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Breast Cancer Awareness Cause Marketing? It’s Still Needed.

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Breast cancer awareness! By now isn’t every person in the developed world who can fog a mirror aware of breast cancer? Really? 4, 2011.

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DoGooder Video Awards

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Best of Nonprofit Video Award — Follow the Frog (Rainforest Alliance). Funny for Good Award — No Joke. Watch and learn!

Nonprofit Video Awards Announced

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The 2014 DoGooder Video Awards have just been announced. Each of the winning videos can be viewed here. Topic: The steps.

Finnish alpha males go Esther Williams for breast cancer

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Via the great Oscio blog, here’s an inspiring story about getting Finnish men behind the breast cancer cause. What made this work?

Farewell Steve Jobs

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Videos apple cancer commencement death entrepreneour life rip stanford steve jobs visionaryPlease encourage others to watch it.

To-Die-For Nonprofit Communications Jobs

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Communications Manager UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center. Digital Production and Video Manager Union for Reform Judaism (New York, NY).

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How to Take a Modern Approach to Nonprofit Brand Awareness

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Making the most of social media means implementing the best tools available and few are better than images and video. So evocative, information-dense videos and images are an essential component of a successful marketing campaign. Cancer Research UK has a great example of video marketing for awareness.

How One Nonprofit Is Raising Thousands Using Facebook

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Baldrick’s is committed to funding the most promising research to find cures for childhood cancers and give survivors long and healthy lives.

User-generated video: nonprofits' next frontier


Some even have memorial pages that can be set up in honor of a particular person.

An Interview with Advocate Health Care: Case Study #StoriesOfTheGirls

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Breast cancer still impacts too many lives. theta theta girls video. About Advocate Health Care. Our Story Tellers. Anything goes!

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[Special Edition] Komen Crumbles: Busted Nonprofit Brand

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Komen has acted imperiously and (much worse) carelessly against the best interests of its core stakeholders —women who benefit from its support of breast cancer screening and research—to please its major donors and nurture its political connections. We are now aware of breast cancer. Susan G. Three strikes you’re out, Komen! Nothing.

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Wired Magazine praises Cancer Research UK’s MyProjects crowdfunding site

Giving in a Digital World

Tags: Online fundraising crowdfunding Bryan Miller Cancer Research UK Community Fundraising 2.0

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Wired Magazine praises Cancer Research UK’s MyProjects crowdfunding site

Giving in a Digital World

Tags: Online fundraising crowdfunding Bryan Miller Cancer Research UK Community Fundraising 2.0

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Sharing Your Progress: 12 Phrases that Give Your Donors Credit for Helping

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Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation). “Sharing Your Progress” season is coming up fast. Here you go. You did it! charity: water).

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21 Ways to Give Back Through Your Holiday Shopping

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Stand Up To Cancer. photo credit: Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL) via photopin cc. Participate in #GivingTuesday. PEOPLink.

Creating Viral Videos

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While Ricky’s content (look at the Dr. Seuss knock-off) is far, far, far from promoting cancer research, civil liberties, your alma mater, or environmental protection, he might still hold some lessons for us. But all viral videos give the user a reason to pass it on. Ricky Van Veen started College Humor in his dorm room.

Social Media Takeovers: 6 Nonprofits That Gave It Up for Good (PLUS: 6 Tips for Getting it Right)

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So far our most popular image [see below] is by Nancy Borowick , who shared her parents’ journey through cancer. Image Source:

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5 Very Inspiring Nonprofit Fundraising Campaigns for Mother’s Day

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I saw this video on the Vitamin Angels Pinterest Board #mysupermom , and it made me smile. Compelling stories. UNICEF USA. Oxfam America.

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Our Inadequate Use of the Internet in Etail Cause Marketing

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During October, 2012, 20 percent of the sale of each bedazzled fauvette… or $8… goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Nonprofit Facebook ROI—Yay or Nay? (w/John Haydon)

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Just follow the instructions in this video. If a breast Cancer foundation targets all women in north America, they will be wasting money on Facebook ads. For example, it’s better to target only women who have expressed an interest in breast cancer (liking breast cancer related Facebook pages). NAY, IN MOST CASES.

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Have a great fundraising idea? Prototype it.

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A video of the human experience of your proposed new event concept is a prototype. What a great idea to engage both the business community and the public in a collective effort to help conquer cancer. The campaign’s tagline is “YOUR IDEA can change the course of cancer.” By Jono Smith. A temporary pop-up shop is a prototype.

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Drive Donors to Your Online Donation Page with These Six Marketing Strategies, Part 2

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You could write whole volumes about social media strategy and the best practices for posting status updates, photos, videos, and other content.

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Health Care Social Media Review #30: The Research Edition


This may also be one reason why the program has expanded its offerings into video. And thank goodness, right? We need to stay curious.)

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Business to Business Cause Marketing from AmpliVox

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Listen for Roth’s part of the story when you watch the video on the left. Most cause marketing faces the consumer. You can imagine why.

Building an Effective Nonprofit Mobile Strategy

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There’s also a brief video of yours truly explaining a bit more. Tonia Zampieri. I love nonprofits, well heart them actually. Good luck!

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Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators

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These videos all highlight how effective a good story can be. Happy Friday, everyone! But donor retention rates could be misleading. Great!

5 Inspiring Nonprofit Online Campaigns for Mother’s Day

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Great caption : Katie Widmar was diagnosed with cancer just days after turning 18 years-old. Compelling stories. UNICEF USA. Oxfam America.

Using Technology to Bring the Nonprofit and For-Profit Worlds Together

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Technology is also changing how we give back. But with The Community Corps, nonprofits get pro-bono IT support when they need it.

The World Series of Cause Marketing

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Those causes are: Welcome Back Veterans; the Roberto Clemente Award; Boys and Girls Clubs of America; and Stand Up to Cancer. That’s video of Ortiz being recognized before the start of the game at the left. There was a little more to it than what’s shown in the video, but not much. Louis. This is no small thing. million viewers.

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What Will Be The Next Ice Bucket Challenge?

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In this social media campaign, celebrities take a photo of themselves, sometimes a video, when they wake up first thing in the morning.

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An Emotional Appeal That Feels Authentic

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This video for Marie Curie Cancer Care does it. Nonprofit advertising authenticity donors Fundraising marketing videoNeuroscience has proven that behavior – including giving behavior – is ruled by the emotions. Still, it’s hard to appeal directly to the emotions and come across as genuine.

The Worst Cause Marketing of 2011

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Heidi Klum, Cancer Pin-Up Girl. Cancer has bedeviled the world for too long as far as I'm concerned. was no better.) Who Knows?

Dunk Tank

Fundraiser Ideas

You can see an example of a successful dunk tank fundraiser in the video below. For a video of a successful dunk tank fundraiser for cancer on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, see below: Related posts: 50-50 Raffle. A dunk tank is a remarkably easy fundraiser , particularly when it comes to school fundraising. There are lots!

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12 Digital Fundraising Trends

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They’re well-worth looking through … Bryan has a strong fundraising background, both on the agency (Merkle, Rapp Collins) and client (Worldvision, Cancer Research UK) sides. Here are the topics, with individual links: Trend #1 – Truly Personalised Video Thanking. Trend #2 – Investment in Strategic Blogger Outreach.

3 lessons in storytelling from Ken Burns

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Ken Burns talks about his mother, who was sick with cancer his entire childhood and died when he was eleven. Watch this video and be inspired to tell that kind of tale My colleague Caryn Stein sent me this great interview with documentary filmmaker and master storyteller Ken Burns. All stories are manipulation. Change allegiances?

Farewell, Jerry Lewis

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In the 1960s he basically invented ‘video assist,’ the system whereby a film director can review the video version of a take immediately after it is shot. For the sake of comparison, more than 562,000 Americans die of cancer every year. There’s an old story… perhaps even true… told about Winston Churchill at a party. It stings!

Cause Marketing in Your Grocer's Aisles

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By transactional cause marketing I mean that when you buy the jar, it triggers a donation to an unnamed breast cancer cause (or causes).

Piggyback On What’s Top Of Mind— 9 Valentine’s Victories

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7) VIDEOS. Whether you’re all “Separate Ways” or “I Will Always Love You,” video can give your Valentine’s Day campaign a little e-motion.

DTR Your Messaging Bromance


For people diagnosed with cancer, heart disease, diabetes or stroke… virtually, no one will increase their intake of fruit and vegetables.

Great Marketing Jobs in Nonprofit Orgs

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Associate Director, Media and Public Relations American Association for Cancer Research (Philadelphia, PA). Director NYU—George H. Heyman, Jr.

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