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Here are the two probably most relevant for Agitator readers, from Consumer Reports and The Sierra Club. I’ve noticed a few good items regarding direct mail lately that I’m sharing today.

4 Ways Colleges Use Technology To Increase Campus Engagement


A CRM system for student activities professionals needs to be able to track student participation in clubs and student groups, campus events, and more.

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The Top 10 College Fundraising Ideas Sure to Draw a Crowd

Fundraiser Ideas

Make sure to get the campus newspaper involved in order to generate buzz ahead of time. 10 Excellent Club Fundraising Ideas. The goal of any college fundraiser should be to maximize both fun and profitability for your group.

The mosquito whining in Seth Godin’s ear and the art of the great appeal

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He starts with an attention-getting title of the post, which was “That buzzing in my ear didn’t mean I was about to die.&# I was in a lumpy bed, in the dark, in an obscure, $20 a night, John-Waters’-esque former country club. He says, “A mosquito was buzzing in my ear. Why do they buzz in your ear?). Marketing guru Seth Godin talked about malaria on his blog this week , and it’s a stellar appeal. We can learn a lot from his approach.

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Interview With N.E.D. - The Rock N Roll Docs

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However, I truly appreciate many kinds of music and often visit the Jazz clubs in NYC as well as other music venues. Doctors heal patients in many ways. some even through rock n roll! N.E.D. , an innovative rock band of 6 U.S.

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Interview with Ed Garsten: Chrysler's Twitter Storm Back-story

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For those people who might have been out of the country or unplugged from social media during the past week there were two events that occurred within a day of each other that had the social pundits buzzing and tweeting up a virtual storm. .

'Three Cups of Tea' Author and Nonprofit Founder Determined To Have Mismanaged Org After Year Long Investigation

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and elsewhere because, it seemed, every book club member or avid reader had to find out what the buzz was about. This week, headlines have risen declaring that Greg Mortenson was found to have mis-manged his nonprofit organization, after a year long investigation, and must repay it $1 million.

5 Ways to Use Social Media for Donor Engagement

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If someone is incredibly pleased with your organization, they’re going to talk about it over dinner with their family, at book club, the gym, etc…In the digital world, this translates into the ShareThis function. This allows for anyone to share links via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Email, Google Buzz, basically anywhere! Today I have a guest post for you from Kyle Lacy. Kyle is principal at MindFrame, a fundraising and donor engagement company.

Each and All Nonprofits Must Comply With the Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002

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This word is a buzz word, today, that comes out of the effort behind the Sarbanes Oxley law. Gone, though, are the days when volunteering for a nonprofit was like joining up with a high school club or extra curricular activity. [Note: In no way is this or any post, in Seeking Grant Money Today , legal, fiscal, or policy advice for any entity.

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