What Your Small Nonprofit Can Learn From the Sharknado Twitter Storm

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This wacky movie about sharks falling from the sky got so much Twitter press I heard even one U.S. buzz small nonprofits cable tv social media sharknado publicity nonprofit Twitter brand rebelmouse Did I jump on a meme bandwagon? Please - if that were the case, I''d be doing a post on the royal baby. Nope; what we got here is a kind of failure to communicate. Congressman hoped a vote wouldn''t delay his being able to watch it. So what was the end result of all this hype?

Interview with Ed Garsten: Chrysler's Twitter Storm Back-story

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For those people who might have been out of the country or unplugged from social media during the past week there were two events that occurred within a day of each other that had the social pundits buzzing and tweeting up a virtual storm. .

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BloggersUnite.org Drives Earth Day Buzz


Twitter tag: #p5e. Can you swallow this math? According to Copywrite, Ink , there were 88,000 blog posts on Earth Day (April 22) that were added to the already existing 2 million written earlier in the week. What’s even more amazing?

Free Buzz monitoring Tools

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I wanted to share with everyone the buzz monitoring tools I’ve discovered and think are useful. Social Mention - searches across a variety of social media sources , including Google blog search, Twitter, Delicious, FriendFeed, Flickr, Digg, YouTube. Tagged: buzz, buzz monitoring, online monitoring, social media analytics, social media monitoring. This list assumes that you’ve set up Google and Yahoo Alerts and are looking for the next step.

Infographic: Inside the mind of a KICKASS community manager!

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Post on Google Buzz. Are you tweeting for your cause or company? Are you posting on facebook for your cause? Are you updating a website or blog for your nonprofit, charity, or corporation? Then you’re a community manager. Which would you rather be? This guy? Or her?

May 26th Webinar: Move on up! And give yourself a leg up the career ladder!

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What are ways to identify and reach influencers on Twitter in your niche? Post on Google Buzz. Move on up! And give yourself a leg up the career ladder! A step-by-step guide to getting the attention you deserve for your accomplishments and expertise. Thursday May 26th.

Guest post: Mary Cahalane on Thank You Letters!

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I met her recently on Twitter and learned more about her insight on Pamela Grow’s newsletter. Follow Mary on Twitter at @mcahalane. Post on Google Buzz. I have the pleasure of introducing a new guest post by Mary Cahalane.

Why Your Nonprofit Should Be On Twitter

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If you know how Twitter works, this should be telling you why your nonprofit should be on Twitter! When you’re transparent on Twitter, people can start to trust you. When you look for people mentioning you on Twitter, you can listen to them. Post on Google Buzz.

What does YOUR Twitter Stream Graph look like?

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If you’re at all interested in what people say about you online, or if you’re in charge of your organization’s outreach and keeping track about what’s said about you in the community, try this fun tool called Twitter Stream Graphs. Follow me on twitter !

Towards a More Hygienic Cause Marketing Campaign for Lysol

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What Lysol really needs out of this effort is to generate good buzz for a brand that’s pretty stale. YouTube Facebook Tumblr Lysol schools Twitter

Fundraising and Philanthropy people to follow on Twitter

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Oh, you know Twitter, right? Well, recently I followed every single foundation on the Foundation Center’s website listing, and I put them in a list on my twitter feed. if you’re not following your favorite foundations on twitter already, ask yourself, why not? How about, “Don’t follow us and thank us publicly on twitter&# ? Here are some of my favorite people to follow on twitter. Post on Google Buzz. Masterson smartwoman twitter

The Social Round-Up


Now that I’ve finally switched my RSS reader from Bloglines to Google Reader, I find myself there a lot more–even more so than Twitter (gasp). Buzz vs. Facebook vs. MySpace vs Twitter –Jeremiah Owyang does it again and offers a strong breakdown of these four platforms.

How to Get More People At Your Nonprofit Event Using Facebook

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Having a multichannel approach to promoting and advertising the event is sure to garner more attendees and more buzz. The Event will have a unique URL, so make sure to post it everywhere, even on other social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn. 8) Build up buzz.

Agitators Rate Twitter

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Here are the responses to date of our one-question survey regarding Twitter : Which statement about Twitter to you most agree with? Twitter is a killer app and will become hugely important to nonprofit communications and fundraising going forward — 38%. Twitter will be only marginally useful for most nonprofits, because only a very small segment of their donors & activists will adopt it — 34%. My 21-year old daughter thinks Twitter is stupid!

Social Media For Events And Campaigns … Done Right.

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Without question, social media creates heaps of buzz for campaigns and makes events a lot more interactive and fun. Some people post to Facebook, others to Twitter or Instagram. Anyone who has been following the Ice Bucket Challenge campaign knows that social media has become an integral part of fundraising events and campaigns. But it can be pretty hit and miss.

Will You Let Everyone Know? 3 Examples, Oodles of Tips (and 23 Real Emails) to Support Your Next “Share This” Call to Action

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It’s also not about “post to Facebook” or “share on Twitter” messages after a supporter has donated or signed a petition (the after-action social share). Within the next 48 hours, the image was literally everywhere – HuffPo, Buzzed, Time, ABC News, Upworthy, etc.

#INTERVIEW: Chris Forbes, Co-Author of Guerilla Marketing for Nonprofits, Offers Great Advice to Groups

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These are not buzz words for ad agencies to use. Facebook and Twitter are becoming standbys because you see them everywhere. Go on Twitter and do a search while a popular show like American Idol is showing.

What #SaveMarketBasket Can Teach Nonprofits About Social Media & Inspiring Passion

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Once the story started receiving national attention, social media channels were all a-buzz. Inspired by the national attention, a Twitter account and Instagram account emerged, posting photos of the protests.

11 Ways Nonprofits Can Reach Donors on #GivingTuesday

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Almost 3,000 nonprofits participated and drove the conversation on Twitter and other social media channels, which led to national media coverage and involvement and interest by Bill Gates and The White House. Here are 11 ways that nonprofits can leverage the national attention and buzz: 1.

Wild Woman Fundraising Book Reading June 6th at Bookwoman in Austin!

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Anyway, aside from that, this week is going to be all about writing my new book, and PLUS, I wrote a little ebook called Twitter for Monkeys, and if you’d like it, just leave a comment below, and I’ll send it to you. Post on Google Buzz. Do you live in or around Austin, TX?

Quirky, Kooky, and Off-Beat Nonprofit Marketing and Fundraising

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“The video was bold and definitely kooky, but also extremely successful in generating buzz about a worthy cause.&#. I’m hosting this month’s Nonprofit Blog Carnival , where the theme is quirky, kooky, and off-beat nonprofit marketing and fundraising ideas.

How do you turn an accidental donor into an ally? Part 2

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Send them an e-newsletter telling them about all of the exciting things your nonprofit is doing, link to blog posts if you have them, or invite them to connect with you on twitter, if you have a twitter account. Post on Google Buzz.

Nonprofit Crisis Communications: What The American Red Cross Should Do Now

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That being said, there is no doubt that this story is resonating with the general public, and creating quite a buzz. Twitter: There are absolutely NO mentions on the @RedCross Twitter account of the story or any response to it. photo credit: 96dpi via photopin cc.

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Reader Questions: Fundraising for a park-How can you identify visitors?

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To some extent, thus my recent Twitter learning experiment! You can put your twitter handle on the banner as well, and help people mention that they were in your park on twitter by making a custom hashtag, set up an alert for your name as well via Netvibes, and friend everyone who says they went to your park on Twitter. Post on Google Buzz.

Influencer Marketing: Interview With Danica Kombol

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Diva Marketing : The term influencer marketing seems to be the hot buzz world. We were trending on Twitter within the hour and remained that way for three days. Danica Kombol : We recently did a series of Twitter chats for Macy’s.

How do you turn an accidental donor into an ally? Part 1

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Maybe they sign up and you give them a shout out on Twitter or Linkedin or both. If they are on Twitter or Linkedin, mention them on there and thank them for coming to your nonprofit open house. Post on Google Buzz. Hey, ever wondered how to get more donors for your cause?

HATE your job? You are not alone. Join us on April 7th.

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I was having this conversation with someone on twitter. Post on Google Buzz. And I realized it had been a long time since I talked about jobs that you hate, bad bosses and rankism on here. And there are like, SO MANY things to say about this! So, let me ask you this. Do you wish you could do your job instead of having to be dragged down by people who don’t get what you do and who just tell you NO every time you want to do something innovative?

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Social Media is not killing Email – so what’s your next excuse for not using Email as well as you could?

Giving in a Digital World

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Email 11

What Should You Name Your E-Newsletter?

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That’s the question that the MetroWest Health Foundation asked today on Twitter. Turns out that the current name of the e-newsletter is . ”E-Newsletter.” ” Here’s what it looks like. I do have a ton of nonprofit e-newsletters in my inbox called “E-Newsletter” so it’s not like that’s a horrible thing. But the fact that everyone does it also argues for being a bit more original.

Do you have an online rep to promote? Get on this 3-D Nonprofit Reputation Engine Webinar!

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Three process tree diagrams for Linkedin, Twitter, and Blogging. Post on Google Buzz. Managing your online reputation. What: 3-D Nonprofit Reputation Engine Webinar. When: Friday, July 15th. 1pm-2:30pm EST. Cost: $59.99. Sign up here.

Reader Questions: How to raise funds for a school with no vision?

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No, I’m not @chrisparisi, but am @cparisi on Twitter. Post on Google Buzz. Greetings Mazarine, I found your website very informative and interesting. I have a feeling I’m a few decades older that that fellow whoever he is. One thing to know about me is that I am a non-profit board member (president at moment) of a German language school in NJ.

Will Social Media Influence The Travel Channel Launch's of "Deep Fried America?" An interview with host Jay Ducote

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What makes Jay especially relevant to the Diva Marketing community is his use of social media, aka Social TV, to promote his on-air opportunity on the Food Network and to leverage the social buzz to encourage Scripps Networks Interactive to pick up the Deep Fried America pilot.

Using Twitter and Facebook in your year-end fundraising letter strategy

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But in today’s world, it’s wise to consider complementing these appeals with tools like Facebook and Twitter. To get even more sophisticated, you might want separate pages for each type of media you use: one you’ll promote on Facebook, one you’ll promote on Twitter, one you’ll promote with email, etc. Now are some ideas on how to integrate Facebook Causes, Facebook Pages, and Twitter with your year-end fundraising. Twitter ideas.

Video Making for Fun and For (Non)Profits

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The result was a campaign that gained a good deal of positive feedback, created buzz along with 100,000 YouTube views (and growing), didn’t break the bank and assisted the organization to meet and exceed its business objectives in the fourth quarter. You can follow him on Twitter @skingaspire.

Three Things a Nonprofit Doesn’t Need

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Rest assured, Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter are not gimmicks. Likewise, if you’re trying to create buzz, contests and promotions can work, but only for a time.

Interview with a planned giver, Paul Nazareth: What’s your fundraising journey?

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Read more on Linkedin , this is his blog , here’s his book blog , and you can also follow him on Twitter. Post on Google Buzz. Paul Nazareth, Storm Trooper Helmets not actual size. First off, Paul, I’m sorry. I am sorry I put a halo of stormtrooper helmets around your head.

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#DEVELOPMENT: Do You Have Big Plans For Your Big Data? Not So Fast…

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The latest buzz concept is ‘Big Data.’ ’ Like most buzz concepts/ words, its definition leaves much up to the mouth of the speaker. But Big Data can also trick us with impressive numbers like our Twitter followers or Facebook friends ?

#HOWTO: Use Crowdbooster To Marshall Your Social Media Conversations

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not (necessarily) the latest platform that is getting some buzz. True to the market (and in line with almost all its competitors), Crowdbooster offers a free personal account that is as easy to sign up as signing in via Twitter and/or Facebook.

Read This and You’ll Think It All Makes Sense

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On a similar theme, see for yourself what all the buzz is about regarding the “10 fresh realities of the Digital Age,” a slide presentation by Lee Rainie, Director of the Pew Internet Project. Advertising authenticity Branding Facebook Marketing Skills Nonprofit Slide Presentations Social Media Twitter Advertising Age Bob Garfield Digital media Pew Internet Pew Internet Project United StatesIt’s not easy to keep up with the new digital media, much less understand it.

Reader Questions: How can I get funding for a think tank?

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Also, if you want to get more exposure for your ideas, I would start a blog and a twitter account, and find out who the influencers are on Twitter for think tanks, and get them to write about you. Post on Google Buzz. I recently got an email from a reader asking me how I would fundraise for a think tank in a country that does not have the best history of democracy or political discourse. This is my response.