Activating Your Cause Marketing Campaign

Cause Related Marketing

Activation in sponsorship, and by extension cause marketing, means the stuff you do to promote the sponsorship. The old sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati , which was about a radio station, once activated a promotion by dropping live turkeys from a helicopter at Thanksgiving.

Bringing Word of Mouth to Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

unusual: unusual or exceptional, and attracting attention because of this The success of your next cause marketing campaign (and perhaps all your marketing efforts) may hang on this single adjective. That’s the word from Andy Sernovitz, author of the book Word of Mouth Marketing and founder of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association. But without an assist from the tenets of marketing, word of mouth by itself is incomplete, like pasta without the sauce.

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Starbucks Mobile Payments May Give Cause Marketing a Jolt

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Starbucks partnership with Product Red put cause marketing on display like no other brand ever did, including the Gap and Apple , and drove the popularity of cause marketing to new heights. This would be great for cause marketing in several ways.

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Panera Takes its Meal of Responsibility Back to the Drawing Board

Cause Related Marketing

Back in April 2013 I wrote about Panera Bread Company’s groundbreaking Meal of Responsibility, a nutritious bowl of turkey chili with 850 calories that invited people to pay for it what they could afford. But as I often say in this space, generous people are no good to causes if they give until they’re broke. Cause marketers need sponsors that are cash cows. Moreover, says Ron Shaich, Panera’s founder, the marketing wasn’t up to snuff. “We

I Have a Bone to Pick With Panera Bread Company

Cause Related Marketing

As a cause marketer, what could I possibly have to complain about Panera? Panera Cares Cafes feed people regardless of their ability to pay, although their business model very much requires paying customers. Louis area stores whereby their turkey chili, which comes in a bread bowl, is also available to people regardless of your ability to pay, just like at the five Panera Cares Cafes. Cause marketers need sponsors that are cash cows.

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2, Subaru will donate $250 to the customer’s choice of one of the national charities for every new Subaru vehicle purchased or leased at more than 628 participating dealerships nationwide. Marketing Your Cause. Cool Jobs in Cause Marketing** 1.