Nonprofit communications jobs: What to expect


flickr/stefan. After more than 20 years in nonprofit communications, I often do informational interviews with people exploring the nonprofit sector as a career move. Small and mid-sized nonprofits often have only one communications person.

Tactics—Step 4 in strategic communications planning for nonprofits


flickr/popculturegeek. This is the last in my series of posts guiding nonprofits through strategic communications planning. Now we move to tactics—selecting messengers, communications channels, and timing.

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First step in strategic communications planning: Communications audits


flickr/joebeone. If I had one piece of advice to give any foundation or nonprofit communicator in this new financial paradigm of thrift, it would be to develop a strategic communications plan. The trick is doing it step by step, and not rushing to tactics.

7 Free Tools to Improve Your Nonprofit Marketing

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It’s easy to find the types of posts people like, which helps if you use the skyscraper tactic to create content. You get results from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Google Plus and Flickr. Guest Bloggers Nonprofit Communications nptech Online ToolsBilly Attar.

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Mixed Links on a Beautiful Friday Afternoon

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And speaking of overlooked fundraising tactics, do you have a monthly giving program? Try these great background textures over at Flickr. Mixed Links Nonprofit CommunicationsHappy Friday, everyone!

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Interview with Geoff Livingston Author of Marketing In The Round

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To us, that lack of results has more to do with siloed communications and a failure to integrate all marketing disciplines together. Geoff Livingston: The ability to build, maintain and administrate holistic communications and interaction strategy for an organization and its stakeholders.

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A 5-step quide to social media strategy for nonprofits


flickr/luc legay. Or they put event photos on Flickr, or buy a Flipcam to get videos on YouTube. Grab your strategic communications plan and start over. If you have a strategic communications plan you already know who your key audiences are.

Video roars into 2011; Nonprofits, grab your videocam


flickr/John Biehler. I just took a terrific, free, Common Knowledge webinar on the five big nonprofit communication trends for 2011. Also think how the video will integrate with and support your other communications tactics.

38 Ideas For Your Pinterest Strategy

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Who would have thought we'd call a 140 text platform sophisticated communication? Some are strategic and others more tactical but I thought I'd pass them along to help you frame your adventure (and it should be!) Pinterest continues to fascinate me by it's simplicity and ease of use.

Newark Mayor Cory Booker Knows How to Engage -- Strong Model for Your Org's Thought Leaders

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Booker and his team communicate constantly, via a broad range of channels, to keep supporters informed and involved. Is out there always communicating, everywhere supporters, citizens, partners may be. Inspires by thinking and talking vision and future, but also shares the concrete tactics he's putting in place to make it happen. Consider how your org's thought leaders are communicating. Photo: HopefulinNJ on Flickr.

The road to remarkable emails


flickr/mzelle-biscotte. Keep in mind that emails need to be part of a larger strategy that uses other communications tactics.

The CEO bully pulpit: Commentaries in the digital age


Flickr/southtyrolean. I’ve wanted to post for a while about one of my favorite media tactics for nonprofits and foundations. I call this media tactic the bully pulpit, and you should only use it if you and your board are comfortable taking a public stand on an issue.

4 Steps to Training Your Colleagues, Board and Supporters as Powerful Messengers

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So when communications director Jason Baker asked me how to make the most of the messaging, I recommended that his first step be to train his colleagues, board members and large volunteer base as effective messengers. Photo-Flickr: LiveatJ&R.

Webinars for Nonprofits: Getting Started


flickr/TechSoup for Libraries. The first big step in deciding whether to do a webinar is completing your strategic communications plan. Your goals and strategies always determine your tactics and channels, not vice versa.

Own the Room–Some great presentation advice


flickr/constantly-Jair. Other communications tactics we’re working on are considered much higher priority. Yet, most of us know that face-to-face communication is the top rung on the ladder when it comes to effectiveness.

How nonprofits can succeed in the new sustainability paradigm: 6 big lessons from social media


flickr/askpang. Using social media, people can put things out there and start to communicate very quickly, seizing the moment. Tactics that don’t work are abandoned. Many nonprofits are in crisis mode these days.

Defining SocialButterfly–Social Change, Social Marketing and Social Media


Social Media –Social media encompasses a variety of TACTICS and/or TOOLS. flickr credit: ~flutterby~’s. At SB, I’ve noticed a spike in new visitors this summer who might be wondering, “What is SocialButterfly all about?&#

Affordable New Tools and Strategies for Online Activism | Network for Good Learning Center - Learn how to raise money online for your nonprofit

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People are using a wider variety of online communications channels - not just email, but also instant messaging, online social networks, and SMS text messages via cell phones. Tis the season for email marketing. We can help.