Charitable Giving Between Generations: Compare & Contrast

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When it comes to a careful analysis of charitable giving between these groups, we’ve noticed that they have three main differences that are likely to impact your fundraising strategy: giving method, gift size, and donation frequency. . Did you get a chance to check out my newest online course?

11 reasons why donors and organizations love charitable gift annuities


eCourse: Online Charitable Gift Planning by Dr. Russell James. The post 11 reasons why donors and organizations love charitable gift annuities appeared first on MarketSmart, LLC |. Why donors like CGAs.


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Charity vs. Philanthropy and Charitable People vs. Philanthropists


Charitable people – Help others in need. For instance, giving money to a soup kitchen before Thanksgiving so they can buy turkeys for their annual meal would make one a charitable person. Philanthropists – Make charitable gifts that result in the creation of economic and social opportunity for individuals which, in turn, helps create a better society for everyone. Charity – Helping people in need.

Charitable giving grows again!

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According to GivingUSA's press release: Overall charitable giving in the USA last year was $358.38 For me, the biggest take away from this report is what hasn't changed : individuals still gave the vast majority of all charitable donations! GivingUSA reports charitable giving grows to highest levels last year. The post Charitable giving grows again! The new GivingUSA report is out.

4 forces primarily responsible for making people charitable


Brooks , there are 4 forces in American life that are primarily responsible for making people charitable: Religion. Skepticism about the government’s involvement in people’s economic lives – Brooks wrote that politicians and a significant number of people take credit for being charitable without spending their own money because they, instead, support policies of income distribution through taxation and this affects their private giving.

Three Ways to Be Charitable

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On what you want from your charitable activities,” I reply. If a man has charity, giving to the poor is one of the most obvious ways to act charitably… just as rhyme is the most obvious thing about poetry… making it easy to confuse the two. And it starts without worrying over the bedeviling question of waiting until you love someone before you extend charitable love to them. The affection in turn makes it easier to perform other acts of charitable love.

3 Reasons Why You Should Market Charitable IRA Rollovers (And What They Are)


Develop a marketing strategy for Charitable IRA Rollovers? What are IRAs and Charitable Rollovers. The Charitable IRA Rollover came into existence thanks to the Pension Protection Act of 2006 (PPA). The Charitable IRA Rollover allows philanthropic minded individuals to donate without paying taxes on the “income.” Since these distributions do not have associated income tax, there is no added benefit from the Charitable IRA Rollover.

Slut-shaming And Charitable Regulation

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My only question this morning: “Is all this really happening?” First, my inbox and social media was bombarded with news that somewhere between 3:20 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. Friday a 70 year-old man with 5 children went ape s**t on Twitter, slut-shaming Miss Universe of 1996.

#PHILANTHROPY: Evidence Of ‘Emerging Charitable Markets’ & How To Tap Into Them

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They have discovered not so much a shift in the habits of giving among Jewish donors but demographic and economic shifts that are opening what they call ‘emerging charitable markets.’ Which means that we are seeing an ‘emerging charitable market’ of fairly recently ‘well-to-do’ people (who also tend to be younger and tied into the technologies and activities of Generation X or Millennials) who want to support specific causes for specific amounts ?

2017: “The year charitable giving bounced back.”

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The other day The Blackbaud Insitute for Philanthropic Impact released its 2017 Charitable Giving Report and the news is good. The Charitable Giving Report covers $30 billion in giving to all types and sizes of organizations. Although 2017 was a year of extraordinary political turmoil, massive hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and general uncertainty Steve was anything but uncertain: “2017 was the year where charitable giving bounced back from relatively flat growth in 2016.

Transactional Cause Marketing Versus Lump Sum Charitable Donations

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Been thinking a lot about the topic of transactional cause marketing versus publicized corporate charitable donations. Cone’s most recent Cause Evolution study found that people are only slightly more favorably inclined towards companies employing transactional cause marketing (53%) than to lump sum charitable donations (47%). I’m still processing this but I wonder what happens if the charitable donation is in-kind?

3 Big New Stats You Need to Know About Donor Advised Funds from Fidelity Charitable


The post 3 Big New Stats You Need to Know About Donor Advised Funds from Fidelity Charitable appeared first on MarketSmart. LIKE THIS BLOG POST? PLEASE SHARE IT AND/OR SUBSCRIBE. Fundraising

Stats 109

#INTERVIEW: Joanne Fritz, The Website Guide on Nonprofit Charitable Organizations

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Joanne Fritz is the guide to ’s “ Nonprofit Charitable Organizations ” site. Advice Blogs Campaigns Community Cross-Post eNewsletter Facebook Fundraising Nonprofit Permission Marketing Perspectives Storytelling Twitter Web Design American Red Cross Charitable organization Don Akchin Google Joanne Non-Governmental Organization Nonprofit organization Social Media Social network Washington D.C.

Charitable Giving Recovering Faster Than Anticipated – Giving USA

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This means charitable giving showed a 3.5% This is the 3rd consecutive year since the depths of the Great Recession that has seen charitable giving grow. This is a big deal because between 2007 and 2009, charitable giving in the USA dropped 15% ! Other Possibly Related posts: Are You Paying Taxes on Your Charitable Giving? Are You Paying Taxes on Your Charitable Giving? Sex, drugs, and…charitable giving?!

USA 86

10 reasons why donors and fundraisers like Rollover IRA giving


Instead, they could make a qualified charitable distribution (QCD) to avoid paying tax on the RMD (since it will increase their adjusted gross income). Qualified charitable distributions (QCDs). Related Posts: >>How to market the charitable IRA rollover? We’re getting pretty good at marketing rollover IRAs here at MarketSmart.

Article: Nonprofits may Not Profit from Charitable Texts

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Nonprofits may Not Profit from Charitable Texts. Suprise! Kenny highlights an issue that we saw coming after the mobile giving fad in Haiti. TXT-to-give is inneficient and not cost effective. Apps on smartphones are the way to go.

Can You Tell Your Supporters That a CGA (Charitable Gift Annuity) Can Deliver “GUARANTEED” Income or Not?


John Jensen (Sharpe Group) stood up and gave everyone a thorough dissertation on the dangers of using the words “guaranteed” and “investment” in your charitable gift annuity marketing. The post Can You Tell Your Supporters That a CGA (Charitable Gift Annuity) Can Deliver “GUARANTEED” Income or Not? Last week I attended my local monthly planned giving event and learned a lot about how NOT to market CGA’s.

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#Fundraising: However Counted, Charitable Giving Rose Slightly in 2010

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The Giving USA Foundation recently reported both a reappraisal of how the organization tallies up charitable giving and a slight improvement in giving in 2010. Charitable giving of money is just one way – albeit the easiest one to track – we give. Happy Independence Day! First, MKCREATIVE wishes you a happy Independence Day. We hope you are enjoying a day of grilling and a night of fireworks – all with family and friends.

Charitable Donors Chary About Donating Via Some Tech Means

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The survey finds that 51 percent of Britons have put some money in collection canisters, while 31 percent have made donations through donation boxes at the charitable institutions themselves. A new survey from the U.K. finds donors still chary about donating via some technology-enabled means. But only two percent had participated in change round-up schemes whereby people add some change to round it up to the next highest pound, with the additional amount going to charity. In the U.K.

Annual Survey of State Laws Regulating Charitable Solicitations

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To learn more about state laws regarding charitable solicitations, please see the attached report written and researched at the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University. Important Note: This information is designed to provide an introduction to the registration requirements of charitable organizations and the fundraising counsel they hire. Did you know that over 40 states require nonprofits conducting online fundraising campaigns to register with their state?

Law 122

Online Is 8% of Charitable Giving

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to be exact. That’s a key finding in Blackbaud’s just-released 2010 Online Giving Report. For this purpose, online giving is measured against total fundraising revenue reported to the IRS by organizations studied. The Report includes 24 months of online giving data from 1,812 nonprofit organizations from The Blackbaud Index of Online Giving, online major giving data from 2,190 nonprofits, and both online and offline data representing $5.1

Charitable giving on the rebound, says Giving USA

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charitable giving increased for the fourth consecutive year in 2013. The latest Giving USA report was released today, showing that total U.S. Overall giving grew 4.4% last year to an estimated $335.17 billion, with donations from individuals driving much of the growth that sees giving inching closer to pre-recession levels. Some highlights: Giving by individuals increased by 4.2%, while corporate giving declined by 1.9%. Individual giving made up 72% of total contributions in 2013.

USA 55

Memphis Grizzlies Charitable Foundation is donating $425,000 to 15 area nonprofit organizations

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The Grizzlies Foundation is getting it done. link] They've raised over $26.1 million since 2004. They've funded numerous Memphis area organizations including the New Ballet Ensemble & School, Memphis Prep Program, Leadership Memphis, ArtsMemphis, the Memphis Child Advocacy Center and.

Is your cause so weak it depends on a charitable deduction?

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Today, Joe Meehan pointed me toward’s the article in the Chronicle of Philanthropy about President Obama’s new bill limiting charitable deductions. Most people are charitable at some level. Giving has been happening for millenia , long before charitable tax deductions. As expected the outcry was fast and strong. At the risk of being a bit controversial: Who cares if deductions are limited? I mean, really.

Report: Economic Impact on Charitable Auctions

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The Biddery has established a network of Charitable Donors in major U.S. These Charitable Donors are established businesses who donate to our clients' events as a way to gain visibility among guests, receive a tax write-off and help your cause According to cMarket's recent survey of Auction Chairs , "the results are reasonably encouraging in that more folks are saying they are up than down. However, its definitely tougher and more competitive."

Stop complaining because your success is up to you


Fundraising Major Giving Philosophy/motivation Planned Giving best practices for fundraising best practices for planned giving charitable gift annuity charitable giving charitable giving tips charity charity blog cultivation for major gifts donor cultivation fundraising blog Inspiration legacy society blog major donors motivational Philanthropy philanthropy blog philanthropy blog postsAll of us have been there.

Why You Should Stop Emphasizing Tax Savings When Promoting Planned Gifts


in 2012 with an estimated 6% (150,000) leaving charitable bequests. But, interestingly, out of those 150,000 charitable estates, only 2,225 (1.5%) were taxable as a result of being worth more than $5 million. of the charitable estates in the U.S. Related posts: >> eBook: The Law and Taxation of Charitable Gift Planning. >> A well-known speaker once led the opening presentation at the ACGA Annual Symposium right in my backyard— Baltimore, Maryland.

Can You Tell Your Supporters That a CGA Can Deliver "GUARANTEED" Income or Not?


I attended a local monthly planned giving event a while back and learned a lot about how not to market charitable gift annuities. During the presentation, one of the attendees stood up and gave everyone a thorough dissertation on the dangers of using the words “guaranteed” and “investment” in your charitable gift annuity marketing.

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New Data: 2013 Charitable Giving Report [Infographic]


The post New Data: 2013 Charitable Giving Report [Infographic] appeared first on MarketSmart. Great news! Giving was up, up and away in 2013. Here’s Blackbaud’s infographic that simplifies their findings. Fundraising

Finally, you can learn what words work to raise money!


For instance, some of the worst words for planned gift marketing are: Bequest; Charitable Gift Annuity; and Remainder Interest Deed. Last year I worked with Dr. Russell James to present his findings in the ground-breaking webinar titled Words that Work (get the quick-read eBook here ). In it, he presented evidence that many of the words we use in the sector are actually off-putting to our supporters.

For U.S. Charitable Organizations That Had Their Official Charity Status Revoked By the IRS, June 2011

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charities, that the IRS, on their You Tube channel has placed a video that also explains how a revoked charity may be able to get its official charitable status back. IRS form 990 2011 Charitable Status Revocations IRS how toOn Friday, June 10, 2011, in every state in the United States (U.S.),

5 lessons fundraisers can learn from Subway (Yes! The sandwich shop)


Fundraising strategy best practices for fundraising charitable giving Charitable Giving Cultivation Copywriting direct marketing tips fundraising blog major gift fundraising strategy marketing tips nonprofit marketing PhilanthropyHere are 5 great lessons fundraisers can learn from Subway : 1. Ask for feedback. Say please. . Use the word “YOU” often. It makes people feel special.

Newsletter: Are Networking Events Worth it? ; CauseTalk Radio Goes on Hiatus ; The Most Charitable, Most Hated Industry in America is.

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Freakonomics explores why the most vilified industry in America is also the most charitable. ??Consumers Years ago I used to work for a chamber that hosted networking events. Members came to these events to meet new people. But that's not what happened. People either talked to people they already knew OR to new people that were similar to them in occupation and/or status. Sales people would talk to sales people and CEO's would talk to other c-level executives.

Be Charitable - Give Away Your Best Stuff

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Being charitable just feels better. This beautiful photo is by Pensiero. Don't worry about people stealing your ideas. If your ideas are any good, you'll have to ram them down people's throats."

UK online giving up 85% over 3 years – but still only 3.7% of charitable donations?

Giving in a Digital World

The one piece of data I was particularly interested to see was the proportion of charitable donations now reported as coming online, as this is a common question amongst organisations reviewing their fundraising activity and robust benchmark data is typically difficult to find. Over the last few months a combination of client workload, a shoulder op, and a house renovation project have unfortunately left me no time at all for blogging.

UK 47

3 reasons why you need to stop worrying about the darn tax law!!!


Remember, almost 50 percent of all charitable donations come from the top one percent and 80 percent of all charitable donations come from the top 20 percent. Plus, charitable giving has mirrored the GDP for over 40 years. Fundraising Major Giving best practices for fundraising donor cultivation major gift fundraising national council of nonprofits nonprofits tax reform philanthropy blog Strategy tax reform bill 2017 tax reform charitable deduction

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The Charitable Deduction Still Exists. So, For Goodness Sake, Come Off the Ledge!

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This reduction of charitable deductions is a reinstatement of the Pease Amendment which was put into place by Congress during the Clinton administration, extended by the Bush administration, and then ended in 2010. Donors do not give (different various fundraising studies have shown) solely because of the charitable deduction. you may respond to me, 'there have been studies that found that the Pease Amendment will reduce charitable giving in 2013 by X or Y'.

New Rules for Charitable Donations

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Does your nonprofit accept donations of used items for either resale or use by your low-income clients? You should be aware of new rules from the IRS regarding deductibility of these items. Items that are not in "good" (or better) condition will no longer be deductible. Old TVs that won't don't work? Games missing half the pieces? No deductions here anymore.

One Quarter of All Nonprofits May Lose Their Charitable Status With the I.R.S. This May

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The I.R.S.wants to avoid revoking charitable statuses if it can. Form 990-N (or electronic post card), when low or non-grossing charitable organizations were not required to, before. revoke tax exemptions of recognized charitable organizations that fail to file the Form 990-N three consecutive years. These exempt organizations include Tribes and employee stock ownership plans as well as the usual charitable organizations. As many as one quarter of 1.6

May 61

Senate bill could spur charitable giving

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New legislation, recently introduced in the Senate, would create tax-free "personal philanthropy accounts" to encourage pre-tax charitable giving. This, of course, is should act as an incentive to charitable giving in the workplace. S 3881, introduced by Senators Isakson (R - Georgia) and Lautenberg (D - New Jersey), would allow workers to contribute up to $15,000 to nonprofits annually by payroll deduction.

A Confession: Am I A Charitable Person?

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I saw a little paragraph in the sports section today that said, in essence, , &# The players union has discovered that at least 22 teams require players to make donations. “ The Dodgers signed Manny Ramirez to a $45 million contract and he then donated $1 million to the Dodgers Dream Foundation. At the [.].

Ever wonder what donor advisors tell their clients when it comes to giving their money away?


Fundraising Major Giving Planned Giving charitable gift annuity Charitable Giving Cultivation donor advised funds legacy gift marketing major gift cultivation philanthropy blog planned giving blogsRockefeller Philanthropy Advisors has spent the past 120 years advising one of the worlds most philanthropic families— the Rockefellers. Today they help their clients give away over $200 million annually.

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Some people find me abrasive. Here’s why.


The fact that revenues from charitable gifts have been stuck at just 2% of GDP (gross domestic product) for over four decades is a crime. Imagine how much good could be done if we helped the revenues from charitable gifts grow to just 2.5% Recently I was told, “Greg, you are one strong cup of coffee.” ” I like that. Here’s why I am the way I am: 1. I believe life is very, very short. Both of my parents died in their 60’s.