INTERVIEW: Brock Warner, please tell me about the Canada

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Even if you’re not a Canadian fundraiser, but are curious about how fundraising is done in Canada, you should check out this interview! And as you mentioned, Canada doesn’t have a nonprofit postage rate. Brock: That not all direct mail loses money!

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Use Facebook Live to Raise Money For Your Nonprofit

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How to Use Facebook Live to Raise Money If your nonprofit is based in the US, and your Facebook Page is verified, you can fundraise within a Facebook Live broadcast. For example, Stand Up To Cancer broadcasted news about a high school raised money during a “Sports Day For Charity”.

Are You Raising Money for Your Library?

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How do you raise money for your library? How do you start to raise money for the library? Are You Raising Money for Your Library? Start by thinking about what your library represents in your community. What is your brand? How do people view you?

How You Can Get More Money Through Direct Mail: Interview with Jules Brown of “Dear Joan”

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Image Creative Commons "Money" by Stuart Dootson). His blog, Dear Joan , is dedicated to helping smaller nonprofits write truly donor focused appeals that get better results and raise more money for your cause. Ireland & Canada (joint 3rd).

Make Your Nonprofit Stop Bleeding Money-Interview with Pamela Uppal

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How can you make your nonprofit stop bleeding money with turnover? In the last week, I actually was presenting at the Money for Our Movements conference in Atlanta, and I referenced your work both times in both my presentations there. I know especially in Canada, you have like a six month average turnover for a lot of fundraisers. That’s just hearing from a fundraising recruiter that I know recruits all over Canada. We don’t have a lot of money.

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One week, two excellent events: #CbocSocial and #FWD50

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1- Public Sector Social Media (#cbocsocial) – “ Where Canada’s social media leaders gather to discuss the most effective strategies for the most powerful media.” There is also a Canada Election Integrity initiative under way. of innovation money.

NEW Webinar: How to Tell Your Nonprofit’s Stories Online to Raise More Money

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Webinar title: How to Tell Your Nonprofit’s Stories Online to Raise More Money Webinar date: Thursday April 24th, 2014 Webinar time: 10am PT, 11am MT, 12pm CT, 1pm ET Investment: This webinar is usually $97, get it now for $77 (discount ends April 15th).

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Canadian Government & the Mobile Space in 2012

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So what have government organizations in Canada done to date? the “Learn to Camp” app from Parks Canada ). Please don’t say resources are an issue, at least not before taking a good look at how much money you spend on your brochures, posters, cups, stress balls and pens. Advice Government Insight Mobile Presentation apps Canada federal goc government of canada mobile Mike Kujawski mobile apps municipal native apps provincial websites

Money Can't Buy Love. But It Can Buy Happiness!

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Can money buy happiness? Professor Michael Norton at the Harvard Business School did a series of fun experiments that found that if you spend money right, it can indeed lead to happiness. To come right to the point to be happy spending money, you can’t spend it on yourself. Some were instructed to spend the money on themselves by 5pm that day. They called the students that night and found that they had spent the money the way they were asked.

Creating Multiple Streams of Income For Your Nonprofit

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In addition to grants, appeals, events, major gifts, etc, what are some other ways you can get money for your nonprofit? Can your nonprofit do speaking engagements for money? Later, I’m going to be talking more about how you can make money on the side. Lately I’ve been talking with a few nonprofits, trying to figure out how to get them to expand their thinking around fundraising.

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Autonomy, mastery, and sense of purpose

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I wanted to share it with you in light of what the Government of Canada is currently doing regarding innovation incentives. Please don’t miss the very important point that this only applies once the issue of money is placed off of the table.

[INTERVIEW] 8 Questions Answered about Online Fundraising!

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They came all the way from The SickKids Foundation in Toronto, Canada for the conference. One of the things I learned right off the bat is that it’s actually illegal to sell mailing addresses in Canada. Get Schooled! In online Fundraising!

Who will listen to the dead?

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And now the PIG-jackers want to build a new pipeline from Canada to Houston. All there was was money. Everything became money, and money became everything. Money treated us as if we were things,and we died. How to Move your Money. Join Us.

This is not a pity party. You understand?

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Canada. So if you think that it doesn’t matter that people at nonprofits don’t make enough money, then you’re basically saying that you don’t care that people who want to make the world better are less healthy, and that we have more giant financial crashes.

Segmenting Audiences for Social Media Engagement

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As a taxpayer, I want to see my money spent well and optimized for maximum effectiveness and efficiency. Advice Government Insight audience Canada marketing public sector segment Social Media strategy target market

Making your Major Gifts Call

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Judith Nichols is a development practitioner, author and consultant with a variety of not-for-profit clients across the USA, Canada, Australia, South America, the United Kingdom, and Europe. Tags: Fundraising Leadership Major Gifts asking for millions asking for money best fundraiser in the world face to face face to face ask how to make a major gift ask judith nichols leadership gifts making an ask for lots of money mazarine treyz phonecall

Cool Cause Marketing Campaigns from Two Commonwealth Countries

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As an inducement, Molson is offering to carve out part of a $400,000 pot of money towards the restoration of parks near your postal code. The count of bags of litter collected gives you sense about how clean Canada is).

Doing things differently in government

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The cutbacks are coming and everyone is worried about how they are going to get the same things done with less money. Government Insight 10 5 Canada cut-backs effectively efficiently fiscal restraint harper ottawa public serviceTwo weeks ago I managed to seriously fracture my humerus bone. I had to have surgery to put a titanium plate with 8 screws into my arm so that the bone could heal properly over the course of the next 6 months.

#INTERVIEW: Christina Attard, Philanthropic Advisor, Blogger, and Development Director

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I had some money saved, but not enough. Eventually, I followed my partner when his job transferred to Kingston, Ontario and I became a Senior Gift Planning Officer at Queens University, which has one of Canada’s top fundraising shops, and I got to learn from some of the best in the country.

What do you do when you have too much to do?

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You could go read another self-help book, or go look at your reading list of “How to network like a cheetah on speed&# or “40 clients in 40 days&# or “Bananas bananas, money!&# Book Canada hard work how to be a fundraising professional Hustle inspiration Leonard Cohen mazarine treyz Paul Zollo Singers unemployment wildwomanfundraisingHow do you keep track of everything you have to do?

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Fundraise Across Borders with International Giving on EveryAction


based nonprofits working in the areas of international development, refugee services, and environmental conservation, among other sectors, perform a significant amount of work and raise a significant amount of money in the United Kingdom, Europe, and Canada. Many large U.S.

Scaling Up Your Cause Marketing

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That is, if people easily and quickly understand the premise, if they know what will happen with the money and if they know the charity will be a good steward of the money, no matter the amount. March Madness Canada Wayne Gretzky NHL Scaling Your Cause Marketing Stanley Cup

Evaluation Methods - How Can A Nonprofit Use Them To Raise More Money More Often

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Donors, today, are understood better by the nonprofit sector to be people looking to solve our communities' issues but are doing it by providing resources (money, expertise, paying expenses for us, etc.) Fataneh Zarinpoush's free 98 page Project Evaluation Guide For Nonprofit Organization 's is also available from the Imagine Canada Nonprofit Library Commons Many excellent books have also been written on the topic. Many nonprofits, today, must learn about evaluation methods.

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How to Ask for a Bequest…And Get It

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Why do organizations in the UK, Canada, and Australia raise more money with bequests than we do in the US? According to Tom: UK fundraising superstar, Stephen Pidgeon, notes that a well-executed bequest marketing program can raise far more money than a major gifts program.

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The RIGHT Way to Ask for a Bequest

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Did you know organizations in the UK, Canada, and Australia raise more money with bequests than we do in the US? Fundraising expert Tom Ahern believes that the answer may be as simple as not having a marketing plan to ask for those bequests.

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Fraudulent CRA Collections Office Call Confusion

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Chain of events: 9:30pm –>I receive a voicemail message from someone claiming to be from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Collections Office. And since it was about the exact 1-800-959-2250 number, I decided I’ll call in the morning when the 1-800-O-Canada call centres open up.

Go get your almost equal pay

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It’s bad in Canada too. Guess how much money women make compared to men in the US in 2018? The Decent Work Movement in Ontario, Canada by the Ontario Nonprofit Network is working on this problem. Maybe you need to make some money on the side.

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Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators – March 22, 2019

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It’s time for Mixed Links… Find out how to get your stories organized so others can write them like TechSoup Canada’s “set it and forget it” approach to outsourcing story writing [case study]. Venkman’s. Atlanta, GA Happy, happy Friday, friends!

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Just say no to #donorlove and say hello to staff love

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Us ransoming our futures for the nonprofit to save money? It will include money for a donor database, money to hire part-time data entry staff, money for training the ED in how to manage fundraising in a realistic way and money for the fundraiser to engage in continuing education.

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Tomorrow – Learn How to TACTFULLY Ask for Bequests

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Why do organizations in the UK, Canada, and Australia raise more money with bequests than we do in the US? Fundraising expert Tom Ahern believes that the answer may be as simple as not having a marketing plan to ask for those bequests.

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Interview with Jeff Schreifels-What to do in times of turmoil

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When you’re overly dependent on government and foundation money-what you should do. Breast Cancer Action, Ottawa, Canada.

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How to Ask Your Current Donors for Bequests – Tactfully!

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Did you know organizations in the UK, Canada, and Australia raise more money with bequests than we do in the US? Fundraising expert Tom Ahern believes that the answer may be as simple as not having a marketing plan to ask for those bequests.

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How can you deal with a rapidly changing world?

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Even if you’re in another country like Canada, you’re going to be affected by the changes, as there’s further destabilization of your neighbor to the south, and more people cross the border for better quality of life. It’s hard out there right now.

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You Can Now Fundraise on Facebook for Your Favorite Charity

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According to Mashable , “Facebook takes 5% of money raised — 2% to cover fraud prevention and security costs, and 3% for payment processing. Can you see your donors and supporters using it to raise money on Facebook for your nonprofit? File under #AboutTime!

How can you change the game? Gift Planning for Millenials Guest Post by Christina Attard

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Do Millennials give money to charity? million Boomers in Canada and only five million Millennials. What can we expect in this new game of planned giving in Canada? She is the Development Director of the Archdiocese of Regina, Canada.

Featured Fundraiser: Justyna Jonca

A Small Change

The Canadian Women’s Foundation (CWF) is Canada’s only national foundation dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls. No matter how big your goal is, how hard you work or how successful you are it seems there is never enough money to address all the needs.

How to Make Your Annual Report Better NOW

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She used their annual report to report on their results, and then followed up with an appeal that raised TONS of money, more than most nonprofits make in a year. Jessica Perkins, Canada. Well done. ” – Barth Gillan, Zeta Psi Fraternity of North America, Montreal, Canada. >>

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How the open data movement could benefit from using a marketing approach

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Further still, what about the rainwater harvesting suppliers here in Canada, why aren’t they creating similar apps with these free datasets? Positioning: Using free government open data can save your business valuable time and money.

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Reader Questions: How can you measure if your mailings are working?

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> > And, due to strict privacy legislation in Canada, we are not allowed to know why people were at our healthcare nonprofit, so unless a donor tells us, we don’t know, and certainly in our patient prospecting we have no idea. > That’s a headscratcher all right!

Make the most of the summer

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And with Canada Day being yesterday and the 4th of July being Wednesday, here in North America this is a week many take as a vacation. Total money raised divided by total number of donors).

The Winter Doesn't Mean the End to Outdoor Fundraising Events

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Starting in January 2012 at nine locations in Canada and the United States you can participate in Stubbs Romp to Stomp (a fun name which puts me in the mind of the old Led Zeppelin song ‘Bron-Y-Aur Stomp’). Money is generated by participants seeking pledges, entry fees, and local sponsors.

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Join us for the Annual Reports Masterclass

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If your annual report last year wasn’t making you money or didn’t serve you well enough as a marketing tool, how do you turn this around? You actually make money with your annual report. Jessica Perkins, Canada. Does this describe last year’s annual report?

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The Paradox of Pink Ribbon Cause Marketing

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Plenty of companies say they're raising money for the fight against breast cancer but no money ever arrives at any charity. In Canada, the pink ribbon is trademarked and you have to license it in order to use it in promotions. Canada's registration requirement works, in part, because the rest of North America does not have the same compulsion. Canada is a 'free-ridder' on the popularity of the pink ribbon across the rest of the continent.