5 Quick Social Media Tips to Create Buzz Before #GivingTuesday

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The post 5 Quick Social Media Tips to Create Buzz Before #GivingTuesday appeared first on JCSM. Giving Tuesday is just one week away!

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Direct Mail Buzzes

The Agitator

I’ve noticed a few good items regarding direct mail lately that I’m sharing today. First up from Target Marketing is Paul Bobnak’s collection of The 6 Best Direct Mail Teasers of 2016. Gotta get that letter noticed and open folks!

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Marketing Beyond The Blog Buzz

Diva Marketing Blog

Marketing Beyond The Blog Buzz. Within the past week three people from three different industries (advertising, internal branding and higher education) asked me to contribute to posts they were writing about blogs. . Of course I was honored by their requests.

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AFP 2012: Buzz of a Turning Tide

JCA Insights

There was a real buzz at the AFP show this year. After some really challenging years in which the recession, corporate mergers and the devastation of endowments had put nonprofits in survival mode, the tide has clearly turned. Many of the exhibitors reported that business has been really good this past year and their pipelines are continuing to build. It’s clear that we’re on the upswing and the worst is well behind us.

What Your Small Nonprofit Can Learn From the Sharknado Twitter Storm

Social Media Bird Brain

buzz small nonprofits cable tv social media sharknado publicity nonprofit Twitter brand rebelmouse Did I jump on a meme bandwagon? Please - if that were the case, I''d be doing a post on the royal baby. Nope; what we got here is a kind of failure to communicate. This wacky movie about sharks falling from the sky got so much Twitter press I heard even one U.S. Congressman hoped a vote wouldn''t delay his being able to watch it. So what was the end result of all this hype?

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Create Buzz Around Your Fundraising Event

The Biddery Blog

How to create an annual charity event that will be anticipated each year, increase your membership and raise more money? Think long term. Find an over-arching theme that can be played upon for 5-10 years. Each year should build up the next. Use a Theme that is a exciting, even a little sexy. Choose a unique theme which encourages involvement. You'll be surprised how easy it is to involve your guests with a theme or competition. Check back often for new ideas including themes for your next event

The Social Round-Up


Buzz vs. Facebook vs. MySpace vs Twitter –Jeremiah Owyang does it again and offers a strong breakdown of these four platforms.

Greenpeace Reveals

The Agitator

You might recall that not long ago I buzzed excitedly about a recent campaign launched by Greenpeace.

Do we really have too many nonprofits? Citation needed!

Wild Woman Fundraising

Post on Google Buzz. How about this. You tell me how many nonprofits there are in your town that do the exact same thing, and how many ways they overlap services. Also, we have tech for-profits starting up every day, and no one says to them, “There are too many tech startups! Cut it out already, there’s not enough need!&# because frankly, we are all on the internet, and we read things CONSTANTLY. Subscribe to the comments for this post? Share this on del.icio.us. Digg this!

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Sexism in America! READ IT! KNOW IT! DO SOMETHING!

Wild Woman Fundraising

Post on Google Buzz. READ THIS BOOK. Barbara Berg wrote “Sexism in America&#. This is shocking. Subscribe to the comments for this post? Share this on del.icio.us. Digg this! Stumble upon something good? Share it on StumbleUpon. Tweet This! Share this on LinkedIn. Get Shareaholic

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How to Get More People At Your Nonprofit Event Using Facebook

J Campbell Social Marketing

Having a multichannel approach to promoting and advertising the event is sure to garner more attendees and more buzz. 8) Build up buzz. Fundraising and cultivation events are a vital piece of the puzzle for many nonprofits, large and small.

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

John Haydon shows you How to Use a Social Media Committee to Create Buzz for Your Non-Profit. Everyone ready to end this week with some Mixed Links? Here’s what I have picked out for you this week… Need help getting started with email campaigns?

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5 Key Decisions Your Nonprofit Needs to Make Before #GivingTuesday

J Campbell Social Marketing

I love creating and launching online fundraising campaigns , especially ones with built-in international buzz and a sense of urgency. Friendly reminder – #GivingTuesday 2017 is less than 100 days away!

Social Media For Events And Campaigns … Done Right.

The Agitator

Without question, social media creates heaps of buzz for campaigns and makes events a lot more interactive and fun. Anyone who has been following the Ice Bucket Challenge campaign knows that social media has become an integral part of fundraising events and campaigns. But it can be pretty hit and miss.

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How to Build An Army of Online Brand Ambassadors

J Campbell Social Marketing

What are some creative ways that you can build buzz and spread the word about your nonprofit on the cheap? On Tuesday I was pleased to present a webinar with Nonprofit Webinars (a service of 4Good) on the topic: How to Build An Army of Online Brand Ambassadors , part of their Tech Tuesdays series. The slides are here: How to Build An Army of Online Brand Ambassadors from Julia Campbell. Nonprofits are strapped for resources – staff time is minimal and marketing budgets are nonexistent.

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6 Effective Ways to Thank Donors for a Lasting Relationship


With these suggestions in mind we hope you’re buzzing full of creative ways to show some love to your donors. Year-end giving is about more than just soliciting donations. It’s a time to thank your most loyal supporters and make all donors, new and old, feel appreciated.

You CAN Have It All

Getting Attention

Just back from Austin and this year’s NTEN Conference (#15NTC) , and I’m buzzing with energy from all I learned and those I met. Guest blogger Stephanie Bowen leads communications and marketing for Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action (MAMA). Howdy y’all! But about halfway through the conference, I felt totally depleted… I was stressed by balancing my work responsibilities, things back home and the many choices I had before me in Austin.

Are Liberals Better Fundraisers?

The Agitator

Given that today’s buzz is probably focused on last night’s final US presidential candidate debate, I thought I’d stick to a political theme. A couple of times recently ( here , latest here ), I’ve grumped about political fundraising, especially the incessant barrage of emails from various arms of the Clinton fundraising machine. Then I noted ( here ) the fact that Clinton has been outpulling Trump in small gifts.

How You Can Recover From A Toxic Workplace

Wild Woman Fundraising

Post on Google Buzz. Subscribe to the comments for this post? Share this on del.icio.us. Digg this! Post this on Diigo. Add this to Mister Wong. Share this on Mixx. Share this on Reddit. Stumble upon something good? Share it on StumbleUpon. Share this on Technorati. Tweet This!

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Want to be more effective in your fundraising? Get LEAN!

Wild Woman Fundraising

Post on Google Buzz. Do you have too much to do? Want to go from this: To This? This is about utilizing Lean Manufacturing processes to get the fundraising tasks you need to do done in the shortest amount of time, always improving, and always looking for ways to do it more efficiently.

How to Create a Sense of Urgency for Your Nonprofit Message

Fundraising 123

Consider joining a giving day or larger organized fundraising event for your region or issue to help rally your community for support and create buzz around your desired action. Nonprofit marketing and fundraising is about motivating people to do something specific - not just to think about your cause. Channel attention into action if you want to change the world. So how do you get people to act? You should speak to their values and connect to them emotionally, obviously.

#GivingTuesday 2017 Recap – What Worked and What Didn’t

J Campbell Social Marketing

5 Quick Social Media Tips to Create Buzz Before #GivingTuesday. The results are in – this year was the biggest Giving Tuesday yet! According to the Giving Tuesday Facebook Page, Giving Tuesday 2018: **$274 million raised online. **2.4 million gifts. **$110.98 mean gift size.

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Innovation is Overhead

Marketing for Nonprofits

There is currently much buzz in the nonprofit sector about changing the conversation regarding how to evaluate nonprofits. My bestie, Laura Caligan, shared this brilliant thought with me today. Innovation is overhead." If you want to ensure that your nonprofit stays relevant, which is code for continues to inspire funders, employees, and other key stakeholders. And achieve greater IMPACT in the world! Then you MUST innovate. Because the world keeps turning!

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11 Ways Nonprofits Can Reach Donors on #GivingTuesday

J Campbell Social Marketing

Here are 11 ways that nonprofits can leverage the national attention and buzz: 1. #Giving Tuesday , a campaign that promotes a national day of giving that celebrates and encourages charitable giving, set for Dec.

Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator – Rachel Lichtman

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Sometimes, if the office is buzzing, I’ll put on some rain or ocean sounds to neutralize my space. Rachel Lichtman. Here’s the latest installment in our series on the “Day in the Life” of nonprofit communicators, where we ask you to describe your day in your own words. .

Your Nonprofit’s Self-Image

The Agitator

What’s creating the latest buzz is this video showing how an artist’s sketch based on a woman’s own self-description varies — i.e., is less flattering — from a sketch of the same woman described by someone else.

Infographic: Inside the mind of a KICKASS community manager!

Wild Woman Fundraising

Post on Google Buzz. Are you tweeting for your cause or company? Are you posting on facebook for your cause? Are you updating a website or blog for your nonprofit, charity, or corporation? Then you’re a community manager. Which would you rather be? This guy? Or her?

Do you work for a nonprofit hospital? How are you doing social media?

Wild Woman Fundraising

Post on Google Buzz. I want to tell you about something completely incredible that happened last night. I put this simple message out on Twitter: “Hey Twitter, can you help me out? I am looking for small rural clinics and hospitals using social media.&#.

Will You Let Everyone Know? 3 Examples, Oodles of Tips (and 23 Real Emails) to Support Your Next “Share This” Call to Action

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Within the next 48 hours, the image was literally everywhere – HuffPo, Buzzed, Time, ABC News, Upworthy, etc. Let me start by declaring what this post IS NOT about. It’s not about making an image or video go viral.

3 lies about moving on up in your nonprofit career, and 3 truths.

Wild Woman Fundraising

Post on Google Buzz. YNPN February 28th, 2011. To quote Jay-Z, “Thanks for coming out tonight. You could have been anywhere in the world tonight, but you’re here with me. I appreciate that.&#.

Never too late for New Year’s resolutions….

A Small Change

I will blog here, and use #ascblog @infosmallchange to try and create some buzz for us good folks out there trying to raise money for amazing causes and am sincerely hoping you will too. Oh boy. Here it is. For those of you whose fiscal years close in December, my hope is that y’all got to celebrate meeting or exceeding your fundraising goals, and that you threw a party and savored the success a few days at least, before diving back in.

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What #SaveMarketBasket Can Teach Nonprofits About Social Media & Inspiring Passion

J Campbell Social Marketing

Once the story started receiving national attention, social media channels were all a-buzz. Born and raised north of Boston, MA, I am acutely familiar with the regional discount grocery store chain Market Basket. It’s where everyone I know shops for their food. Until recently.

Quirky, Kooky, and Off-Beat Nonprofit Marketing and Fundraising

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

“The video was bold and definitely kooky, but also extremely successful in generating buzz about a worthy cause.&#. I’m hosting this month’s Nonprofit Blog Carnival , where the theme is quirky, kooky, and off-beat nonprofit marketing and fundraising ideas.

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Are you as creative as Red Box?

Fundraising Coach

This is a simple tactic of creating buzz. Yesterday, I got an email from Red Box asking me to take a picture of myself hugging a Red Box. Hugging a huge DVD dispensing box. Why haven’t I done this with my nonprofit?! And it’s really easy!

Want some good reads? Here’s what I’ve been reading this week.

Wild Woman Fundraising

Post on Google Buzz. Here are some of my favorite reads around the web this week. From the PND Blog: Did you major in the liberal arts? Here’s why PND thinks the liberal arts matter. From Allison Fine’s blog: Is cause fatigue even real? From Pamela Grow’s Grantwriting Blog: Why fundraising events may not be the best idea for you. From the Question and Answer of the Nonprofiteer’s blog: Are we eliminating the charitable deduction? Should we be nervous?

Hey Girl, I See What Your Nonprofit Is Doing

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Want to create your own nonprofit meme to help build buzz for your cause? You’ve seen them all over Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, and Pinterest: grumpy cats , talking babies , even Ryan Gosling. Entertaining memes have exploded across the Internet.

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How to Create a Nonprofit Social Media Toolkit for Your Online Fundraising Campaign

J Campbell Social Marketing

Think about how you consume content online – with a ton of Google Chrome tabs open, playing Pandora or Spotify in the background, notifications on your phone buzzing, your email beeping with new messages.

Butts in Seats: 5 Tips for Event Marketing Using Social Media

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Let me share my top 5 tips to marketing events that will generate buzz and improve conversions. Ceci Dadisman. This week, you are hearing from four guest bloggers about nonprofit events. Guest Post by Ceci Dadisman, Palm Beach Opera.

My interview on the Blogger Body Calendar

Wild Woman Fundraising

Post on Google Buzz. Go and see my interview at the Blogger Body Calendar. I talk about what I think a strong woman looks like. What do you think a strong woman looks like? Leave a comment at the Blogger Body Calendar. Maybe you’d even like to buy a calendar? Lately, I’ve been reading that fundraising in England is stagnating and declining, and Martin Brookes at New Philanthropy Capital said “we need better fundraisers&#.

The Secret to Effectively Marketing Your Fundraising Event

Fundraising 123

Your goals should be to increase ticket sales, improve word of mouth buzz, create more invested supporters, and ultimately raise more money. Because fundraising events can be expensive, it''s important to maximize your investment with a targeted outreach strategy. But if you focus on just one more thing, your marketing can be exponentially more effective. When planning an event, it''s important to ask: "Why will people attend?"