6 Now-or-Never Summer Reboots

Getting Attention

Our daughter Charlotte is finishing up a blissful summer at a few different day and overnight camps. You have a much better sense of what their (and their parents’) needs are after a week of 24-hour interaction at camp,” she says.

Summer 208

Level One Donor Feedback: Fixing Things for Individuals

The Agitator

In late 2016, I tracked every interaction for a week to see what organizations I dealt with asked for feedback. You, Dear Reader, have never required me to pay to go to Charlotte against my will. (If If you live in Charlotte, I have nothing against your city.

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Good Corn Isn't Good Communications: What I Learned from Our Farm Share Experience

Getting Attention

Every Monday after work, our daughter Charlotte and I head down to the farm stand to pick up the week's bounty. After a nudge from me, Kerry got the farm back on track with updates but the hiatus (and why it happened) clarified to me how effective communications can transform a simple interaction (like someone participating in one of your programs, or giving for the first time) into the beginning of a real relationship.

Customer Service Social Media Style: A Pulse of the Industry View Part 1

Diva Marketing Blog

Customers want to engage with people who want to build trusted relationships. These people are using social media to build long-term, trusted relationships with the people behind the brands. What do people do on social networks and blogs? They "talk" of course!