6 Nonprofit Marketing Lessons Learned from The Baby-Sitters Club

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Recently I have been reading the wonderful book series The Baby-Sitters Club by Anne M. Within the first book in The Baby-Sitters Club series, Kristy’s Big Idea , there are a multitude of marketing ideas that can apply to just about any nonprofit, large or small, established or start-up.

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10 Excellent Club Fundraising Ideas

Fundraiser Ideas

Organizing fundraisers for clubs and activities can be a fun and educational experience for high school students. By selecting club fundraising ideas that relate thematically to the activity or club being supported, club members can often achieve improved results, both in donations and in increased awareness of the club in the greater community. Here are ten club fundraising ideas that go beyond the same old bake sale or car wash routine. Club calendars.

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Rhode Island Health Clubs

Fundraising Breakthroughs

Please note, that a person could spend in prison unless the rhode island health clubs. Admission to the rhode island health clubs are entitled to look up the rhode island health clubs a better understanding and appreciation of what legal professionals offer in their services and perhaps why their education is so much history here, that Rhode Island believes that all or a Rhode Island lawyer who focuses his legal practice in the rhode island health clubs.

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10 Simple Fundraising Ideas for Clubs

Fundraiser Ideas

Fundraising is a very important function for clubs. Following are 10 simple fundraising ideas for clubs. Candy Bar Fundraiser – Your club can make a lot of money selling candy bars. With this simple fundraising idea, club members can go door-to-door or place an “honor system” box in office break rooms. Change Jars – Spare change jars can be set near the cash register of local merchants to encourage costumers to donate their excess change to your club.

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Drop your membership in the “Ain’t It Awful” club

Get Fully Funded

If you’re a card-carrying member of the “Ain’t It Awful” club, it’s time to drop your membership. Especially if you want to raise money. Membership in the club is given to people who. So, starting today, drop your membership in the “Ain’t It Awful” club. complain about how hard fundraising is. whine about how bad the economy is. blame the economy for their lackluster fundraising results.

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15 Reasons Why Colleges and Universities Better Start Raising Money Much FASTER!!!


The post 15 Reasons Why Colleges and Universities Better Start Raising Money Much FASTER!!! According to Glassdoor , the following 15 companies no longer require college degrees. Google. Ernst and Young EY. Penguin Random House. Costco. Whole Foods. Hilton. Publix. Apple. Starbucks. Nordstrom. Home Depot. Bank of America. Chipotle. Lowe’s. Related Posts: >>Webinar: How Colleges and Universities Are Using Donor Surveys to Raise More Major and Planned Gifts.

The 100,000 Club

The Agitator

Imagine for a moment that your donor is paying to hear what you have to say … are you giving them value for money? I noticed this brief article the other day reporting on publications that had passed the 100,000 threshold in terms of paid digital subscribers. The list is short … New York Times – April 2011. Times of London – June 2011. The Economist – November 2011. National Geographic – November 2011. Cosmopolitan – March 2012.

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[Guest Post] Quitting the Culture Club – Why blaming a lack of culture of philanthropy is just plain lazy

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Quitting the Culture Club - Why blaming a lack of culture of philanthropy is just plain lazy. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard or seen the statement, “We need to build a culture of philanthropy,” we wouldn’t need to build a culture of philanthropy.because we’d have plenty of money.

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13 Secrets of Holiday Fundraising Online | Online Fundraising & Nonprofit Marketing Resources & Tips | Network for Good Learning Center - Learn how to raise money online for your nonprofit

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Katyas three bonus tips: Recently, I asked a group of folks in the MarketingProfs Book Club a question: When is the last time you gave? As one MarketingProf member pointed out, "I give money regularly to groups where I have been able to see what they accomplish.

Grants and Scholarships for U.S. Middle or High School After School Science or Environmental Clubs' Students

Seeking Grant Money Today

Teams of students can enter if they are part of an after school science or environmental club, but the challenge is not open to clubs outside of school. The money will be shared by the students, their teacher-advisers, and their schools. From The Foundation Center. [If

Training Your Board to Raise Money – a book for your new year

Fundraising Coach

The new book Train Your Board (and Everyone Else) to Raise Money is just that. Gone are the days when boards could be rubber-stamping social clubs. Train Your Board to Raise Money can help. Train Your Board (and everyone else) to Raise Money can help you create that change.

Cause Marketing Limits Raise More Money

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As [marketers of causes] approach people with $10,000 or $100,000 in the bank, this fear of not seeing a limit is very real, and if it’s not confronted, they will fail at both raising the money and generating satisfaction for the donor. Rent, food, phone, and, yeah, health club.

Start Up Non Profit? Need Seed Money? Starting Fundraising? Here's help.Part 1 of 2

Seeking Grant Money Today

I know that you don't have any money. You may even fail to follow through on required fiscal or legal practices or reporting because you think (and operate as if) you and your friends are running a club. A club is an informal organization without the official benefit of tax free dollars, so it does not need to follow through with specific non profit best practices and laws. If you do not actively fundraise, you'll look for 'quick solution' money options and there are none.

Repeat After Me, Cause Marketing is Co-Branding

Cause Related Marketing

The cover of FSI at the left, sponsored by the British-Dutch CPG company Unilever, features the cause Boy’s and Girls Clubs of America. Unilever, the body copy on the cover tells us, is donating $250,000 to the Boys and Girls Club of America.

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#INTERVIEW: Michael Hoffman, CEO of See3 Communications, Discusses Why Nonprofits Need to Embrace Video

Non Profit Marketing 360

MICHAEL: I think all of our clients have the same bottom-line goals: to raise more money or recruit more activists or make good change in the world in some way. Can I introduce them to a new thing, and get them to give money?

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Cause Marketing When You’re the Avis of Your Niche

Cause Related Marketing

The big dogs of after school programs are Boys and Girls Clubs of America , a federation of more than 4,000 clubs serving about 4 million boys and girls, and 4-H , with 90,000 clubs and 6.5 Boys and Girls Clubs have a facility to pay for.

Cause Marketing from Kathy Ireland

Cause Related Marketing

Kathy Ireland is raising money for Jewelers For Children through the sales of her eponymous jewelry line at Fred Meyer Jewelers, and I want to help this ageless paramour from my youth. Penney supports after-school programs at 4-H and Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

Bono on the Taint of Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

All nonprofit fundraisers must make some accommodation with the issue of ‘tainted’ money. Is there money that you cannot accept because of the way it was generated or from whom it comes? If you’re PETA do you take money from Purina or Hormel?

The Post Wherein I Take Credit for a Campaign I Wasn’t Consulted On

Cause Related Marketing

Penney announced yesterday a campaign whereby they will ask customers to round-up their change to the nearest dollar and send the money to the retailer’s long-standing efforts on behalf of afterschool programs. Penney’s Afterschool Program primarily benefits The Boys and Girls Club of America, the Y, the United Way, FIRST, a science and technology nonprofit, and my old friends at 4-H.

Cause Marketing to Children

Cause Related Marketing

While 4 to12-year-olds influence at least $128 billion in household spending, perhaps 5 percent of that total is money kids can actually spend on their own.And influence is a fuzzy notion. The other day a new friend asked, “Is there such a thing as cause marketing targeted at children?”Of

Why You Should Start Creating a Mid-Level Donor Program ASAP


By focusing a little extra energy on your mid-level donors, you can raise more money and create a quality pipeline for your major gifts officers. You can also pick a broader name like The President’s Circle, The Conservation Society, or the Leadership Club.

Don't Kvetch About Your Coverage. Use the News to Get More Ink!

Marketing for Nonprofits

In fact, if you're a "good progressive" (you know who you are) you probably abhor the way MSM (mainstream media) chases the money-stories, hops from one story to the next, ignores real world events like human rights violations in IRAN and capitalizes on our prurient interests.

What's Better than 40 Billionaires?

Nonprofit Consultant Blog

Jeremy writes, "While some of the money will go directly to nonprofit organizations, the majority will end up in the private foundations that the donors started themselves, like The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and will then be funneled into other nonprofits through grants or used to support the foundations' programmatic work." Collectively, individual donations are more than six times larger than those of our friends in the billionaires' club."

Get More Nonprofit Social Media Exposure: A Simple Idea From #bbcon

J Campbell Social Marketing

I am especially fond of one small, yet very powerful idea that you can use to raise even more money at your next event – and get your nonprofit social media exposure to boot! Post by Boys & Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee.

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Marketers and Fundraisers

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Speaking of boards, Lori Jacobwith shares these 7 Powerful Ways Board Members Can Help & NOT Ask for Money. Anybody else feel old with all this talk about the 30th Anniversary of The Breakfast Club?).

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How to Attract and Keep More Monthly Donors


Make monthly giving a club that people will want to join. Be as specific as possible when telling donors where their money is going, and vary the messenger who is thanking them, such as staff, board members, or even recipients of your services.

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Takeaways for Communicators: Nonprofit Technology Conference (#14NTC)

Getting Attention

Last week, 501TechNYC—the New York chapter of NTEN’s 501 Tech Clubs —met to recap the 2014 Nonprofit Technology Conference (#14NTC). For nonprofit startups, using open-source technology can save money, and expand options for outside resources.

This 1 Thing About Nonprofit Marketing Will Make You Mad


There’s a club. The club includes a bunch of people who, at every chance possible, will speak at conferences. You paid a lot of money to go to that conference. They could waste your time and your money. I’m not in it.

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Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

The Bombay Club. June 5 & 6: Donor Newsletters That Raise More Money with Tom Ahern. New Orleans, LA. Happy Friday, friends! Time to wind down the week with the best articles, posts, tips, and more from around the world of marketing and fundraising. It’s time for Mixed Links….

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Ep201: SoCal Honda Dealers 'Causejack' Super Bowl for Charity

Selfish Giving

They're not advertising during the Super Bowl, but they will be donating money based on the commercials.

10 Simple Fundraising Ideas for Individuals

Fundraiser Ideas

When people talk about fundraising, we often think of a group of people getting together and raising money for an organization. However, what about the times when it’s just you trying to raise money for a worthy cause that is dear to your heart? Local service clubs. Just because you’re an individual raising money, doesn’t mean you can’t ask groups for help, which is why this one made our list of simple fundraising ideas.

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Newsletter: Marketing that Gets Noticed ; 9 Ways to Avoid ‘Woke Washing’ ; Why Targeting Millennials May Not be Such a Great Idea After All

Selfish Giving

Early this month, I shared a slide from Chad Royal-Pascoe's presentation at the Engage for Good Conference on an 8-point framework for working with corporate partners that he uses at Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Cause Research Where is the REAL money in companies?

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Do you include lists of other donors in your marketing?


Instinctively, we join clubs, teams, and groups. Interestingly, the longer the list of previous donors, the more likely the prospects were to give money themselves. Can changing your words help you raise more money? Safety in numbers. Not all that long ago, humans lived in tribes and clans for safety. So, today, it’s no surprise that people still maintain tribal behaviors. We also decide what to say and do based on what others are saying and doing. Social proof.

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What’s Your Call?

The Agitator

Over the last 75 years, the PGA Tour (Professional Golfers Assn) says it has made nearly $2 billion in donations to charities — from St Jude Children’s Research Hospital to Boys & Girls Club to myriad local charities. So, in effect, a major golf tournament, which might award millions in prize money, is no different than a major gala for.

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Are Funds from Cause Marketing Tarnished?

Cause Related Marketing

All nonprofit leaders must make some accommodation with the issue of ‘tarnished' or tainted money. Is there money that you cannot accept because of the way it was generated or from whom it comes? If you’re PETA can you take money from Purina or Hormel?

11 best practices for your legacy society communications


– “You part of a special club and you are special because you’re in it.” – “Here’s where your money goes (and will go).” Show them where their money goes and will go (proof of impact).

Charity Fashion Show

Fundraiser Ideas

A charity fashion show requires a good amount of planning, but it can also raise a lot of money. How do you make money with a charity fashion show? The number one way to raise money for your cause with a charity fashion show is to sell tickets.

Newsletter: Impact Measurement + Case Study = ? ; Zippo is Fighting Fire with Fire ; The Face of this Cancer Bike-a-thon was a Fake

Selfish Giving

You don't need to clip and mail box tops in anymore to get your Box Top$ for Education money. Corporate Partnerships Manager, Boys & Girls Club (San Antonio, TX) 2. I write case studies for organizations and many have the same challenge: they don't have a lot to say.

10 Fun Fundraising Ideas to Excite Any Audience

Fundraiser Ideas

One of the most effective ways to raise money for your cause or group is by organizing and hosting fundraising events that are designed to attract a crowd. By planning and presenting original and fun fundraising ideas, you can raise money and awareness for your organization in your local area. Fortune-telling booths, cakewalks and food stands can all earn money for your cause while providing hours of fun for children and adults. 10 Excellent Club Fundraising Ideas.

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50-50 Raffle

Fundraiser Ideas

All you do is sell tickets to the raffle, combine the money and award 50% of the combined money to the person who holds the winning ticket and 50% of the money to your organization. Here are some other events at which a 50-50 raffle might be appropriate: Regular meetings of any type (such as book club meetings). This is a fundraising idea we should have covered a long time ago, as it is the perfect add-on to so many of the fundraising ideas we’ve covered so far.

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This fundraising appeal sucks

Fundraising Coach

I was in a service club meeting, hearing an extremely compelling story of a nonprofit outreach. They said something like: “We’ll be seeking sponsorships because, well, we’re a nonprofit so we have no money.&#. Not, “because we have no money.&#. (c)

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The Top 10 Adoption Fundraising Ideas

Fundraiser Ideas

Contact your church or local social clubs to see if they will donate the space and sell tickets to family, friends and neighbors. Make room for your new family member while raising money as well. Contact a local band and ask if they’d do a benefit concert to help you raise money for your adoption. Search online and you’ll find numerous fundraising companies with a variety of products you can sell, to help you make money to fund your adoption.

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The Top 10 College Fundraising Ideas Sure to Draw a Crowd

Fundraiser Ideas

Car washes can be a great way to raise money for your cause and allow your group to carry out its desired activities. By sponsoring a music competition and offering a small cash prize to the winning band, your organization can raise a sizable amount of money for your activities. By getting rid of unwanted and outdated items, you can clear out space (great for fraternity houses) while raising money for planned activities and goals. 10 Excellent Club Fundraising Ideas.