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No Facebook. Instead, they are opting for a true multi-channel strategy. Communication Fundraising marketing Multi-channel marketing Planned Giving Planned giving Planned Giving Marketing strategy

Facebook’s Latest News Feed Changes: What Nonprofits Can Do

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Another week, another change to Facebook. ( In case you haven’t heard, Facebook is changing what you see on your news feed. You’ll now see more from your friends than from Facebook Pages. Start a Facebook Group, or Get Active in Other Groups.

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Prepare for Multi-Channel Marketing

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“Multi-channel marketing&# is the latest buzzword to proliferate and pollute all the multiple channels of communication. One essential element for multi-channel success, the survey suggests, is the technology to synchronize online and direct mail databases. Uncategorized Advertising mail Baltimore Convio database Electronic mailing list Facebook John Haydon marketing online fundraising online marketing Social Media Washington

Prepare for Multi-Channel Marketing

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“Multi-channel marketing&# is the latest buzzword to proliferate and pollute all the multiple channels of communication. One essential element for multi-channel success, the survey suggests, is the technology to synchronize online and direct mail databases. Cross-Post Database Direct Mail E-Mail Facebook Fundraising Marketing Nonprofit Research Social Media Study Convio database Electronic mailing list John Haydon marketing online fundraising online marketing

How a Homeless Shelter Used Facebook Live Video to DOUBLE Results on Giving Tuesday

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Earlier this month, I put a call out to nonprofits communicators asking them what worked for their organization on Facebook in 2017. A day later, Facebook Zero happened. Tell me about a Facebook tactic that worked for you in 2017. With Facebook Live, you can be authentic.

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How to Get People to Raise Money for Your Nonprofit Using Facebook

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In last week’s post, 3 Facebook Features Designed to Help You Fundraise , I highlighted just three of the Facebook features that are making social media fundraising a little bit easier for your nonprofit. My clients often say to me, “No one has raised any money for us using Facebook.

Using Facebook to Acquire Donors with Mark Santiago (Season 2, Episode 7)


Mark Santiago from Converge.Digital shares how to use Facebook strategically to build trust and acquire new donors. You can also download Mark’s free Facebook Fundraising Blueprint here: Facebook [04:37]. Older donors on Facebook? [14:23]. What don’t people understand about Facebook? [19:30]. Using Facebook to Acquire Donors with Mark Santiago (EF-S02-E07).

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How to Get More People At Your Nonprofit Event Using Facebook

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In this post I focus on one channel that can be hugely impactful in promoting your next nonprofit event – Facebook. Here are 10 steps you can use to make sure you are using Facebook correctly to promote your next nonprofit event. 10) Use Facebook Ads.

12 Ways to Get More Fans On Your Nonprofit Facebook Page

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By far the most frequent question that I get from nonprofits is: How do we get more fans on our Facebook page? Continually growing a community of Facebook fans is important to a long-term online marketing strategy. Here are just 12 ways to get more fans on your nonprofit Facebook page.

Newsletter: Best Channels for Recruiting Corporate Partners; Golden Halo Winners ; 'Plogging' Arrives in America ???

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That's why you need a a regular stream of outstanding content on your website that you, in turn, share on your social channels. Stay top of mind by stalking them on the web via Google and Facebook ads. Want more corporate partners? For early-stage engagement with companies, focus on: 1.

Consistent Messaging Across Channels: The Crawl, Walk, Run Method to Consolidated Marketing

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Facebook, website, direct mail, blogs, Twitter, etc. There are so many different ways to communicate with your supporters now, but how can you make sure all of those channels are integrated? Lu Esposito shares some simple, easy steps to make sure your marketing channels are all in sync.

Nonprofit Facebook ROI—Yay or Nay? (w/John Haydon)

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Get ready for a roaring point vs. counterpoint, thanks to Facebook for Nonprofits expert John Haydon, who shares his Yay below. Please share your Facebook plan (or plan not to use) and why here, and/or tell us what it does (or doesn’t do) for your organization. You’ve probably noticed the raging discussion about the value (or not) of Facebook for all organizations (profiteers too)—it even made the most mainstream ever Time magazine.

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Fabulous Example of Facebook Engagement from COTN

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One idea we discussed was using Facebook to collect words of encouragement about staying in school from U.S. On October 1, they posted the campaign launch on Facebook and asked supporters to “leave a comment encouraging a child to stay in school.”

Five Ways to Integrate Email Marketing and Facebook

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John is the author of Facebook Marketing for Dummies, a contributor to the Huffington Post and an instructor for MarketingProfs University. Growing an email list in addition to building a Facebook fan base can sometimes feel overwhelming. Add an email option form to your Facebook Page.

How to Raise Money With Facebook – One Organization’s Success Story

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According to Facebook, 150 million of the 1 billion people that use the social network are connected to a cause or nonprofit. We know why people use Facebook – to connect with other people. However, raising money using social media, specifically Facebook, can be done.

Will Social Media Influence The Travel Channel Launch's of "Deep Fried America?" An interview with host Jay Ducote

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Seems the Scripps Networks Interactive brass thought so too because they offered Jay an amazing opportunity to film a pilot for a sister network, Travel Channel. Jay Ducote's ‘Deep Fried’ pilot to air on Travel Channel June 25; future depends on viewer engagement. Hug J D: Facebook .

How One Nonprofit Is Raising Thousands Using Facebook – Part 2

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Case Study: How One Nonprofit Raised Thousands Using Facebook – Part 2. 1) Understand the Facebook Ladder of Engagement. Baldrick’s has invested so much time in Facebook is due to its social and interactive nature. Enter the Facebook Ladder of Engagement.

How Small Nonprofits Can Raise Money on Facebook

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If you aren’t familiar, Causes has built free, customizable fundraising pages that integrate with Facebook, Twitter, and other channels (and the site of course). I still firmly believe that fundraising should not be your primary goal for using Facebook and social media.

How One Nonprofit Is Raising Thousands Using Facebook

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Case Study: How One Nonprofit Raised Thousands Using Facebook – Part 1. As we all know, social media, especially Facebook, trends towards the light and carefree – cat memes , slapstick videos and food porn. 3) Be willing to be an early adopter and explore multiple channels.

Integrating channels to spark hot monthly giving programs


And when nonprofits are looking for an area in which to focus investments around integrating channels and campaigns, monthly sustainer recruitment is one that can see a big payoff from a well-integrated and multi-channel program. Campaign/message integration across multiple channels.

Nonprofit Storyteller of the Week – Women for Women International

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Through their website , blog , email newsletter and a variety of social media channels they share the personal, heart-wrenching stories of the women they serve and other women who inspire them in their mission.

This is What Nonprofits Need More Than a Facebook Donate Button

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Urge Facebook to offer Facebook Ad Grants to nonprofits like yours—Please add your name now to this petition. Facebook is a vital tool for most of us, and their attention to the nonprofit market (as with the introduction of the Donate button this week) is fantastic. However, they change the platform’s ways and rules at a million miles an hour, making it tough for us nonprofit marketers to use this important channel well to move our missions forward.

What’s not to Like about Facebook Likes?

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Rather a lot, according to this video by the smart folks over at the YouTube educational science channel Veritasium. Facebook Online Fundraising Bryan Miller Online community fundraising

Facebook Tips for Nonprofits: How Sanctuary One Inspires and Connects with Supporters

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Facebook is great for more than just sharing photos of cute kittens and that amazing dim sum you had for lunch. Your nonprofit’s Facebook page can help you develop meaningful connections with your fans. We asked Sanctuary One’s executive director, Robert Casserly, to share how Facebook has helped them spread their message, connect with fans, and drive traffic to their website, YouTube channel, and real-world farm. Avoid commercializing your Facebook page.

Is Facebook a #FAIL for Nonprofits?

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"Nonprofits are increasingly told that they need to be on Facebook, and countless gurus and experts offer them advice for maximizing their Facebook presence to get the most return. But are nonprofits actually seeing results, or is Facebook just a bandwagon that's not going anywhere?"

Multi-Channel Approach at UJA Federation

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I loved what she had to say about their multi-channel approach on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. I spoke last night to a group of Trustees at the UJA Federation of NY hosted by the Volunteer & Leadership Development Division.

How Nonprofits Can Use Facebook

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Let your supporters help program your Facebook page by offering polls and questions to get feedback on upcoming events and features. Use Facebook as another platform to express your organization's unique voice and approach to your cause. The key to getting the most out of Facebook is to integrate it with all of your channels. Ask a question on Facebook, and then ask it in email, but link back to the Facebook page for people to add their answers there.

[Guest Post] 6 channels to call in the crowds to your crowdfunding campaign

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Here are six channels to call in the crowds. Here are six channels I used to call in the crowds. Channel 1: Email. Channel 2: LinkedIn. Not everyone is a big LinkedIn user, but I’ve got 500+ LinkedIn contacts, so this was an important channel for me.

Facebook’s “Senior Surge”

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Can’t ignore Facebook as a channel for reaching nonprofit donors. Apart from the sheer volume of traffic on Facebook, 112 million unique visitors in 2009, as reported in Online Media Daily , consider this … "…older users remain among the fastest-growing populations on Facebook. Inside Facebook surmises that young people went home at Christmas and made their parents sign up. "Facebook

The 3 Keys to Social Media Success

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Have you heard the term “ multi-channel marketing ” or “diversification of channels”? Don’t set up a Facebook Page with no place to direct users if they want to learn more and become more engaged.

Facebook rolling out changes to its Advertising services


At Donordigital, we manage Facebook Advertising projects for several of our clients. In early June 2013, Facebook announced plans to streamline the number of advertising units from 27 to fewer than half of that, and they’ll be rolling out these changes over the next five months.

5 Fatal Donor Communication Mistakes Nonprofits Should Avoid

Ann Green

You’re failing to communicate through diverse channels. You’re discounting traditional donor communication channels. Similarly, your team should create a communications calendar that accounts for each channel of your communications with donors.

How Nonprofits Can Get More Social Media Engagement in 2018

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It’s so hard to cut through the noise and clutter on Facebook.”. “Do If you log in to Facebook, or Instagram, or Twitter, etc. Check out these statistics: Videos on Facebook see an average of 135% more organic reach than images. Resource: The Nonprofit Facebook Ad Planner .

10 Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Nonprofit Email List

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Having an engaged and active email list is so much more powerful and beneficial for your nonprofit than having 10,000 Facebook followers or 500 Twitter followers. Facebook contests are a great way to build your list, if you mandate that users give you their email address to be entered to win.

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What activity metrics you should measure for effective long-term planned giving marketing


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5 Ways to Thank and Recognize Your Donors Using Digital Tools and Social Media

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Instagram and Snapchat: Record videos within the app, add enhancements (text overlay, stickers, filters), save to your phone and post on other channels. Use Facebook Ads. Nonprofits can boost a specific post from your Facebook Page or created a targeted standalone ad campaign.

Social Networking/Charity Mashups

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Are planned giving prospects on the Internet?


One in three online seniors uses social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. Fundraising Inbound Internet Lead Generation marketing Multi-channel marketing New Technology Planned Giving Planned giving Planned Giving Marketing Social media strategy G.I.

4 Reasons Facebook Might Not be Right for Your Nonprofit

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This spring, Facebook made some significant changes to the functionality of Pages on their site in order to help brands market more effectively. This has led to a lot of discussion and encouragement aimed at nonprofits about how to market via Facebook. communicate via Facebook.

Paths to year-end fundraising success in a multichannel world


I say this all the time and while direct causation is sometimes difficult to track, I stand by the principle that truly donor-centric communications allow donors to access information in the channel they choose. Integrated Fundraising Online Fundraising lightbox multi-channel year-end