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Are you ready for donors using LinkedIn?

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In teaching nonprofit social media , I call LinkedIn the "little engine that could.". But LinkedIn keeps trucking along. Your turn.

How to Reach Out to Your Major or Legacy Gift Prospects Using LinkedIn


And I’m here to tell you that the better way is with LinkedIn. Forty percent of LinkedIn users check-in daily (13% use it at least once a day).

Book Review: “The Facebook Marketing Book”

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I joined LinkedIn way back in 2005. My LinkedIn account was half-finished for years before I could imagine any value in completing it.

Want to be more effective in your fundraising? Get LEAN!

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Share this on LinkedIn. Do you have too much to do? Want to go from this: To This? Are you intrigued? Register here. Share this on

You can meet me at the Center for Nonprofit Organizations in February, March and April 2011!

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Share this on LinkedIn. Want to come out and learn? Click on the links below to register. How to Find and Cultivate Donors. skills. Digg this!

Amazon is giving away my book for free today

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I’ve also taught courses on internet marketing for business and for fundraising at colleges and graduate schools. Chapter 13 LinkedIn.

Must Not Sleep! Must Warn Others! And other tips from fundraising hip hopistas

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This struck a chord with me, because I used to have my own radio show, back in college. First Name: Last Name: Email: Share this on LinkedIn.

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Improve your nonprofit website by moving down the ladder

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What if you’re a human services nonprofit, for example, a nonprofit that helps single moms finish college, like H.O.P.E. in Georgia?

YNPN presentation: Moving up in your nonprofit career: February 28th

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How did I go from college graduate to Senior Development and Communications Officer, to Fundraising consultant? Share this on LinkedIn.

Leadership Training

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March 31: American College of Surgeons 2014 Leadership and Advocacy Summit, Washington, DC. I thought I''d share my upcoming speaking gigs.

The 2016 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


The conference is designed primarily for executives at foundations affiliated with four-year public institutions and community colleges. spacer.

Do you have a “super job”?

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Heather: Adjunct college professor, Illinois. Share this on LinkedIn. I was in line at the co-op today and saw the cover of Mother Jones.

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Interview: Jason Dick, Owner of “A Small Change” Fundraising Blog

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His seven years of fundraising experience include previous positions at a community college foundation and in human services. JASON: Yes.

My Mistakes of 2013

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Specifically, my earned income webinar, and my linkedin webinar. I knew how I reacted to hormonal birth control back in college but I assumed that there had been medical advances since then. It’s that time of year again! The time when I (shudder) open the kimono. Here are my mistakes of 2012. Here are my mistakes of 2011.

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Reader Questions: Fundraising for a park-How can you identify visitors?

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Put out a call for volunteers on, at your local college with an environmental program, on The Extraordinaires, and on volunteermatch. Share this on LinkedIn. Hey Mazarine, The issues I’m finding toughest to crack right now are around squeezing the most out of small budgets while making the most of new channels.

Why Online Fundraising is like Ice cream!

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Check out this worksheet from the Center for Nonprofit Organizations at Austin Community College. Share this on LinkedIn. Before we get down to it, if you are in Austin, and interested in being a more effective fundraiser, we still have a couple of spots left in my Lean Fundraising workshop at the Center for Nonprofits tomorrow.

Who Is Reading Your Blog May Be A Delightful Surprise

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The segment that was delightful surprise is young college women. The very smart Nancy White , Full Circle , once told me. How do I know?

Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator – Lauren Lawson-Zilai

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

As Goodwill considers itself a social enterprise, I’d like to have Jim speak at more colleges and universities that have social enterprise programs.

Do you want to be a nonprofit consultant? Read this interview with Desiree Adaway

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I was an International Development major in college and wanted to work and live in Africa. Share this on LinkedIn. I appreciate it!

#INTERVIEW: Debra Askanase, Strategist, Offers Useful Advice To Nonprofits Using Social Media

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Debra Askanase, founder of Community Organizer 2.0 , is an “engagement strategist” who consults with nonprofit organizations on digital media. Measure.

Smart Phones, Social Nets & E-readers

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The biggest users — those with income of $75K or more, college degree, under age 45, African-American or Latino. Tablet ownership, now at 8%, appears to be leveling off; 17% of those with $75K+ income own one, and 13% of college grads. 92% are using Facebook, 18% LinkedIn, 13% Twitter. Smartphone Adoption and Usage.

9 Words for Nonprofits to Avoid in 2011

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this phrase continues to get a lot of play from nonprofits, colleges, and others raising money. We also rather liked this compilation of the Top Ten Overused Buzzwords on LinkedIn Profiles. Last January's " Words for Nonprofits to Avoid in 2010 " turned out to be Big Duck's most popular blog post of 2010. "). ").

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John Urschel Interview

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MT: And then you went to the east coast and you worked at a larger college, right? . Hey, everybody. Welcome. I really appreciate it. JU: Sure.

Social Media "Pioneers" Tell Why

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Barbara Giamanco - @BarbaraGiamanco Linkedin Began blogging 2004 (USA). Nettie Reynolds - Nettie Ink LinkedIn (1999) (USA). Update.

Give a lunch for professional development

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Ever since college, I’ve had a practice of inviting leaders I respect out to lunch. We all have 24 hours in a day. Hold on Marc.

Personal, Political, and Professional

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I try to keep my Facebook "friends" to only social contacts and my LinkedIn "connections" to only professionals (doesn't always work out that way). I'm not a recent college graduate with pictures of wild parties filling my personal social media streams. But, really, what have I got to hide? Oh well. I hope you will join me.

Are You a New Volunteer Manager? Here’s Managing Volunteers 101

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If they have a LinkedIn profile, give them a LinkedIn recommendation. How can you manage volunteers? What do you need done? Objectives.

The X Factor

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My profession is the backbone of how I structure my day, so LinkedIn counts. Maybe I didn't have online courses or Blackboard when I went to college, but my abilities are not limited to sending forwards that includes animated GIFs. Yup, we know that courting Gen Y is crucial for a cradle-to-grave fundraising strategy. Thanks, Amber:).

Stories From Smaller Nonprofits: VolunteenNation

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This time it was a LinkedIn connect request from a young women. Or as 2013 begins find a new organization to support. Simon Bernstein.

Where were you 10 years ago on the internet?

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I even had a job in the computer labs at my college. Everyone I knew in college read one internet comic: Pokey the Penguin. 2000-vs-2010.

Don’t Start Social Media Too Late

A Small Change

For this reason I believe many are taking the “wait and see” approach to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other online tools. Let me give an example, a college student started a Facebook group for his college before the school and it now has over 900 members. Web 2.0 Social Media & Web 2.0

#INTERVIEW: Chris Forbes, Co-Author of Guerilla Marketing for Nonprofits, Offers Great Advice to Groups

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I got involved with activities in my church and in college, and with overseas projects and missions and international students.

Your burning social media questions answered

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Facebook tends to be better at reaching those in and right out of college using it for personal reasons, while Twitter is likely to be more useful to reach older professionals. One-off announcements on Facebook or LinkedIn aren’t enough by themselves Have you ever wondered…. Is it worth it for my organization to be using social media?

Do you want a Nonprofit Job in Austin, Texas? Be there February 15th!

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Where: 5950 Middle Fiskeville Ave, Austin, TX, at the Center for Nonprofit Organizations at Austin Community College. Share this on LinkedIn. Word on the street is that nonprofits are hiring again! really? Yes, The New York Times says so! So, do you want a nonprofit job? Are you curious about what it takes to get hired in this sector?

How to triple your nonprofit’s revenue every year

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I started out as a single parent in college with two young boys, and there wasn’t a lot of support for me, so as I completed my degree, which took me ten years. I bought both of your books, and after reading them, I thought, “I need to spend more time on LinkedIn.” Inc , Helping Other People Be Empowered. Right.

Getting your nonprofit story picked up by the press

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Spectacular stories from various nonprofit news outlets on the high incidence of college campus rape, transportation money for cities, the healthcare lobby and more, did not get picked up. LinkedIn. Share this on Linkedin. Nieman Lab did a six month experiment trying to get nonprofit news in with the Associated Press. At all.

Networking grows more crucial in economic downturn


When I first graduated from college, I wasn't sure what to do with myself. Basic message: we've got kids graduating college, on-campus recruitment is down, and we've got to get them into jobs! That's what a college education is supposed to get you! She asked me if I might be interested in this type of thing. And poof!

Oh My! New Website! What do you think?

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I am speaking at various conferences, colleges and universities around the country. Share this on LinkedIn. A lot more. My new view!

Pamela Grow reviews The Wild Woman’s Guide to Fundraising

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Share this on LinkedIn. Wild Woman's Guide to Fundraising by Mazarine Treyz. You’ve got chapters on: * Tips for finding that fundraising job.

Nine Free Fundraising Classes

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How to use Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and YouTube for your cause. The Nonprofit Telesummit. 4 simple things that can bring quick (and big!)