Charity vs. Philanthropy and Charitable People vs. Philanthropists


Charity – Helping people in need. Charitable people – Help others in need. For instance, giving money to a soup kitchen before Thanksgiving so they can buy turkeys for their annual meal would make one a charitable person.

Book Reviews: With Charity for All VS. Charity Case

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Charity Case, Dan Pallotta’s new book, about what’s wrong with the sector and what to do about it, following up from his book, Uncharitable, in 2010, which I wrote about here and here and here and here. This is why Dan Pallotta founded the Charity Defense Council.

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10 Charity Fundraising Events to Raise Large Amounts of Money

Fundraiser Ideas

When your charitable cause needs large amounts of money, charity fundraising events can be your best option. The huge funds generated by these events can be used for a single project or the ongoing operations of your charitable organization. The following are 10 charity fundraising events that, if implemented correctly, are sure to raise large amounts of money for your organization: Charity walk. Charity 5K. Charity concert. Charity dinner.

What Will Replace 'Checkout Charity' After Big Retailers are Gone?

Selfish Giving

To figure out what comes next, I asked America's top business giving experts to share what - if anything - would replace the hundreds of millions of dollars collected from 'checkout charity' in the post-retail world of 2022. 2016 America’s Charity Checkout Champions.

Stop complaining because your success is up to you


All of us have been there. Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in situations that just plain suck! Think yours is worse than someone else’s? Think again. Many felt that Jim Thorpe, a Native American from Oklahoma, was the greatest athlete of the 20th century.

Why fundraiser job titles suck and cost you a lot of money!


After presenting these fundraiser job titles to people, he asked them, “Who at the charity are you more likely to contact?” My pal Dr. Russell James is at it again. This time, he researched what fundraiser job titles inspire more engagement, connectivity, and giving.

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What planned and major gifts officers can learn from Shark Tank


I love Shark Tank , the reality TV show that features a panel of potential venture capitalists (“sharks”) evaluating aspiring entrepreneurs product/business ideas. I watch it with my kids!

Finally, you can learn what words work to raise money!


For instance, some of the worst words for planned gift marketing are: Bequest; Charitable Gift Annuity; and Remainder Interest Deed. Last year I worked with Dr. Russell James to present his findings in the ground-breaking webinar titled Words that Work (get the quick-read eBook here ).

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A Brilliant Stewardship Plan for Legacy Society Donors From Down Under


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Is your job really to raise money?


Fundraising strategy charitable giving charity Fundraiser job description Fundraising duties fundraising tips for nonprofits How to raise more money Lead Generation legacy gift marketing major gift fundraising Og Mandino Philanthropy philanthropy blog philosophy solve problems

35 amazing ways to engage and involve your donors and supporters


Fundraising Major Giving Planned Giving strategy charitable giving blog charity blog donor retention ideas donor retention tips fundraising tips higher ed fundraising tips Ideas for engaging donors Lead generation for planned giving major gift fundraising major gift marketing nonprofit marketing tips Philanthropy Planned Giving Marketing ways to engage and involve your donorsIf you’re stuck wondering how to involve your supporters with your mission, look no further.

Is your community suffering from an attack of a charity ideology?

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Local and state governments are threatening to tax charities. And media reports of charity scams or questionable spending leave the impression that all nonprofits are suspect. This storytelling can start from the assumption that most people want charities to do good work.

Is your community suffering from an attack of a charity ideology?

Fundraising Coach

Local and state governments are threatening to tax charities. And media reports of charity scams or questionable spending leave the impression that all nonprofits are suspect. This storytelling can start from the assumption that most people want charities to do good work.

Why Steve Jobs and I Hate Charity

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When I was a kid charity was for chumps. Despite the fact that my family, and most of our neighbors, got all types of government and public charity, we saw how carelessly and unevenly it was spread to the deserving and not so deserving. Charity started at home. Charity matters.

McDonald’s Lesson to Companies: Charity, Impact Better be on the Menu

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In a new report, Clowning Around with Charity , McDonald’s is portrayed as cheap, deceptive and selfish. McDonald’s charitable giving is just.32 Ronald McDonald House Charities are not 100 percent funded by McDonald’s.



Thanks to Giving USA and Third Sector’s Gross Domestic Philanthropy report , we now know that the United States continues to be the most charitable nation on the planet. billion dollars to charities last year. A chart from Third Sector’s Report.

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3 new phrases/concepts engagement fundraisers need to know


Fundraising Charitable Giving Cultivation charity donor engagement engagement fundraising nonprofit tips PhilanthropyIf you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I coined the phrase “ engagement fundraising ” in 2013. Here’s my first rant on the subject. But if you haven’t done a demo with us recently you probably haven’t heard these new phrases/concepts. That’s why I’m sharing them with you today.

Should your donors be given a chance to “tip” your organization?


Are you confused by that headline? Here’s what I mean: I think it would be interesting for us to test allowing donors the opportunity to decide how much of their donation goes toward overhead.

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3 Big Reasons Why Charities Should Work to Get Gifts in Wills from Middle-Aged Donors


It can turn them into more committed and more charitable donors. . The post 3 Big Reasons Why Charities Should Work to Get Gifts in Wills from Middle-Aged Donors appeared first on MarketSmart.

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It’s about questions, not presentations


Major Giving Planned Giving strategy caseloads charitable giving blog charity cultivation for planned giving donor cultivation fundraising presentation advice fundraising presentation tips fundraising presentations language for more legacy gifts major donor communication strategy major gift marketing tips nonprofit marketing nonprofit presentations planned giving strategy tips for fundraising caseloads

Ep184: How This Pet Hospital Chain Used POS to Raise $2.5 Million for Charity

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What the Foundation learned from its partner, PetSmart, and its charitable giving program. Today on CauseTalk Radio , Megan and I talk to Kim Van Syoc , Executive Director at the Banfield Foundation , about the organization's successes and challenges in the first year of operation.

Why You Should Stop Emphasizing Tax Savings When Promoting Planned Gifts


in 2012 with an estimated 6% (150,000) leaving charitable bequests. But, interestingly, out of those 150,000 charitable estates, only 2,225 (1.5%) were taxable as a result of being worth more than $5 million. of the charitable estates in the U.S.

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Can You Tell Your Supporters That a CGA Can Deliver "GUARANTEED" Income or Not?


I attended a local monthly planned giving event a while back and learned a lot about how not to market charitable gift annuities.

Proof that donors want to help you get past the finish line


Fundraising Major Giving Philosophy/motivation Planned Giving charitable giving charity blog donor cultivation fundraising tips major gift marketing major giving blog marketsmart Nonprofit Data nonprofit marketing tips

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Funding Your Startup or New Charity

Cause Related Marketing

One of the most confounding charitable endeavors I was ever involved in was figuring out how to fund a startup charity that made grants to other charities. The nonprofit fundraising world is set up to favor established charities, and with good reason.

Ever wonder what donor advisors tell their clients when it comes to giving their money away?


Start visiting – recognize that you are now “exposing yourself” Do the due diligence that’s right for you – examine and evaluate some charities.

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The best way to predict the future is to invent it


When I was just a donor, I was frustrated with the letters, newsletters, and emails I received from my beloved charities. One that didn’t tick people off driving them to hop from charity to charity relentlessly searching for one that would treat them right.

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UK online giving up 85% over 3 years – but still only 3.7% of charitable donations?

Giving in a Digital World

At 50 pages this free report is a lengthy but worthwhile read, combining recent research into general UK internet usage as well as online charity activity, together with advice on how to make best use of online opportunities and some thoughts on how things are likely to develop in the future. Are charities under-reporting online giving or is online really providing less than one twentieth of all the UK’s voluntary income?

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INTERVIEW: How to get substantially more money per donor with Alan Bacharach

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On the nature of compassion: I mentioned that most people who give to charity have a salary of less than $100,000 a year. Charitable families become charitable for generations. It doesn’t make any difference to the charity. Or Charities.

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Why I don’t cry foul when I hear how much money sits in DAFs


For instance, fairly recently he pointed out Fidelity Charitable’s unforgivable lack of transparency. He also writes and speaks often about the slow movement of money OUT of DAF’s into charity bank accounts. Al Cantor is great. He’s a tiger.

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What to do with wealth screened data that’s “sitting on the shelf” unused


Data Sheets Fundraising Lead Generation Major Giving Planned Giving charitable giving charity donor cultivation legacy gift marketing major donor fundraising major gift cultivation major gift fundraising major gift marketing Nonprofit Data Nonprofit Marketing Blog Nonprofit Marketing Ideas Planned Giving Marketing wealth screened data Wealth screeningWealth screening your data is a good idea!

Another highly requested blog post on why people give


Plus, the more personal the charity is to you, the greater amount of dopamine that gets released- meaning… more good feelings! You may have heard that the reason why people give is because they were asked.

How to market the Charitable IRA Rollover?


In case you forgot, the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 reinstated the Charitable IRA Rollover through December 31, 2013. So, at the risk of oversimplification, your donors (age 70½ and older) can transfer up to $100,000 from their retirement accounts to your charity.

Why you should ignore Pokemon Go


Pokemon Go is a shiny object. A time waster for a fundraiser seeking serious results. It focuses on the lowest rung of the ladder. DO NOT chase it!

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Stephanie Strom’s take on Nonprofits

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Nonprofit Quarterly reports on the Michigan State Charitable deduction going away. The IRS MIGHT look into how much charity you actually do a bit more closely. Remember last week when I was all “Save the Nonprofits !” ” Well, turns out I didn’t even know the whole story. We’re more screwed than I knew! Here’s more. Tony Martignetti just told me about Stephanie Strom, who is the reporter on Philanthropy for the New York Times.

NEWS FLASH: Most of your supporters don’t really want to be in your legacy society


Fundraising Major Giving Planned Giving strategy 2017 fundraising tips charitable giving charity blog establishing a legacy society fundraising mistakes legacy societies major gift marketing mistakes marketsmart

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I must sound like a broken record but here’s more nonprofit data that will inspire you to focus more on major donors


Here’s what they determined: Itemized charitable donations increased +104% between 2003 and 2013 (10 years) from households with earnings of at least $10 million/year.

It was bound to happen sooner or later, here’s why and what to do…


If you have not yet heard the news, Fidelity Charitable now sits at the top of the Philanthropy 400 list that ranks nonprofits according to the amount of money they raise from private sources. Propose the fund be distributed to your charity upon death.

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7 Steps To More Online Donations This Holiday Season

J Campbell Social Marketing

Charity Navigator found that while charities on average receive 13% of their total annual donations online, this number is growing. A study conducted by market-research firm Millward Brown Digital found that three quarters of donors begin their research of charities online.

3 things every fundraiser needs to consider before they talk politics in front of their donors


Brooks book titled Who Really Cares: The Surprising Truth About Compassionate Conservatism): In 2000, households headed by a “conservative” gave, on average, 30% more money to charity than households headed by a liberal although the “liberal” households earned 6% more.