social media strategist and blogger Ephraim Gopin in his recent Fundraising Success article, Attention!

Do you have people from the community you help on your board?

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” One thing we know about addressing community problems and making long term change is that those who will have to live with the solution have to be a part of putting it into place. I walked in there, the privileged American, assuming that what the community really needed was condoms.

Designing Community Campaigns For Weight Loss

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Developing community and statewide initiatives to combat obesity has been described “as American as second helpings of apple pie” ( Levitz & McKay, 2013 ). I believe that these community and state efforts need better marketing of weight management.

Authenticity and Building an Online Community [PODCAST]

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In this episode , we discuss: Social media is about being your authentic self and building your community. **The The goal for getting on social media (from a marketing standpoint) is to create a dynamic, engaged community of people.

Enterprise Community Partners Online Fundraising Plan and Presentation

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Our friends at Enterprise Community Partners (a nonprofit national leader in investment capital and development services for affordable housing and community revitalization) spent some time wondering, and a whole lot more time acting. Does this sound familiar? "Prior to 2008, we had no coordinated online plan. Online donations trickled in on their own." " There are times - and many nonprofits are guilty of it - when online fundraising seems more like online waiting.

Is your community suffering from an attack of a charity ideology?

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PART 3 – WHY WE NEED AN IDEOLOGICAL DEFENCE The post Is your community suffering from an attack of a charity ideology? If you are paying attention to government actions and media reports, it is easy to see that nonprofit work is under consistent attack.

Is your community suffering from an attack of a charity ideology?

Fundraising Coach

PART 3 – WHY WE NEED AN IDEOLOGICAL DEFENCE The post Is your community suffering from an attack of a charity ideology? If you are paying attention to government actions and media reports, it is easy to see that nonprofit work is under consistent attack.

Engaging Your Library Community Through Storytelling and Social Media

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Engaging Your Library Community Through Storytelling and Social Media from Julia Campbell – J Campbell Social Marketing. The post Engaging Your Library Community Through Storytelling and Social Media appeared first on JCSM.

The Rabbit Hole and Community Engagement

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Beth Ann Spiegel. In this guest post, Beth Ann Spiegel shares a great example of what can happen when you really listen to your supporters and get to know your target audiences better. ~Kivi.

Bring Your Experience to Your Community (Case Study: Curtis Institute)

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Historically, the school has done a great job opening itself up to the community (and building a strong base of support) via frequent free or low-charge concerts at Curtis and other cultural venues throughout the city.

How to Compete for a Chase Community Giving Grant*

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Chase Community Giving is back for a fifth season. For the Fall 2012 Chase Community Giving program, Chase is calling for nonprofit nominations from customers and employees through July 9. What would your nonprofit do with a grant from Chase Community Giving?

#HOWTO: Setup A (Free) Magazine For Your Community

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We introduced and Pinterest earlier this week because we think these information-sharing sites offer a great platform for nonprofits and charities to share their own news as well as related images or stories in their sectors.

Improving Arthritis Outcomes in Communities

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Building Community Online

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It is important as you develop and grow your online community that you have an intentional culture. Create some kind of opportunity for your community to engage you online via a comment box, forum, or Facebook page. When you are creating an online community, you want to think about your audience this way too. Related posts: Question: Building Community Online Strategy: Capital Campaign Interview Online Fundraising is Hard Online Giving Thoughts.

Birders, Bowlers and Baristas: Igniting Passion Communities

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Instead of valuing big lists, we should focus on finding and stewarding our passion communities. Join us and learn: Attributes of a passion community. How to find and segment your passion communities. We’ll also share examples of people and organizations that are pioneering this approach to passion communities including the National Audubon Society, Moms Clean Air Force, the International Rescue Committee and Environmental Working Group.

10 Reasons Your Nonprofit Needs to Be On Google+

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Google+ has fantastic, useful features for nonprofits including Hangouts and Communities. . How your nonprofit can use Google+ features, like Communities and Hangouts. Google+ Nonprofits Social Media Communities Hangouts NPO Connect Online Communities webinar

Google 101

Why you can’t have a huge, active community paying attention at all times

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Then they try to grow their community bigger and bigger. I’m often asked, “How do we scale our dedicated fan base?” ” Here’s the challenge. A lot of organizations (both nonprofit and for-profit) start with a dedicated following. Along they way, they keep talking to their audience as if it was one, homogeneous audience. But it’s not. A lot of people lose interest, because they care about different things. The audience starts disengaging and dwindling.

Natural Helper Networks in Community Social Marketing Programs

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This work was later transplanted to rural communities in North Carolina and spawned a number of church-based interventions in the 1980s aimed at serving black populations (Eng, Rhodes & Parker, 2009). Natural helper models to enhance a community’s health and competence.

11 Elements of Fierce Loyalty to Keep Your Donors

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Think about creating an online community for your nonprofit.You may say, well, we already have a website! But if you didn’t make that website with a community in mind, you don’t have a website that is necessarily good at nurturing community for your nonprofit.

Fourth of July - Peachtree "Community" Road Race

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It’s a community experience where generations of family and friends often walk together to celebrate life. The brand can create a framework but it is the community who builds community.

Can Social Marketing Revitalize Communities?

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These neighborhoods are described as ones in which improved educational and developmental, commercial, recreational, physical and social assets are sustained by local leadership and lead to improved well-being and community quality-of-life. The idea of using social marketing to change neighborhoods and communities may seem absurd to people who believe that social marketing is ONLY about behavior change (or worse yet, using social media).

Are You Totally Missing the Point of Social Media?

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Focus on the fans and followers you want, not the ones that are just filler, and you will see your online community grow and thrive! Social Media Strategy donor cultivation getting more fans Online Communities I know a lot of nonprofit professionals and marketing professionals.

5 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Raise Money Like charity:water

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Content Creation Fundraising Marketing Nonprofits Online Fundraising activation charity:water content strategy donor experience inspiration Online Communities Paull Young Save the children

Grants for Communities Using Arts and Culture to Revitalize Their Community

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Deadline: February 1, 2012(Preliminary Applications) Kresge Foundation Invites Preliminary Applications for Arts and Community Building and Artists' Skills and Resources Grant Opportunities The Kresge Foundation 's Arts and Culture Program seeks to foster the power of arts and culture to recharge and rebuild communities of all sizes in the United States. community revitalization grants arts the foundation centerFrom The Foundation Center. [If

Julia’s Nonprofit Social Media Checklist

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I’m speaking at the Essex County Community Foundation’s Institute for Trustees on March 22 , and the topic is “Online Marketing & Social Media: What a Board Member Needs to Know” If you’ve seen me speak, you know I cram in a ton of information into my sessions, and this one is just one hour. Do you thank your community members when they share, comment, like and retweet?

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Free Agent Communities

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Debra Askanase, aka @askdebra, has written a terrific post over at the Care2 blog,Why “Free Agent&# Social Communities Rock. Social Media Care2 Debra Askanase flash mobs Free Agent Social CommunitiesDebra builds on the concept of free agents that Beth and I describe in The Networked Nonprofit. We defined free agents as individuals, fluent with social media, raising awareness, funds and organizing for causes. It’s awfully [.].

Deeper Dive into the Knight Foundation's Connected Citizens Report: Building Connections and Engaging Your Community

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The intent of our report Connected Citizens: The Power, Peril and Potential of Networks , was to explore the role of networks in community life and how loose networks of individuals are affecting social change. . This is also true among communities. As neighbors contribute to the forum, they start to feel more connected and have a greater sense of ownership in their community. Another main goal of the report was to see how the roles communities might play out in the future.

What social branding does for your brand, community and cause

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It’s the shift from a long-standing monologue approach to marketing to a real-time dialog with your community. It’s a re-framing of your brand from being the celebrity of your community to its chief celebrant.

More Mailbag: How do you tell a story about a community foundation?

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We are a community foundation operating in a low wealth area. We want to build endowments to support every area of charitable work in our community. Suppose they are big on community pride. Think of your community as the hero of your story - not your endowment or your foundation. I also read the words, “Building a charitable foundation for our community.&# Have people in your community telling stories about how your work resonates with their dreams.

Grants for Community Public Lands Organizations

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From The Foundation Center. [As As always, if you are interested in this grant opportunity, click "Link to Complete RFP" at the end of this blog post, for more information]. Deadline: January 13, 2012 National Environmental Education Foundation Offers Funding for Volunteer Groups Serving Public Lands The National Environmental Education Foundation , with funding from Toyota Motor Sales USA, Inc.