You Are Not Your Target Audience

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Putting aside for a moment whether we should call them “target audiences&# or not, it’s always good to remember that, as a nonprofit communicator or fundraiser, you are very rarely the kind of person that you are trying to communicate with. Now, there are several others on the board who are not members of this target audience, primarily white men and women of various ages, most significantly older.

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Using Facebook Targeting to Boost Performance on Organic and Promoted Posts

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Facebook targeting is one of the most powerful ways nonprofit page managers can increase reach. The social network’s incredibly accurate targeting options for ads have long made it easy to control spend. Organic Post Interest Targeting. Drew Bernard.

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Target Gives, Facebook Votes


Many of us have heard thru some way or other that the Target corporation gives away 5% of its income to various do-gooding, which, as it turns out, comes out to be about $3 million a week. On it's Facebook page, Target is letting people vote for one of ten organizations that should get the cash. This is what differentiates organizations with a targeted, engaged, and wholistic donor engagement strategy and those who don't.

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Powerful, Targeted Facebook Ad Integration Now Available on EveryAction


Businesses and organizations are increasingly finding new ways to engage supporters on Facebook, and one key way is through the use of targeted advertising through Facebook Ads Manager. The new functionality provides the option to indicate which contact records were targeted for the ads, allowing users to measure results of how those ads increase supporter participation and engagement. After the campaign runs, it's results can be seen in a robust Digital Ads Report.

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Pink Ribbon Cause Marketing Targeted to Men

Cause Related Marketing

So where’s the pink ribbon cause marketing targeted at men? The campaign is called Shake, Care, and Share. is dedicated to highlighting and dissecting the best and the worst cause-related marketing promotions and campaigns.

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Cause Marketing Gamification Targeted to Casual Online Game-Players

Cause Related Marketing is dedicated to highlighting and dissecting the best and the worst cause-related marketing promotions and campaigns. cause marketing statistics Cause Marketing Forum cause marketing campaigns Gamification Cause Marketing Jobs cause marketing examples cause marketing companies cause marketing

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Online Campaigns

A Small Change

Get a volunteer commitment from the key people who will be driving forces for the campaign before it even starts. When approaching multiple donors in different ways with your online campaigns diversify your approach to fundraising beyond soliciting donors to converting donors to fundraisers. Asking for a specific donation amounts and encourages shorter timeframes for an online campaign. This gives donors a target and an incentive to give now.

Kick-ass Kickstarter campaigns


Over the past year, I’ve watched a few friends launch successful Kickstarter (KS) campaigns for very worthy causes, but I wanted to learn more–especially from the communications perspective. If you have resources to devote to a KS campaign, think first about a budget.

What’s In A Campaign? That Which We Call Change


Take the idea of a “campaign” for example. The word campaign itself brings with it assumed processes, methods and associations. Campaigns are part of the war vocabulary. target, launch, dominate markets…). Campaigns are dry and emotionally detached.

What’s In A Campaign? That Which We Call Change


Take the idea of a “campaign” for example. The word campaign itself brings with it assumed processes, methods and associations. Campaigns are part of the war vocabulary. target, launch, dominate markets…). Campaigns are dry and emotionally detached.

3 Ideas for Getting the Word Out to Your Donors About Online Fundraising Campaigns

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How can you expect donors to find your organization and contribute if you don’t make them aware of your campaigns? The same applies for online fundraising campaigns, but nonprofits are less confident in their respective abilities to spread the word for those campaigns.

VolunteerMatch's Cause Marketing Campaign, Sccop it Forward

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Your first cause marketing campaign can be a little like your first kiss. Tags: Target Ben and Jerrys Robert J. awkward and unsteady, or wonderful and thrilling.In

Target Audience: A Lesson from Politics

Mission Minded

While you might get tired of the constant commercials, news clips, and solicitations, we have to give a nod to the candidates and their campaigns. It’s election season. Because perhaps more than anyone, politicians know their audience. And, just like our nonprofit branding clients, knowing your audience is the first step in creating the brand, […].

One of the Best Campaign Messages Ever (Case Study)

Getting Attention

Minnesotans United for All Families (MN United) did a great job in putting Love is the Law front and center in its campaign for passage of the marriage equality bill last spring. But Poling wouldn’t have made the connection if he hadn’t first been touched by campaign outreach.

#OurWork: NYU Faculty Against the Sexton Plan Marketing Campaign

Non Profit Marketing 360

Social Marketing and Media Relations Campaign. Working under the aegis of the Nonprofit Marketing 360 collaborative , MKCREATIVE and LCG Communications embarked on an ambitious campaign to promote an online silent auction for a client. Facebook: We strategically promoted client Facebook posts, created and managed a comprehensive Facebook advertising campaign (over 100 unique ads), and extended engagement with followers on the client’s Facebook page. Twitter Campaigns.

Creative Fundraising: The Groundhog Day Campaign

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Here’s a great example: A Groundhog Day campaign from House of Charity in Minneapolis. The result was our Groundhog Day campaign in February.&#. From the campaign, House of Charity received 41 gifts (6.89% return) for a total of $2,040.

The Growing Asian American Market, a Likely Target for Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

Likewise, Asian Americans are emerging as a ripe target for cause marketing. Better to illustrate the campaign with lifestyle images. Asian Americans are a peach of a target market for cause marketers.

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How to Define Your Target Audience: Is Your Nonprofit a Match for Your Community?

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Nonprofit marketing results don’t require the target audience to accept the worldview of the marketer before they take action. If people don’t respond to your nonprofit marketing campaign, it is likely a sign that your nonprofit’s advocacy is not a good match for the target audience.

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Register Now for Free Webinar on Thursday on Defining Your Target Audience

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How to Define, Research and Reach Your Target Audience.&# Instead of reaching out to everyone and touching no one, you need to focus your marketing and fundraising campaigns on the people who really do matter most to your organization’s success.

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How to Get Started with a Major Gifts Campaign

Get Fully Funded

Sometimes you can get a foundation to fund those particular needs, but most of the time, the most effective and efficient use of your time is creating a major gifts campaign to raise that money. Get very clear about the specific need you want to address with a major gifts campaign.

How to Get Started with a Major Gifts Campaign

Get Fully Funded

Sometimes you can get a foundation to fund those particular needs, but most of the time, the most effective and efficient use of your time is creating a major gifts campaign to raise that money. Get very clear about the specific need you want to address with a major gifts campaign.

Newsletter: Sponsor Success Story ; Top Retailers to Target ; Yogurt Company is Now Largest B-Corp in the World

Selfish Giving

The program targets women and men who have stepped out of the workforce for family or personal reasons and are now ready to return and reignite their career — an often-difficult transition for even the most qualified working professionals.

A Model Cause Marketing Tactic You Could Use in Your Campaign

Cause Related Marketing

Nine West, the women’s shoe maker and, the website for all things model, want you to sponsor one of the models in the ad at the left to benefit the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer (FTBC) as a part of the cause promotion called Runway Relief.

Twitter Fundraising: Operation Smile's 140 Smiles Campaign


Recently, I came across (thru Twitter of course) a case of an organization that has moved far beyond these basic steps to develop a fully integrated, Twitter-based fundraising campaign from Operation Smile (@operationsmile on Twitter for those of you with Twitter accounts). To see the full campaign in action, visit [link]. What I find so interesting about this campaign is it is fully targeted to taking advantage of this social media tool in order to raise money.

What tools should you have in your toolbox for a monthly giving campaign?

Wild Woman Fundraising

Mazarine Treyz: Erica Waasdorp, For those of us who are thinking of launching our first monthly giving campaign, what tools should we have in our toolbox? That’s a really good target group to look at first.

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Fundraising Campaign in a Box

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Need help planning and executing an online fundraising campaign? Introducing Campaign in a Box, a new fundraising campaign planning guide from Network for Good and Firefly Partners. This guide features a 7-step process that will quickly lead you through the planning of a successful fundraising campaign. Are you looking for a way to strategically grow your online donations?

Seeing Your Marketing Future in the Obama Re-Election Campaign

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As I’ve said before, presidential campaigns are great for nonprofit marketers and fundraisers because they give us a sneak peek into how we’ll be engaging our supporters and motivating them to volunteer and donate in the years to come.

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Plan Your Year-End Campaign in 7 Steps

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Any campaign worth its salt is about getting results. When you're planning your outreach, remember these three tips: There is no such thing as "the general public" Instead, you need to segment your communications to be effective and targeted. Lack of participation from primary groups can cause your campaign to falter or fail. Determine who will execute your campaign steps. Accountability will make or break the success of a campaign.

Where's the Social Media in this Youth Targeted Cause Marketing Effort?

Cause Related Marketing

Avon has addressed the challenge by launching Mark , which targets 18-30 year olds with bright, fun, less expensive products than Avon’s mainstream line and sold by youthful reps using a heavy dose of social media. So given the youth of the audience and Mark’s sales approach, I wonder where the social media element is to this cause marketing campaign?

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Four Essential Tips for Planning Year-End Email Campaigns

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Because year-end fundraising goals are often so big, it''s important to start planning your year-end campaign now. Start planning your year-end email campaign now. Consider your sending frequency and target your outreach.

National Organization for Women targets women’s rights offenders


We’ve launched the “We’re Not Fooled” Campaign that highlights the ongoing, convert attacks on reproductive rights across the country. Who do you think is the #1 women’s rights offender?

Reading Is Fundamental Cause Marketing Campaign with US Airways

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Tags: Target RIF Laura Goodman US Air Reading is Fundamental The Today Show

Beyond The Thermometer: Developing a Culture for Your Peer to Peer Campaign

Blue Sky Collaborative

The same principle applies to your peer to peer fundraising campaign. Take a look at these 4 distinct campaigns and their target audiences. Successful Entrepreneurs will tell you, "You can't be all things to all people." It's cliched, but undeniable.

Best Social Media Campaigns

The Agitator

Forbes asked three “digital experts&# — all NYC digital agency types — to pick the twenty best ever social media campaigns. Target: “Bullseye Gives&# *. But keep in mind … this is what you’re up against if you’re thinking of launching a successful viral campaign. It’s a “no heavy lifting&# Monday. Just a post to enjoy.

Cool Cause Marketing Campaign. But Where's the MacGuffin?

Cause Related Marketing

When I use the word I mean, what in your cause marketing campaign will make the target audience act? In the aftermath of the Haiti Earthquake, for instance, cause marketing campaigns sprouted up spontaneously and they worked.

Newsletter: Why Your Content Needs to Be #1 ; Watch Bee Porn for a Cause ; Earth Day Campaigns from Silk, Apple & The North Face

Selfish Giving

The partnership aligns with the type of audience NAS wants to target. Contributions to the Combined Federal Campaign continue to nosedive.?? Last week, I discussed the importance of focusing on your website and building an email list.

Mass Media Campaigns and Social Marketing

Social Marketing and Social Change

However, many people still cling to the hope that mass media campaigns – given enough resources and support – will be the answer to wicked public health and social problems. mass media campaigns). Health communication campaigns and their impact on behavior.

Great Resource For Digital Campaigners

The Agitator

ClickZ’s senior editor Kate Kaye has performed a valuable service in preparing Digital Political Campaigns 201: Video Advertising. While this guide specifically looks at online political advertising, any nonprofit looking to target and engage a constituency online will find it very useful. So, not only can campaigns target a persuasive message to voters, they can fulfill secondary goals like generating email signups, helping voters find polling places—and, yes—raising cash.”

Should a Cause Marketing Campaign Be Year-Round?

Cause Related Marketing

If you’re the kind of person who wishes that every day could be like the first day of spring or that Christmas music would play all year long then has Lee, the apparel maker, got a cause marketing campaign for you. You risk cause fatigue in your target markets.

Digital Political Campaigning

The Agitator

The article is interesting, but most valuable to Agitator readers might be this link to ClickZ’s free handbook — Digital Political Campaigns 101 — featuring basic digital campaigning advice from political communicators across the ideological spectrum.

Fundraising during presidential campaigns: Do or Don't?


that took a look at past presidential cycles and clients' revenue from direct mail campaign: "“Examining the Impact of Political Fundraising on Non-profit Direct Mail Performance.” But then I'd be really surprised if you were out there dropping direct mail campaigns. Think about timing whatever campaigns you have going out in the mail around that time to not land in donors mailboxes oh say the first week of November.

Learning from Mass Media Campaigns for HIV/AIDS Prevention

Social Marketing and Social Change

Reviews of mass media campaigns have a special interest to me. I have talked about the 5% Solution before, and noted another review of mass media campaigns for changing health behaviors. This post focuses on the findings from a review of recent campaigns to prevent HIV/AIDS. What is interesting in this report are the comparisons it draws to reviews of earlier campaigns in this area as well as the current state of the art and science. Campaigns and Programs

Recurring Giving Campaign Spotlight: Windcall Institute

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Holly Fincke: We were already thinking of launching a monthly giving campaign, so this was great timing for us. We do an online campaign every fall where we reach out to the alumni of the program and ask them to share our appeal with their networks.