Charity vs. Philanthropy and Charitable People vs. Philanthropists


Charity – Helping people in need. Charitable people – Help others in need. For instance, giving money to a soup kitchen before Thanksgiving so they can buy turkeys for their annual meal would make one a charitable person.

Three Ways to Be Charitable

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"Charity" by Anrea del Sarto I’ve spent a big chunk of my career working with or for charities. Many of my dearest and ablest friends are in the charity ‘space.’ On what you want from your charitable activities,” I reply. Instead, says Lewis, charity means love.

4 forces primarily responsible for making people charitable


Brooks , there are 4 forces in American life that are primarily responsible for making people charitable: Religion. Here’s why (according to Brooks’): Religion – People who pray every day (regardless of whether or not they go to church or another place) are 30% more likely to give money to charity than people who never pray. Other data shows that decreases in state funding stimulate charity. But apparently, it also makes them more charitable.

Slut-shaming And Charitable Regulation

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Next, my inbox bell rings with news that the Charities Oversight Project at Columbia Law School and the Center on Nonprofits Philanthropy at the Urban Institute has just published “the first systematic analysis of state-level oversight and regulation of U.S. charities.”

How to market the Charitable IRA Rollover?


In case you forgot, the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 reinstated the Charitable IRA Rollover through December 31, 2013. So, at the risk of oversimplification, your donors (age 70½ and older) can transfer up to $100,000 from their retirement accounts to your charity.

Stop complaining because your success is up to you


All of us have been there. Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in situations that just plain suck! Think yours is worse than someone else’s? Think again. Many felt that Jim Thorpe, a Native American from Oklahoma, was the greatest athlete of the 20th century.

Women Give More to Charity

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A new study called “ Women Give 2010: New Research about Women and Giving &# says women are more generous charitable givers than men.

Finally, you can learn what words work to raise money!


For instance, some of the worst words for planned gift marketing are: Bequest; Charitable Gift Annuity; and Remainder Interest Deed. Last year I worked with Dr. Russell James to present his findings in the ground-breaking webinar titled Words that Work (get the quick-read eBook here ).

Why You Should Stop Emphasizing Tax Savings When Promoting Planned Gifts


in 2012 with an estimated 6% (150,000) leaving charitable bequests. But, interestingly, out of those 150,000 charitable estates, only 2,225 (1.5%) were taxable as a result of being worth more than $5 million. of the charitable estates in the U.S.

#NONPROFIT: Some Models Of How Charities Use Tumblr

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We’ve sung the praises of Tumblr a number of times on this blog, and today we want to present a few examples and ideas of just how nonprofits are using this free platform as a means to spread the word of their great work. One of the many great things about Tumblr is its simplicity of setup.

#NONPROFIT: Some Models Of How Charities Use Tumblr

Non Profit Marketing 360

We’ve sung the praises of Tumblr a number of times on this blog, and today we want to present a few examples and ideas of just how nonprofits are using this free platform as a means to spread the word of their great work. One of the many great things about Tumblr is its simplicity of setup.

Are you part of the charitable-industrial complex?

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Recently the NPQuarterly wrote about how Walmart is “offended” by people’s response to their “charity drive” to give their own employees food. As one might predict, many had something to say about the wage levels of the retail giant, which force many associates onto food stamps and to charity relief. Even if your charity doesn’t directly work with the problem of inequality, charity does begin at home.

#PHILANTHROPY: What Might Inspire People To Give To Your Charity?

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Even though your charity or nonprofit does good work and has the track record to prove it, this moment might be a good moment to look at a hard fact of fundraising: what will entice more donations, micro or macro, NOW? Does your charity’s experience match the claims of these authors?

For U.S. Charitable Organizations That Had Their Official Charity Status Revoked By the IRS, June 2011

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different numbers of nonprofit organizations initially designated officially as "charities" by the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) had their official status revoked by the IRS (thereby ending their right to raise tax free dollars (donations), among other rights and responsibilities given to nonprofit charities). IRS form 990 2011 Charitable Status Revocations IRS how toOn Friday, June 10, 2011, in every state in the United States (U.S.),

Can You Tell Your Supporters That a CGA Can Deliver "GUARANTEED" Income or Not?


I attended a local monthly planned giving event a while back and learned a lot about how not to market charitable gift annuities.

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Don't Use Exploitive Images in Charitable Appeals, Real World Results Suggest

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A study , published in the December 2009 Journal of Marketing Research , found that children’s charities would receive greater donations if they depicted sad-looking children in their appeals. For years some charities have been willing to say, in effect, ‘donate or this child will die.’

Charitable Donors Chary About Donating Via Some Tech Means

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The survey finds that 51 percent of Britons have put some money in collection canisters, while 31 percent have made donations through donation boxes at the charitable institutions themselves. But only two percent had participated in change round-up schemes whereby people add some change to round it up to the next highest pound, with the additional amount going to charity. A new survey from the U.K. finds donors still chary about donating via some technology-enabled means.

3 Big Reasons Why Charities Should Work to Get Gifts in Wills from Middle-Aged Donors


It can turn them into more committed and more charitable donors. . The post 3 Big Reasons Why Charities Should Work to Get Gifts in Wills from Middle-Aged Donors appeared first on MarketSmart.

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Charitable Giving Recovering Faster Than Anticipated – Giving USA

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In 2012, $316 billion was given to charity. This means charitable giving showed a 3.5% This is the 3rd consecutive year since the depths of the Great Recession that has seen charitable giving grow. Other Possibly Related posts: Are You Paying Taxes on Your Charitable Giving?

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10 Charity Fundraising Events to Raise Large Amounts of Money

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When your charitable cause needs large amounts of money, charity fundraising events can be your best option. The huge funds generated by these events can be used for a single project or the ongoing operations of your charitable organization. The following are 10 charity fundraising events that, if implemented correctly, are sure to raise large amounts of money for your organization: Charity walk. Charity 5K. Charity concert. Charity dinner.

Does Ask, Ask, and Ask Again Really Work?


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Almost four years ago I declared: “The Fundraising Pyramid Is DEAD!”


Is the fundraising donor pyramid dead? Recently I was reminded of a blog post I wrote four years ago that got a lot of attention. Some of the reactions were not so kind.

What Will Replace 'Checkout Charity' After Big Retailers are Gone?

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To figure out what comes next, I asked America's top business giving experts to share what - if anything - would replace the hundreds of millions of dollars collected from 'checkout charity' in the post-retail world of 2022. 2016 America’s Charity Checkout Champions.

#Public Policy: Charities’ Off-Shore/Tax-Free Holdings Brought Under Congressional Scrutiny

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Case in point: Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa, senior Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee , wants to end federal support of charities that have overseas – thus tax-free – holdings and assets.

6 Simple Tips for Outstanding Charity Events

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Planning engaging and crowd-pleasing charity events is a must if you are going to increase donations to your cause and generate meaningful financial support to your organization. Whether the occasion is a spaghetti dinner fundraiser or a formal gala event, your charity or nonprofit can achieve better results with well-planned and well-organized events. Here are six simple tips to make your charity events run smoother: Reservations, please.

#Philanthropy: President’s Jobs Bill & Tax Proposal Not Warmly Welcomed By Charities

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One loophole the president wants to reduce concerns the deductions of taxes made by the wealthy to charitable organizations – a reduction many charities and nonprofits do not want to see. Those in numerous nonprofits and charities are working toward broader coverage of healthcare and/or environmental protections and/or educational opportunities for the less fortunate, etc.

The Challenge of Sports Celebrities for Charities

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I love sports and I love athletes and it’s been my pleasure to be around Heisman Trophy winners, two-sport legends, Super Bowl MVPs, NBA 7-footers, and first-round draft picks, all in charitable settings.

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FINALLY REVEALED: Dr. Russell James’ secrets to conducting donor surveys


Russell James’ Charitable Gift Planning eCourse. He’s back! And this time he’ll be talking about one of my favorite subjects — donor surveys. Sure, I’ve got some experience in this area.

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Why your wealthy donors love donor advised funds and why you should care


Allow donors to make their giving decisions more carefully and at a time that is convenient for them on their timetable (not the charity’s). Donor Advised Funds… There are plenty of people who don’t like ’em.

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Funding Your Startup or New Charity

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One of the most confounding charitable endeavors I was ever involved in was figuring out how to fund a startup charity that made grants to other charities. The nonprofit fundraising world is set up to favor established charities, and with good reason.



Thanks to Giving USA and Third Sector’s Gross Domestic Philanthropy report , we now know that the United States continues to be the most charitable nation on the planet. billion dollars to charities last year. A chart from Third Sector’s Report.

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A Brilliant Stewardship Plan for Legacy Society Donors From Down Under


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Why fundraiser job titles suck and cost you a lot of money!


After presenting these fundraiser job titles to people, he asked them, “Who at the charity are you more likely to contact?” My pal Dr. Russell James is at it again. This time, he researched what fundraiser job titles inspire more engagement, connectivity, and giving.

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Why Oprah Winfrey gives money to build schools in Africa (the 8 components of impactful giving)


The fact that the nuns were charitable to her and that her grandmother taught her to give back influenced her to want to reciprocate by helping others. You might have known that Oprah was a philanthropist; but did you know why?

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What planned and major gifts officers can learn from Shark Tank


I love Shark Tank , the reality TV show that features a panel of potential venture capitalists (“sharks”) evaluating aspiring entrepreneurs product/business ideas. I watch it with my kids!

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Why you should ignore Pokemon Go


Pokemon Go is a shiny object. A time waster for a fundraiser seeking serious results. It focuses on the lowest rung of the ladder. DO NOT chase it!

3 reasons why you need to stop worrying about the darn tax law!!!


Remember, almost 50 percent of all charitable donations come from the top one percent and 80 percent of all charitable donations come from the top 20 percent. Charity is done by the rest of us. Plus, charitable giving has mirrored the GDP for over 40 years. Tons of writers in major media have been fretting about the new tax law. “Tax bill could turn philanthropy into a pursuit only for the rich.”

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NEWS FLASH: Most of your supporters don’t really want to be in your legacy society


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Is your job really to raise money?


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Why Steve Jobs and I Hate Charity

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When I was a kid charity was for chumps. Despite the fact that my family, and most of our neighbors, got all types of government and public charity, we saw how carelessly and unevenly it was spread to the deserving and not so deserving. Charity started at home. Charity matters.