Build Ties at the Moment Of (Case Study)

Getting Attention

Our daughter, Charlotte, is away at Camp Harlam for 3 1/2 long weeks this summer. Charlotte frequently shows up in a photo or two, and we can get a sense of what she’s up to and how much she’s enjoying it (or not). I can’t tell you the pleasure we got when we spotted the biggest smile ever after she had completed the ropes course last week. As a first-time camper, Charlotte was welcomed especially enthusiastically, which thrilled her.

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

This e-clinic is limited to only 20 nonprofits so grab your spot now! Charlotte Hill of EARN, in a guest post on Katya Andresen’s blog, shares what happened when her organization listened to the concerns of its supporters. Happy Friday, everyone!

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5 Strategies to Get the Right People at Your Fundraiser

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

You want to build closer relationships with them. If your VIP’s are major donors, ask them if you can list their names as major donors in a special spot on the invitation.

Rage Donations: Give Before You Explode!

The Agitator

Without question the most prominent example of rage giving last week was the Facebook “Reunite an immigrant parent with their child” campaign launched by a California couple–Charlotte and Dave Willner, early Facebook employees.