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A Small Change

She’s 5 & 1/2 and loves collecting leaves, seeds, sticks, flower buds, acorns and the like and bundling them up together. Early this week, she plucked a few bundle ingredients as we walked through our little garden from the car to the front door.

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Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

James Clear shows us How to Stop Procrastinating and Boost Your Willpower by Using “Temptation Bundling.”. Happy Friday! Let’s celebrate with some Mixed Links… CauseVox has started a new podcast about online fundraising for nonprofit leaders, fundraisers, and marketers.

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I’m Sick

The Agitator

We made a nice bundle of cash telling major consumer-facing corporations that they could make an even bigger bundle of cash by doing two simple things — identifying their best customers and loving them tighter than a tick does a hound’s ear, and learning how to clone those customers. For 7-8 years around the turn of the century I was a partner in a company that specialized in ‘relationship marketing’, about the time that term was being invented.

People won’t “give ’til it hurts”!


Giving also delivers a bundle of other joys. Sometimes I feel like I should make a list of all the silly things I hear fundraisers say. Here’s one I heard recently that just felt so wrong: “To reach our goal, our donors need to give ’til it hurts.”

48% of US nonprofits say December fundraising was lower than last year

Fundraising Coach

Many nonprofits left comments that donors were advised by their accountants to skip giving this year in favor of "bundling" their gifts next year. Especially when combining the drop in donors with the prospect accountants and financial planners encouraging donors to "bundle" their giving.

Great sale on powerful tools for nonprofit fundraising - [link]

Fundraising Coach

So over at NonprofitBestPracticesStore.com , he''s offering incredible savings on a bundle of 100 Donors in 90 Days and The Donor Retention Project. Chris Davenport over at 501Videos surveyed nonprofit professionals and board members last week.

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People won’t give til’ it hurts!


Giving also delivers a bundle of other joys. Sometimes I feel like I should make a list of all the silly things I hear fundraisers say. Here’s one I heard recently that just felt so wrong: “To reach our goal, our donors need to give ’til it hurts.”

What Google Has for You #google4np

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Yesterday at Google’s DC Headquarters, they gathered about 200 nonprofits, consultants, and bloggers to unveil their latest version of Google for Nonprofits.

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Amazing Cyber-Monday Offer on Fundraising Training Tools

Fundraising Coach

DVD set, the Board Retreat Party Pack, the Board Bundle of Ask Without Fear! , Cyber-Monday seemed like a great excuse make an offer on fundraising training. Today only, when you purchase. the Ask Without Fear! an annual subscription to Fundraising Kick.

People won't "give 'til it hurts"!


Giving also delivers a bundle of other joys. Sometimes I feel like I should make a list of all the silly things I hear fundraisers say. Here’s one I heard recently that just felt so wrong: “To reach our goal, our donors need to give ’til it hurts.” ” I’ve heard this before. “Give ’til it hurts.” ” Such a strange phrase. I can’t imagine why anyone would say it. People never give because it hurts.

New Pico Neo VR Headset With Vive Wave Support Coming Soon

Selfish Giving

It was an Android gaming-centric VR headset that bundled all of its hardware into a small, SNES-esque gamepad, and decent tech specs. The original Pico Neo headset was, well, pretty forgettable. It released in 2016 to little fanfare, but now the Pico Neo is making a comeback with a truly standalone VR headset. The new Pico Neo comes with the same Snapdragon 835 chipset, but now has full head tracking and is compatible with Vive Wave, like the upcoming HTC Vive Focus.

The War Against Coursework Writers


If you encounter coursework composing services UK that request a bundle and you feel that they might not be good then stay far from them. There are plenty of students that are working part-time and have low budgets within which they need to deal with every one of the expenses.

The Five Habits of Great Cause Marketers

Cause Related Marketing

Could the young but realize how soon they will become mere walking bundles of habits, they would give more heed to their conduct while in the plastic state,” James said. Aristotle wrote, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” Of course, that’s true. There are a whole host of things that are challenging the first times we do them, but become easier as we repeat them. Scientists call it “automaticity.”

#SOCIALMEDIA: How Can We Efficiently Use Our Time On Social Networks?

Non Profit Marketing 360

Can you honestly bundle comments or thanks into an e-newsletter instead of carrying on dozens of conversations on Twitter? How are you measuring your time? A definition of irony: using social media to encourage you to find ways to trim your time on social media.

Can Soda Companies Engage in Social Marketing?

Social Marketing and Social Change

In a behavioral simulation with undergraduate students using three different settings (fast food restaurant, movie theater and stadium), participants were offered in each simulated setting (1) 16 oz, 24 oz, or 32 oz drinks for sale, (2) 16 oz drinks, a bundle of two 12 oz drinks, or a bundle of two 16 oz drinks, and (3) only 16 oz drinks. The researchers found that participants bought significantly more ounces of soda with bundles than with varying-sized drinks.

A Three-Way Cause Marketing Tie-up Between Hasbro, Duracell and Toys for Tots

Cause Related Marketing

It was in that huge bundle of ads you get in the Thanksgiving newspaper. The point of co-branding… of which cause marketing is one type… is for brands to combine their advantages in such a way that they create worthwhile synergies.

I'm Calling You Out Etsy! (But Not Because of that Puny Pink Ribbon Debacle.)

Cause Related Marketing

In its Daily Finds newsletter Etsy had bundled together several items with a pink hue in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month from its vast web of items.

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The Conflict Next to Decide to buy Essay On the web


Most web-hosting services deliver e-commerce bundles chances are it will use to obtain your internet-site individual-hospitable to prospective clients and consent to payouts by using charge cards and PayPal. There’s no crafting employment we can not manage with.

CauseTalk Radio Ep09: March of Dimes Stakes Claim to Cause Marketing with IMBORNTO

Selfish Giving

This is an interesting new endeavor as it reflects a growing trend among nonprofits to own a particular month or season and to bundle advertising and other promotions for maximum impact. [Audio clip: view full post to listen]. Don’t Miss an Episode! Subscribe to Cause Talk Radio in iTunes.

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6 Strategies to Maximize Nonprofit Text-to-Give Donations

J Campbell Social Marketing

Guest blog by John Killoran, CEO of Snowball. On any given day, how many times do you think you check your phone? The answer is probably a lot! In fact, research has shown that Americans check their phones on average once every 12 minutes.

10 Donations. 3 Thank-Yous. 7 Failures to Communicate.

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

The delay has to do with how Network for Good bundles donations and transmits them to nonprofits once a month. It’s time to share the results of my 2009-2010 “What I Got When I Gave&# Experiment.

#Tech: Net Neutrality Supported in Europe – Not Unsupported in US

Non Profit Marketing 360

Nor the fact that those two providers tend to bundle services into 2-year contracts that are expensive to break. The European Parliament voted last week to continue to encourage net neutrality as a means to foster innovation and to encourage the dissemination of information.

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Black Friday – Cyber Monday Sale

Fundraising Coach

Fundraising Coach Store Bundles Sale. Here in the United States, today is called “Black Friday.” ” It’s theday that most stores have sales so they can end the calendar year “in the black” (as opposed to being in the red).

#HowTo: 3 Ways to Run Microsoft Windows on a Mac

Non Profit Marketing 360

The license that is bundled with most PCs is usually only good for that machine. It can be done!

12 Questions that Lead to a Better Fundraising Story

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Their image of self is bundled with how they direct their giving. Who Do You Truly Represent? It's easy to tell the story of the clients you serve -- especially in 2010, if you have a flip video camera, a social media platform and a few juicy questions to ask. Unfortunately, it's much harder to tell a story with which your donors can identify. Let's be honest: Storytelling often gets muddled when it comes to the fundraising process.

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Action Kitchen: A Top Chef Fundraiser, Team Builder

Selfish Giving

As many of you know, we tend to bundle our cause marketing programs with multiple partners.

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HP has given me a laptop and printer to give away…

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

They emailed me to say they are giving away laptop and printer bundles as part of their Create Change program , which highlights how individuals and technology are creating change in the world. Really! More on the campaign here. So here’s the deal. Write in comments one great, brief story about how technology helps you transform lives. Use all those great storytelling skills. I’ll give you till Friday to post your comments.

Managing nonprofit employees (and volunteers)

Fundraising Coach

Special Fundraising Book Bundle for your board and volunteers Fundraising Training and Nonprofit Leadership Seminars. Last week I was at the annual conference for the New England Association for Healthcare Philanthropy. It was a great conference, and I did alot of tweeting. You can see all my NEAHP tweets here. A great session I went to was on managing development staff by Betsy Rigby, Director of Development with Partners HealthCare.

5 Easy Steps: A Guide to Hiring a Fundraising Consultant

Fundraising Coach

You may not be able to hand-pick the services you want, so you should compare consultants and find the firm that offers a bundle with the most relevant services for your nonprofit. Hiring a fundraising consultant, while incredibly important, can be tricky.

Best Free Prospect Research Sites

Fundraising Breakthroughs

One option might be to prepare and bundle your lists and arrange for a short-term subscription. David C. Lamb's Prospect Research page. This is the SuperHero of Prospect Research Page. When in doubt, start here. What is "prospect research," anyway?

Remembering Kay Partney Lautman

The Agitator

Kay had values and scruples bundled around a caring heart. Tomorrow, Lautman Maska Neill & Company , the fundraising firm founded by Kay Lautman will hold its 20 th Anniversary reception. Of course what’s noteworthy, far beyond the laudable two decade anniversary of a good agency is the death on Monday of its Founder – Kay Partney Lautman at age 74.

Cashing In. God Bless America.

The Agitator

Frankly, I hope they make a bundle. Just a few hours ago Tom and I were engaged in our semi-weekly food fight and screaming session about what posts will — and won’t — make it for the coming week. On one thing we agreed.

Boomers Not Keen On Social Media?

The Agitator

It’s bundled for $50 with Online Fundraising: Postage Still Dominates, But Mouse Is Gaining. For some time I’ve subscribed to Jumpin Jack Flash , the e-newsletter of the Boomer Project, watching for insights on marketing to what we assume to be the next treasure trove of donors. Here is their take on Boomers and social media: "Let’s agree social networking is simply not as widely accepted among Boomers and older adults as it is among today’s young adults.

Andy Goodman Ruined My Life. Now I Want to Ruin Yours.

Sea Change Strategies

Andy Goodman suggests you develop a handful of core stories, what he calls the “sacred bundle.” How many of you have taken Andy Goodman’s storytelling seminar ? Pretty mind-blowing, huh? Andy unlocks the secrets of good story-telling, decoding a formula for narrative going at least back to Aristotle’s Poetics. There are easily thousands of non-profit communicators who have passed through Andy’s program.

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And the winner of the HP laptop and printer is…

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

As you know, HP emailed me to say they are giving away laptop and printer bundles as part of their Create Change program , which highlights how individuals and technology are creating change in the world. More on the campaign here. I asked readers to write in comments one great, brief story about how technology helps you transform lives. I encouraged great storytelling skills.

Want to Spend Less on Your Non Profit's Fundraising? Here's How.

Seeking Grant Money Today

As I always, I want you to do a few things. The up shot? This particular post will probably help your organization keep some money in the bank, that it would otherwise spend. What do I want you to do? Track some specific information. Analyze that information. Review findings. Make changes based on findings. I describe each step, below.