Small Biz Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

Case in point is this wrapper at the left for a chocolate bar from the Big Island in Hawaii. ABC Stores are home-grown in Hawaii also and are something like 7-11s, only more ubiquitous. I saw a job description the other day for one of the chief marketers at Macy’s, the giant retailer.

Our EveryAction Hero: World Central Kitchen


This year, we have activated kitchens to respond to the volcanoes in Hawaii and Guatemala. We stepped back in to the disaster relief space with the launch of our #ChefsforPuertoRico campaign. There was definitely a huge amount of growth after we launched our #ChefsforPuertoRico campaign. We used social media in a really innovative way to showcase that campaign and to show all the work that José and our volunteers were doing on the ground.

Your Website Doesn't Matter (If Know One Goes There!)

Marketing for Nonprofits

This was true for Obama's 2008 campaign for President, and remains true for most, if not all, nonprofits raising money online. Dionna Humphrey, Senior Email Campaigner, Greenpeace Dionna recently started as the Senior Email Campaigner with Greenpeace USA.