Asante Sana Tanzania!

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

The first phase of our project in Tanzania is now over. Some key statistics of Tanzania are as follows. Mobile penetration: 50%. The implications of this are tremendous as the the internet and mobile are about to explode (1000% + growth rates at the moment).

Interview: How to get your colleagues on board with your digital plans

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Since I get so many questions about how to best integrate online and mobile efforts into an overall strategy, I thought I’d ask them to share their thoughts with us. Katya: What can advocates of online and mobile do if their organizational leadership doesn’t see the potential? Epic Change has used every channel at their disposal to connect with people and build relationships with supporters.

Creating Radical Changes in HIV Risk Behaviors

Social Marketing and Social Change

…the radical behavioural change that is needed to reduce HIV transmission requires radical commitment. Prevention strategies will never work if they are not implemented completely, with appropriate resources and benchmarks, and with a view toward sustainability.