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The Girl Effect

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

I was going through some overdue Social Marketing ListServe reading today, when I happened to stumble across this Girl Effect video in one of Nancy Lee ‘s responses. The debate on the ListServe revolved around the differences between Social Marketing and traditional Marketing.

Semantic confusion surrounding modern marketing

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

There are numerous marketing terms that are being misused so often these days that I often find it necessary to give a quick lecture on semantics before presenting, training or consulting with clients. Marketing is also not the same as advertising! anti-smoking marketing program).

Getting Social Marketing Wrong in Health Behavior and Health Education

Social Marketing and Social Change

I often find myself asking “Where do people get these odd ideas about social marketing from?” Social marketing programs take a lot of time to plan. Social marketing is expensive to do. You have to do focus groups to do social marketing. Social marketing segments audiences to deliver tailored messages to them. Social marketing is consumer-driven. Social marketing is about reducing the barriers and costs to engaging in healthier behaviors.