How To Raise Money Better, In Your Region.Even In Tough Times

Seeking Grant Money Today

Since the economic downturn, I've posted general fundraising advice, in Seeking Grant Money Today , besides this blog's main topic du jour; grant writing advice, information, and tips. If you live in a region that is very badly hit by this economic downturn - then your organization must devise ways to raise money while being mindful and respectful of the local economic reality.

Inclusive Conversations: Are Your Communications Making FRIENDS or FOES with People of Color?

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As of the 2000 census, the African-American, Latino, Native American, and Asian/Pacific Islander communities represented 30 percent of the U.S. CultureStrike’s Julio Salgado reimagines 90’s sitcoms with diverse casts. A lot of my peers grew up watching the popular 90’s sitcom FRIENDS.

Fundraising from Out-of-State? An Update on Registration Issues

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As you get your online fundraising programs in place and start connecting with people through social media, the liklihood that you will raise money not only within your home state, but in multiple states, goes up. The Census Bureau is an authoritative source for state population.

Our Inadequate Use of the Internet in Etail Cause Marketing

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Census figures put ecommerce at 5.1 But he couldn’t really tell me how the money would be used or how I could get involved beyond spending the $1 and signing my name to the icon. percent of total retail sales in the second quarter of 2012, up from 4.6

Data, data, data, and more data…

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Jeffrey Heer of Standford University helped develop , a website that gives people access to American census data going back more than a century. I can think of plenty of departments that spend a great deal of money on web analytics software, email databases, valuable primary research , etc. For those of you that missed it, the February 27th-March 5th edition of The Economist featured a special report on the over abundance of data , and where we’re heading with it.

Entrepreneurs: In Cause Marketing You’re the Pretty Girl

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Yesterday I mentioned that according to Census figures there are some 6 million firms in the United States with employees. Yet, despite that fact, to a cause looking for money businesses are like the pretty girl at the party. All nonprofits want your money and maybe your time. Yesterday’s post hinted at a way nonprofits might identify entrepreneurs open to the idea of cause marketing. Today I want to suggest what a entrepreneur might look for in a cause partner.

Rhode Island Spiritualities

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The Future of Fundraising

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Census Bureau , 2042 may be the year that the U.S. For example, according to the Commerce Department's Minority Business Development Agency and the Census Bureau, "the number of African-American-owned firms in the United States increased by 60.5 There's also the issue of remittances, or the flow of money from people of color in the U.S. Komen Race for the Cure are indicators that people don't need organizations to raise money.

Want to Build Community Online? Become a Bridge Builder.

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For example, the Census Bureau estimates that by 2042, the U.S. This magnificent photograph is from Giorgo's photostream on Flickr.

Washington Rhode Island

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Rhode Island Basketball Camps

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Warwick Rhode Island Court Records

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