CAN-SPAM Act – What Do I Need To Know?

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You need to understand and abide by the CAN-SPAM act. First of all, it’s CAN-SPAM as in “stop spam” rather than “canned spam,” the lunchmeat Monty Python couldn’t live without. Think about the email you’re sending. New to e-marketing?

Laying a Good Foundation: Short-Term Priorities for Nonprofit Marketing

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Laying a great foundation for the expansion of your nonprofit''s marketing and donation efforts can help you find success now while planning long-term goals. Photo from Flickr member one tiny spark Thanking donors creatively is one of the short-term priorities you can focus on now.

Email: Electronic Direct Mail?

The Agitator

Here’s an abridged list of what Loren says the successful email marketer really needs to know [with my comments from the peanut gallery]: 1. Email strategy — know how to create an email marketing plan and program that maximize the channel’s capabilities. the challenge is getting donors' email addresses.]. Copywriting — email is not electronic direct mail. Database marketing — at the heart of email success.