How Many Donor Databases Are There?

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I thought it might be useful to compile a list of all of the commercial donor databases I’m aware of. This list came from my head, my bookmarks, and lists compiled by NTEN and Idealware for their donor management software surveys (and I’m not certain all of these are actually donor databases). Feel free to let me know what I missed, which systems no longer exist, and which aren’t really donor databases.

Are you taking notes?

A Small Change

It’s imperative that we briefly jot down important takeaways that will serve as anchors for ongoing conversations, and bolster the personal data being entered into our donor databases.

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Avoid the Cringe-Inducing Moment of Calling a Deceased Donor

The Agitator

This easy-to-use tool enables you to go online and quickly— and without charge – get an overview of who on your database is deceased. We read the local papers for Obits, and can find info in local annual Town Reports and by calling churches.

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Want to do political fundraising? Interview with Joe Garecht of The Fundraising Authority

Wild Woman Fundraising

I had volunteered in our local church, and I thought maybe there was a chance to do something more. Political fundraisers are prospecting, cultivating, making asks and stewarding donors and it’s still all about relationships. Events, direct mail, and major donor acts.