Click Me: An E-Newsletter Makeover with Mission India

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Or worse, your click rates start trending downward. March hit an all-time low click-through rate of 0.6% — you can see why I was panicking a little! Lindsay Ackerman. We love “Before and After” posts, so I jumped at the chance to get Lindsay Ackerman to share about Mission India’s recent e-newsletter format change. She graciously agreed to write about the process and the results for us. Kristina. Guest Post by Lindsay Ackerman of Mission India.

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Proven Ways to Boost Your Email Open and Click Through Rates [FREE WEBINAR TOMORROW]

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But it only works if people are opening your emails and then clicking on your links! For Nonprofits Only: 7 Proven Ways to Boost Your Email Open and Click Through Rates. But it only works if people are opening your emails and then clicking on your links! We’ll start by looking at some benchmarks including the latest data on typical open and click-through rates in the nonprofit world for newsletters, fundraising, and advocacy emails.

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The four words that increased click-through by 42%

The Agitator

They certainly aren’t the types of words you would usually use to increase click-through, response, and conversion rates. The heavy identity had 74 clicks on 4300 impressions, for a click-through rate of 1.72%. The soft and no identity conditions had 59 clicks on 4824 impressions, for a click-through rate of 1.22%. The Facebook algorithm was already optimizing for click-through rate and refused to show the soft and no identity ads as often.

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Click to give: 4 organizations vying for $100,000 based on most clicks


When it rains it pours, so after my post yesterday about an opportunity for organizations to get a $10K grant by writing their mission in lyrical form, today, another heads up from the Allstate Foundation about a program they have going where all of us can click to vote for one of 4 favorite charities. So below is most of the content of the email I go, and if you are interested, you too can Click to Empower and watch what happens. "I

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Turn Your Unopened Emails Into Opportunity For Engagement

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Rather than just reviewing the data on opens and clicks you get from your outgoing news, take a good look at the information on who is not opening your email and send those subscribers a. click-through Email marketing outgoing subscribers unopenedMost times you're so busy, you probably are just glad you got the letter out to your small nonprofit's email subscribers. But you could be missing a chance to connect - to deepen your relationship with them.

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4 ways to get more clicks on your Donate button

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Recognize that getting clicks requires cultivation. Make your Donate button easier to find. Don’t make donors search or scroll! Make the reasons to give more enticing. Your financial needs are not enough. Create an appeal around the button that is focused on donors, their interests, and what they get in return for their donation. What tangible change will result if they give? Add a sense of immediacy.

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Pro Tips on Getting the Most Out of a Pay-Per-Click Campaign

Fundraising Coach

If you’re like me, you haven’t engaged an agency to conduct a pay-per-click campaign. I wouldn’t know where to start, so I’m pleased to have this guest post from Dwayne Ricketts. Dwayne attended University of Missouri where he received a BA in Business. He currently works for an SEO firm in Kansas City. by Dwayne Ricketts.

3 big reasons why email open rates don’t matter (and what you should measure instead)


Clicks. Click to tweet! Click to tweet. Digital Marketing Direct Marketing Fundraising email click through rates email CTR's Email Marketing email marketing best practices email marketing metrics email marketing stats you should be tracking email open rates Inbound phone calls Number of pages visitedFirst, a short story. Recently I participated in a roundtable discussion led by a salesperson for one of those cookie-cutter planned giving website companies.

Why you should simply make your planned giving messages simple.


Advertising Fundraising marketing Pay-per-click marketing Planned Giving Planned giving Planned Giving Marketing ppc strategy internet online marketing Simple solve problemsRecently a client asked me to review and critique a fundraising letter. It was written by one of her committee members. Can you say, “awkward position!” ” To say that the author and the target audience is highly educated would be an understatement. Well, as you might have guessed, I did it anyway.

#MARKETING: Build Your Search Engine Marketing Strategy With Solid Search Engine Optimization

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Pay-for-placement management (includes pay-per-click). Advertising Advice Cause Marketing Communications Education: Technology Marketing Marketing Skills Nonprofit Research Site Administration Video Bing Business Charitable organization development economy Google Marketing and Advertising Pay per click Search Engine Marketing Search engine optimization Social Media Web search engine Yahoo

Visit the October 2007 Giving Carnival! Click Here.

Seeking Grant Money Today

Read, respond to, and discuss what others who care about philanthropy think. Thank you for joining in the October 2007 Giving Carnival! Thank you, too, to Sean Stannard-Stockton (Giving Carnival founder) and Gayle Roberts (September 2007 Giving Carnival host) for your help! We need a host for the November 2007 Giving Carnival. Please let me know at aspencer at thegrantplant dot com if you are interested in hosting! 22 UPDATE: We do have a host for November!

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13 Secrets of Holiday Fundraising Online | Online Fundraising & Nonprofit Marketing Resources & Tips | Network for Good Learning Center - Learn how to raise money online for your nonprofit

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Bookmark/Search this post with: Related Documents Click here to download the guide Related Articles A Procrastinator’s Guide to Year-End Fundraising Last-Minute Giving Privacy Policy | Email Us | About | Jobs | Staff | Sitemap | 7920 Norfolk Avenue, Suite 520, Bethesda, MD 20814, United States, 1-888-284-7978 © 2008 Network for Good. Tis the season for email marketing. We can help.

9 Tips for Writing EPIC Email Subject Lines

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The click-through rates […]. It’s often said that one should not judge a book solely by its cover. But hey, nobody said anything about emails! The fact is that people DO judge emails by their subject lines.

What is the Tax Choice Program?

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Click. Tags: Social Media Ideas for Change in America PFD Click. Well, it’s nothing yet, I just made the term up. But it could be something really interesting. Yesterday, I came across a site called, Pick. It is a site created by the Alaska state government to encourage Alaskans to apply for rheir PFD (Permanent Fund Dividend, not to be confused with PDF, Personal Democracy [.]. Give Alaska

How to Get That “Verified” Check Mark on Your Facebook Page

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To verify your page when not using Facebook Business Manager: Click Settings at the top of your Page. From General , click Page Verification. Click Verify this Page , then click Get Started. Click Call Me Now to allow Facebook to call you with a verification code. Enter the 4-digit verification code and click Continue. To verify your page when using Facebook Business Manager: Click Settings at the top of your Page. Click General.

How to Set Up The Donate Button and Start Collecting Donations On Your Website [Webinar Replay]

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With the new GoFundMe Charity Donate Button, it’s super simple to collect donations for your nonprofit through your own website with only a couple of clicks. Slides can be found by clicking here. . Are you able to collect donations directly from your website?

7 Steps to Grow Your Nonprofit Donor Base With Social Media

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Don’t miss out or lose your spot – get on the Early Interest List by clicking here. For example, your conversion rate for social media donations would be the number of people who clicked on a post divided by the number of people who actually completed the action. .

Why April 21st May Ruin Your Nonprofit's Website Analytics


Not to be click-baiting fearmongers, but we really needed to get your attention because there’s a big change coming to Google’s search algorithm that you need to know about

6 Ways to Improve Your Nonprofit Email Marketing Right Now

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The average click-to-open rate is 12.99%. Commit to exploring one or more of these 6 tactics to ramp up your email marketing, and you should see your open rates, engagement rates, and click-throughs improve. .

How to Convert Social Media Fans and Followers Into Donors and Long-Term Supporters

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Click here for all the details ! When they click on the add, be sure that the page is optimized for mobile. Click here for all the details ! Social Media for Social Good Academy is OPEN for enrollment – for a very limited time! Sign up now through February 1, 2021.

What You Can Do About “The Social Dilemma”

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5 Quick Ways to Improve Your Nonprofit Email Newsletter

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People are wise to cute, witty email subject lines that are basically click bait. Keep your newsletters short and sweet and let your readers click to learn more if they want.

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Is That Your Best Line?

Social Media Bird Brain

Because I''m a writer, I often click on links to writing productivity ideas and tools and insights for making my writing better. While clicking on a few of these links, I found some good information on subject lines and lead-ins. Defining the Term By better writing, I mean writing social media posts. We can all use tips on writing better blog posts, better appeal letters, better grants, but.

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Why You Need To Get Your Board to Embrace Digital Fundraising

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Click here for all the details ! Social Media for Social Good Academy is OPEN for enrollment – for a very limited time! Sign up now through February 1, 2021. Why You Need To Get Your Board to Embrace Digital Fundraising.

The Magic of Monthly Donors – How to Build Your Monthly Giving Program

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Just click here and get it delivered to your inbox. . What a training! Watch the replay – Erica Waasdorp, the monthly giving guru, schools us on all things monthly giving. She answers the questions: How can small nonprofits set up a monthly giving program?

How to Stand Out In the Inbox – Email Marketing Mastery for Nonprofits

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Brand new live training: How to Stand Out In the Inbox – Email Marketing Mastery for Nonprofits. How to get your emails delivered, opened, and read -and how to build a community anxious to hear from you! Enroll in Course for $47.

How to Raise Money Using Facebook Stories

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2) Click on Add to Story. 4) Then click on the stickers icon which will take to the stickers menu: 5) Click on the Fundraisers sticker. Are you using Facebook Stories for your nonprofit, or on your personal profile? These ephemeral, Snapchat-style Stories now have more than 500 million daily users across Facebook and Messenger. This means that one-third of Facebook’s 1.5

People Are Not Really Reading Your Emails – How You Can Help

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If you need your readers to donate or volunteer or just click on a link, use a button whenever possible. We are trained to click buttons and they are easier to click on mobile phones as opposed to a text link. Studies show that people read a P.S. and they can also improve your click-through rates so don’t forget this little bit at the end of your email.

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Optimized Mobile Donations Now with Apple Pay


Nonprofits stand to gain the same benefits with Apple Pay’s simplicity and ease of use for donors - donors can use Touch ID, Face ID, or double-click an Apple Watch to provide their payment and contact information to securely check out with just one touch. EveryAction provides standard mobile optimized donation pages that automatically resize to fit any screen and out of the box multi-step donation forms that are built for one click giving and making secondary asks.

The 23 CALMing Actions to Go from BUSY to CALM

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Click on the image to get a PDF version. CALM not BUSY is the framework we created to help you understand how to manage your nonprofit’s communications work for maximum effectiveness.

Leverage Your Supporters' Influence and Follow Engagement with Social Share Tracking


Online Actions now allows you to track referrers who share your forms, both if they click the share asks, and also if those shares generate any new submissions. Click here to email our team! Organizations have enormous untapped potential in the form of their supporters’ social networks and influence. To tap into this, you need know who shares your content, but more importantly, you want to know who is succeeding at referring new people – and donations - to your organization.

Something to Be Thankful For: A Great Company Culture (Plus 3 Ways You Can Foster It)

Fundraising Report Card

That’s when it clicked. I didn’t mean to say “work” earlier that day, instead I meant to say “company culture.” I derive meaning from my life by giving to others, and our culture at MarketSmart allows me to do that. It began to crystallize as I watched the road pass by in the window. The post Something to Be Thankful For: A Great Company Culture (Plus 3 Ways You Can Foster It) appeared first on Fundraising Report Card. Culture

Increase Your Fundraising on Instagram: 4 Ways to Drive Donations at Year-End

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Click on Publishing Tools at the top of your Facebook Page. Click to check the box next to Allow people to add donation stickers on Instagram Stories. Click Save. Think about your donor – would they rather click and scroll onto your donation form on your website, scramble inside their purse for their credit card, or would they rather just open up a text, click send, and be done?

Donor Databases Aren't One-Size-Fits-All; Here's How to Find the Best Fit


Click on the icon below that best matches your organization to access a personalized guide to selecting database software that will power your efforts to save time, raise money, and maximize your impact on the world. Shopping for a donor database is a complicated process, which is made even more difficult when it is hard to find information about a software's compatibility with your organization's unique mission and needs.

How Gritty Are You?


CLICK HERE. I think “grit” is more important than talent or skill. Grit is courage, strength of character and “stick-to-it-ive-ness.” ” Here’s a neat test to determine your grittiness thanks to someone at the University of Pennsylvania. I got 4.63 out of 5 putting me in the 90th-99th percentile. How about you? LIKE THIS BLOG POST? PLEASE SHARE IT AND/OR SUBSCRIBE. The post How Gritty Are You? appeared first on MarketSmart. Fundraising

How to Mobilize Supporters to Fundraise for You [Webinar Replay]

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Slides can be found by clicking here. . The success of your fundraising campaign hinges on effective methods of sharing.

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How To Fine Tune Your Email Marketing For Gen Z

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Don’t miss out or lose your spot – get on the Early Interest List by clicking here. If your nonprofit marketing emails are going unopened, have a low click through, or engagement rate, it’s not because Gen Z “doesn’t use email.”.

NONPROFIT BRANDING: Know What They Are Talking About?

NonProfit Branding

Click the “FACTLETS” tab at the top of this page. Printers, graphic designers and promotional products vendors have their own languages. To help you understand their terms and concepts, the Nonprofit Branding Blog offers a cool glossary. Need to decode their jargon. You just found the glossary. It will help you deal with promotional [.].

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Here's 28 Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Should Switch to EveryAction


The platform features tools like click-to-call advocacy, email message delivery, and social advocacy , empowering nonprofit supporters to take action on issues they care about. #5. Click here to read EveryAction's Capterra reviews. #28. Click here to hop on the phone and schedule a demo of EveryAction , personalized just for your nonprofit's needs

6 Nonprofit Email Marketing Resolutions for 2020

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The average click-to-open rate is 12.99%. Commit to adopting these 6 nonprofit email marketing resolutions as we head into 2020, and you should see your open rates, engagement rates, and click-throughs improve. .

What We Learned About Digital Engagement from the 2019 M+R Benchmarks Report


Open rates, fundraising click-through rates and page completion rates for both fundraising and advocacy all went down. Fundraising text messages had a click- through rate of 13%, which suggests relatively high engagement. Every year, nonprofit consultants M+R release their annual Benchmarks report , which provides an overview of digital trends in the sector.

Reactivate Your Email List (Case Study)

Getting Attention

We defined “inactive” as anyone who’s never given the organization a donation (online or off) and hadn’t opened, clicked, or taken any action online in the last year. Subject line: “We miss you [first name]“ Asks them to click on a link to let us know they still want to receive emails from UCS. Second email (if recipient doesn’t click on first email). Third email (if recipient doesn’t click on second email).

This week on the podcasts


Click here to listen! Click here to listen! If you didn’t know yesterday MarketSmart’s Engagement Fundraising podcast released a brand new episode all about how you as a fundraiser can create the Disney experience. Coming up next week on How I Built My Fundraising Consultancy is an interview with Larry Raff, president of Copley Raff, Inc.