Paper Icon Campaign from Smith’s Food and Drug

Cause Related Marketing

Smith’s Food and Drug is in the middle of its annual campaign for Primary Children’s Medical Center , a key part of which is this paper icon. The paper icon is large, more than 6½” in diameter, and in full color. If it’s food bank the paper icon should represent patrons.

Paper 165

What’s Wrong With This Cause Marketing Paper Icon? Let Me Count the Ways

Cause Related Marketing

A friend recently found the paper icon at the left at a bowling alley in metropolitan Salt Lake City, Utah, where I live and asked my opinion. If this were a Komen campaign it would carry their trademarked version of the pink ribbon.

Paper 171

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The Best in Social Marketing in 2013

Social Marketing and Social Change

I have selected 13 papers for this year from journals outside the two primary social marketing ones: Journal of Social Marketing and Social Marketing Quarterly. This year the papers can be described as making important contributions in one of four areas: 1.

Best 112

Social Marketing: A Six Volume Series

Social Marketing and Social Change

First, all papers have appeared in English language, peer-reviewed journals across the globe. This series is especially intended for people and organizations that desire a comprehensive set of papers in social marketing. Campaigns and Programs Research Studies Social Entrepreneurship

How to Attract and Keep More Monthly Donors


However, building and maintaining a sustainer program isn’t as simple as adding a button to your donation forms, it takes intentional time and effort to create an effective and profitable program.

How To 194

What Do Your Donors Think?

Ann Green

Your intention may be very different from what your donors’ reaction will be. It seems a waste of paper, time, and postage.” One way to alleviate this is not to send fundraising appeals to donors who have already contributed to your current campaign.

Five Cause Marketing Questions Sponsors Need an Answer to From Potential Nonprofit Partners

Cause Related Marketing

The intent of the feature is to show that your interests and those of your bank, say, don’t always align. Any retailer that gets good foot traffic, for instance, is a possibility for a paper icon effort. is dedicated to highlighting and dissecting the best and the worst cause-related marketing promotions and campaigns.

Creating Radical Changes in HIV Risk Behaviors

Social Marketing and Social Change

In fact, one of the most energising activities in many strategies and campaigns for HIV prevention involves using the creativity and energy of people who are most affected by the epidemic to develop messages and strategies to motivate behavioural change.

Avoid the Cringe-Inducing Moment of Calling a Deceased Donor

The Agitator

We read the local papers for Obits, and can find info in local annual Town Reports and by calling churches. This data gives us fundraisers an opportunity to be sensitive, intentional, and proactive. Today we’re adding TrueDeceased to The Agitator Toolbox.

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The Public Health Market Planner

Social Marketing and Social Change

Yet many of these people don't recognize that research and evaluation should be about the people we serve and directly inform the planning and delivery of programs for them - not just be served up as research reports and white papers to senior managers and policy-makers.

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How to convert more mobile donors


Remember the Obama campaign’s enormous success with this technique! That said, there’s new evidence to suggest that a large portion of mobile users have no intention of converting on a mobile device.

What happens when companies offer choice in charity?

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

In the last of this week’s three-part series on research into consumer attitudes toward cause-related marketing, I want to focus on the increasing number of cause-related marketing campaigns that are designed to let consumers actively choose which charities a company supports. Does choice in charity make campaigns more effective? Another study covered in the paper found that some people are more collectivist, especially in Asian cultures, while others are more individualistic.

Where Does 'Transparency' Fit In The New Social Media Marketing Model?

Diva Marketing Blog

There is nothing wrong with being personal about the Tweets as long as what you write does not attack the company or in my case the campaign. imagine this was an intentional decision to focus attention on the brand, not. As you know, for generations, PR firms have written white papers, contribute articles and the sort for clients. The digital team practice full disclosure on every piece of Social Media campaign activity we are involved with.