The four words that increased click-through by 42%

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They certainly aren’t the types of words you would usually use to increase click-through, response, and conversion rates. The heavy identity had 74 clicks on 4300 impressions, for a click-through rate of 1.72%. “As a medical professional”…. That was simple, no?

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Click Me: An E-Newsletter Makeover with Mission India

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Or worse, your click rates start trending downward. March hit an all-time low click-through rate of 0.6% — you can see why I was panicking a little! Lindsay Ackerman.

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Proven Ways to Boost Your Email Open and Click Through Rates [FREE WEBINAR TOMORROW]

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But it only works if people are opening your emails and then clicking on your links! For Nonprofits Only: 7 Proven Ways to Boost Your Email Open and Click Through Rates. But it only works if people are opening your emails and then clicking on your links!

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Click to give: 4 organizations vying for $100,000 based on most clicks


When it rains it pours, so after my post yesterday about an opportunity for organizations to get a $10K grant by writing their mission in lyrical form, today, another heads up from the Allstate Foundation about a program they have going where all of us can click to vote for one of 4 favorite charities. So below is most of the content of the email I go, and if you are interested, you too can Click to Empower and watch what happens. "I

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Do email open rates matter?


Do they click on them? Not really. Not much. Look, many browsers automatically open emails these days. That warps the metrics. Instead of asking about open rates, you should be asking more important questions such as: Do our donors engage with our emails? Do they go to the web page?

Turn Your Unopened Emails Into Opportunity For Engagement

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Rather than just reviewing the data on opens and clicks you get from your outgoing news, take a good look at the information on who is not opening your email and send those subscribers a. click-through Email marketing outgoing subscribers unopenedMost times you're so busy, you probably are just glad you got the letter out to your small nonprofit's email subscribers. But you could be missing a chance to connect - to deepen your relationship with them.

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Visit the October 2007 Giving Carnival! Click Here.

Seeking Grant Money Today

Read, respond to, and discuss what others who care about philanthropy think. Thank you for joining in the October 2007 Giving Carnival! Thank you, too, to Sean Stannard-Stockton (Giving Carnival founder) and Gayle Roberts (September 2007 Giving Carnival host) for your help! We need a host for the November 2007 Giving Carnival. Please let me know at aspencer at thegrantplant dot com if you are interested in hosting! 22 UPDATE: We do have a host for November!

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Why you should simply make your planned giving messages simple.


Advertising Fundraising marketing Pay-per-click marketing Planned Giving Planned giving Planned Giving Marketing ppc strategy internet online marketing Simple solve problemsRecently a client asked me to review and critique a fundraising letter. It was written by one of her committee members.

Pro Tips on Getting the Most Out of a Pay-Per-Click Campaign

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If you’re like me, you haven’t engaged an agency to conduct a pay-per-click campaign. I wouldn’t know where to start, so I’m pleased to have this guest post from Dwayne Ricketts. Dwayne attended University of Missouri where he received a BA in Business. He currently works for an SEO firm in Kansas City. by Dwayne Ricketts.

Getting so psyched to go to London!

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They have invited me to speak about how to get people to click donate on your nonprofit website. women 2015 globe theatre how to get people to click donate on your nonprofit website london national fundraising convention shakespeare sherlock holmes UK

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#MARKETING: Build Your Search Engine Marketing Strategy With Solid Search Engine Optimization

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Pay-for-placement management (includes pay-per-click). Search Engine Optimization (SEO) includes numerous tools and plug-ins that help (first) web crawlers and algorythems find your organization’s website, so that human web searchers can then find your site via Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc.

Should you do SEO marketing? An interview with Didit CEO, Kevin Lee

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Search Engine Optimization can include constantly updated content, targeted keywords, pay per click advertising (such as Google Adwords ) and more. Do you see a movement in nonprofit marketing towards Pay Per Click advertising or SEO? You’ve done banners, letters, annual reports, even made a twitter account for your nonprofit. But what’s next? Where is the next frontier for nonprofit marketing? Let’s talk about Search Engine Optimization.

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How to Get That “Verified” Check Mark on Your Facebook Page

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To verify your page when not using Facebook Business Manager: Click Settings at the top of your Page. From General , click Page Verification. Click Verify this Page , then click Get Started. Click Call Me Now to allow Facebook to call you with a verification code.

13 Secrets of Holiday Fundraising Online | Online Fundraising & Nonprofit Marketing Resources & Tips | Network for Good Learning Center - Learn how to raise money online for your nonprofit

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Tis the season for email marketing. We can help. Fundraising Social Networking Web Site 101 Email 101 Donor Databases Nonprofit Marketing Training Network for Good provides easy and affordable online fundraising services. Visit our website to learn more.

What is the Tax Choice Program?

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Click. Tags: Social Media Ideas for Change in America PFD Click. Well, it’s nothing yet, I just made the term up. But it could be something really interesting. Yesterday, I came across a site called, Pick. It is a site created by the Alaska state government to encourage Alaskans to apply for rheir PFD (Permanent Fund Dividend, not to be confused with PDF, Personal Democracy [.]. Give Alaska

Advice for Small NonProfits, Data Outliers, and Getting Your Team Onboard (Season 2, Episode 3)

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Click here to listen … Continue reading "Advice for Small NonProfits, Data Outliers, and Getting Your Team Onboard (Season 2, Episode 3)". Learn what database a small nonprofit should use, how to deal with data outliers, and how to get your team onboard with making data-driven decisions in this special Michael Jordan themed episode. Call (575) 815-4573 to leave a voicemail with your questions. Write in to to email in your questions.

The Best of SmartIdeas 2017 Book Now Available! – Get it free from us, quantities limited!


Click here for the 2015 edition and click here for the 2016 edition. Each year we round up the most popular blog posts from the prior year to create a book for our readers. I’m excited to share that the 2017 digest is ready to ship and you can get it for FREE by simply going here.

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This week on the podcasts


Click here to listen! Click here to listen! If you didn’t know yesterday MarketSmart’s Engagement Fundraising podcast released a brand new episode all about how you as a fundraiser can create the Disney experience.

Your Questions: (575) 815-4573 (Season 2, Episode 1)

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Click here to listen on YouTube! Season 2 is here and for this season Zach and Tim will be answering your questions. You can call in to leave a voicemail at (575) 815-4573 or write in to Topic Timestamps Season 2 [00:35] Greg from Eugene, Oregon [02:52] Erica from Tasmania [11:02]. The post Your Questions: (575) 815-4573 (Season 2, Episode 1) appeared first on Fundraising Report Card. Podcast

Why April 21st May Ruin Your Nonprofit's Website Analytics


Not to be click-baiting fearmongers, but we really needed to get your attention because there’s a big change coming to Google’s search algorithm that you need to know about

4 Ways To Grow Your Email List With Instagram

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If you want to join me at the next live event, please click here for more information and to register. If you want to join me at the next live event, please click here for more information and to register.

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Beyond the Basics with Donor Retention (Season 1, Episode 5)

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Download the Metrics That Matter eBook at [link] Click here to listen on YouTube! Learn just how important donor retention is and how to make smarter decisions to improve retention and donation revenue. Topic Timestamps Donor retention [02:00] Overall revenue impact? [03:10] 03:10] What mistakes do people make analyzing this data? [06:06] 06:06] Segmenting your data [06:46] … Continue reading "Beyond the Basics with Donor Retention (Season 1, Episode 5)".

Editorial Calendars: Why Do Them, Picking the Right Software and More

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Go to our Facebook Page , then click Send Message. You may need to click “Get Started.” Earlier this afternoon, I did our second edition of our new Facebook Live show. Let’s just say, I had quite a few technical problems at the beginning and the end.

Yes, Your Open Rates Are Wrong. But You Can Still Use Them.

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2) when any link in the email is clicked. Regardless of whether images are on or off, if any link is clicked, it’s typically counted as an open. 3) Remember, any click counts as an open too. Include lots of opportunities to click, and your data will be much better.

Applying Concepts with Direct Mail Metrics (Season 1, Episode 6)

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Download the Metrics That Matter eBook at [link] Click here to listen on YouTube! Learn how to apply the concepts discussed in season 1 of the podcast by using the example of a direct mail campaign. Topic Timestamps Direct mail [01:47] Culture and infrastructure [02:52] Who should you send direct mail to? [04:27] 04:27] What is … Continue reading "Applying Concepts with Direct Mail Metrics (Season 1, Episode 6)".

Are Shorter Facebook Posts Better? NPR Analyzes 3,000 Posts to Find Out

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On the first look, NPR found that shorter posts — about 40 characters — DID perform better when measured by click-through rate. NPR looked at the “other clicks” metric in Facebook, which includes clicks on the “see more” label in longer posts and on the title.

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Donor Databases Aren't One-Size-Fits-All; Here's How to Find the Best Fit


Click on the icon below that best matches your organization to access a personalized guide to selecting database software that will power your efforts to save time, raise money, and maximize your impact on the world. Shopping for a donor database is a complicated process, which is made even more difficult when it is hard to find information about a software's compatibility with your organization's unique mission and needs.

Before and After Annual Reports from our Annual Reports Masterclass

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Click this link to see their old annual report: [PDF] 2009 Annual ReportHOPECottage. Then click this link to see their NEW annual report that got them a bigger donation! Are you wondering what an annual report that can get you donations looks like? Check out the annual reports below!

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Measuring Fundraising ROI with Donor Lifetime Value (Season 1, Episode 4)

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Click here to listen on YouTube! Learn how to make better fundraising decisions by measuring ROI and donor lifetime value. Topic Timestamps Frequency of donation [02:34] What is LTV not? [03:03] 03:03] Segmenting [05:30] Viability [08:03] Goal ratios? [11:19] 11:19] The Starbucks example [14:04] Profit margins? [19:35] 19:35] Customer satisfaction [21:17] Any forgotten channels? [22:19]

Diving in with Donor Acquisition Cost (Season 1, Episode 3)

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Mentioned in this episode: DAC Cheat Sheet: [link] DAC Excel Calculation Template: [link] What is overhead: [link] Expenses: [link] Click here to listen on YouTube! Learn why Donor Acquisition Cost is so important, how to gather this data, and how to use this data to make better decisions. Topic Timestamps Donor Acquisition Cost [01:40] What is … Continue reading "Diving in with Donor Acquisition Cost (Season 1, Episode 3)".

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Fundraising Metrics 101 (Season 1, Episode 2)

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Click here … Continue reading "Fundraising Metrics 101 (Season 1, Episode 2)". Learn about the top fundraising metrics, why they are important, and what questions you should be asking that these metrics can help answer. Download the Metrics That Matter eBook found for free at Download your copy to follow along and find some tidbits we didn’t have time to cover on today’s episode.

How Gritty Are You?


CLICK HERE. I think “grit” is more important than talent or skill. Grit is courage, strength of character and “stick-to-it-ive-ness.” ” Here’s a neat test to determine your grittiness thanks to someone at the University of Pennsylvania. I got 4.63

Email Metrics – Explained!

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Click-through rates. Click-to-open rates. You don’t have to have a math degree in order to make sense of your email metrics. Find out which metrics you need to be tracking and how to do it in this free download: Email Metrics Explained.

Halcyon's By The People Festival: How One Organization is Using Data to Unite People Around Art


When I first went to the website to register for access to the weekend-long festival, I didn’t even have to type my contact information into the form - thanks to EveryAction’s Action Profiles, my information was pre-filled and all I had to do was click “submit” to complete my registration.

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Top 10 reasons why donors like taking donor surveys


Click here. Click here to download your free guide! Here are the top 10 reasons why donors like taking donor surveys: 1. They want to be perceived as (or see themselves as) a helpful person. They want to be more involved in your mission. They want their voice to be heard.

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Battle-Tested Tools to Rock Your Digital Storytelling

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Catch the replay of the lesson on my Facebook Page by clicking here. by clicking here. Storytelling Summer School is in session! Haven’t signed up yet? Not to worry! Sign up here and you will get access to all previous and future lessons. .

Facebook’s Third Big Change This Year Could Actually Help Small Nonprofits

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Facebook says they are going to identify local publishers as those “whose links are clicked on by readers in a tight geographic area.” In addition, Facebook is testing a new tool called Today In , which is a section users can click on to find local news, events, and announcements.

Is That Your Best Line?

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Because I''m a writer, I often click on links to writing productivity ideas and tools and insights for making my writing better. While clicking on a few of these links, I found some good information on subject lines and lead-ins. Defining the Term By better writing, I mean writing social media posts. We can all use tips on writing better blog posts, better appeal letters, better grants, but.

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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Nonprofit Fundraising on Facebook

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For example, I donated to three Giving Tuesday campaigns last year, and did so in just 2 clicks each: Ability for the fundraiser to spread. If I donate to a friend’s Facebook fundraiser, I can then easily share it on my page, spreading the word to my friends and family with just one click.

6 Reasons to Rethink Your Email Newsletter


Too many options to click. Because your donation button is getting buried in the rest of your newsletter links, people aren’t clicking on it, which means you’re not raising money. Email fundraising and organizing has changed a lot since mass email tools first appeared on the scene.