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The 6 Keys to Donor Retention

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If your favorite sportswear company is Nike, you''re not alone: Seventy-percent of Nike''s customers say they would buy a Nike product again. Follow these six simple tips to become the Nike of nonprofits and start turning first-time donors into lifetime givers: 1. Connect early and often. Be personal.

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Nonprofit marketing: Just Do It

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I taught at American University yesterday, and I found one of the biggest challenges for the communications class was focusing not on our agenda but rather that of our audience. In three words, Nike conveyed one of the best known brands and oft-repeated slogans in marketing history. Every organization, including Nike, has a mission.

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The Girl Effect

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

She came across it by reading a Nicholas D. Kristof article in the New York Times ( Build, Boast, Sell ).

3 Ways the Lance Armstrong Foundation can Survive

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But, since nonprofit founders don’t always communicate their decisions well with their nonprofit staff, this may be catching them by surprise.

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#SOCIALMEDIA: Rise Of Micro-Networks Might Reconfigure Social Outreach

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The first one is Nike, who developed a means to keep a running diary of your, well, running. And developers are not thinking in ‘Circles.’

3 Simple Tips for Nonprofits to Win at Email in 2020 [Guest Post]


For instance, my Nike sneakers don't appear to be lacing themselves up (shame), but my iPhone is beyond anything Marty Mcfly could imagine.

How to Adapt When Everything Around You is Changing- A Nonprofit Organization Survival Guide

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I want to shift your thinking, press the reset button and start over with the way you communicate. . The things we expect and ask for, the way we communicate and engage - it's all changing. Our expectations of how we communicate have changed. Nike Changes everything. Phones change everything. People are mobile now.

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The new world order of branding - and what it means to you

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That was the message Jelly Helm delivered at last week’s Communication Network conference. Jelly is principal of a communication arts studio in Portland and a former executive creative director of Wieden+Kennedy , where he was creative director for Google, Coke, Starbucks, Target and Nike, among other brands. improved!

Nonprofit blog carnival: Your 25 pieces of best advice

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Communicating about the organization of the organization to insiders answers their who-what-when-where-how questions. Here are your answers!

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Magnetic Cause Marketing in 3 Easy Steps

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In You’re Not Nike – Get Over It Jeff highlights the perils of corporate branding and why they shouldn’t be adopted by nonprofits.

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Great storytelling and marketing lessons from the Stove Man

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To see a couple of American guys go through that and communicate back really helps people relate. And that’s why I sought out the Stove Man.

Social Media: What Priority For Fundraising?

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The power of social media marketing is to reach out to people who are not already fans, outside the setting of direct communication between brands and people — instead generating conversation between people about brands. Here are some additional views. " So where do you come out on social media as a marketing or fundraising channel?

The Future of Fundraising

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Smart nonprofits will learn the fine art of communicating via multiple channels and meet donors where they live. If I can customize the color and style of my new Nikes, why can't I customize my philanthropy — i.e., only give to specific individuals, locations and projects that I like? Here is my new column in Fundraising Success.

What Public Health and Social Marketers Can Learn From P&G

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This results in insights that tell us where the innovation opportunities are and how to serve and communicate with consumers.