Look at what works, not what is broken: Positive deviance and bright spots

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I’d like to push that concept a step further and talk about positive deviance. In my book I wrote about Jerry Sternin from Save the Children, whom I had the honor to meet years ago when I lived in Cambodia. From SnakeCorp on Flickr.

Great Opportunities for Nonprofit Marketers: Friday Futures

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Please post your nonprofit marketing position here for full-time or part-time staff, consulting or internship opportunities. Communications and Fundraising Manager , PEPY—Promoting Education, emPowering Youth (Siem Reap province, Cambodia). P.S. Submit your open positions here !

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Messages Matter—More than Ever

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Take Lotus Outreach International—we’d never know that this organization fights against child trafficking and exploitation, and for access to education, in Cambodia and India. ummmm…what do we do again? Ummmmm. We’ve all been there.

Top 10 Papers on Social Marketing for 2011

Social Marketing and Social Change

Socially-marketed rapid diagnostic tests and ACT in the private sector: ten years of experience in Cambodia This paper describes and evaluates 10 years of a nationwide social marketing effort in Cambodia implementing subsidized ACT and rapid diagnostic tests (RDT) for malaria. It's that time of year for retrospectives on the state of whatever. Here we offer our top 10 papers on social marketing published in 2011.

Paper 68

#INTERVIEW: Phyllis Freedman, President of SmartGiving and Author of The Planned Giving Blogger

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She previously has held senior management positions in fundraising for several large organizations. They want to bring their grandchildren to build a Habitat for Humanity house, or to go on a trip with CARE to see their work in Haiti or Cambodia.