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Aunt Frances’ Key to Relationship Building

Getting Attention

She’s unknowingly taught me so much, including this insight on building strong and lasting relationships that I want to share with you today.

Building an Editorial Calendar Based on Stories

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

How do you build them into your editorial calendar so you get the most out of them? I hope you’ll join us in Chicago!

Successful Link Building Strategies for Nonprofits

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

In today’s guest post, Brian Honigman shares a few simple ways to boost your SEO through link building. Brian Honigman.

7 captivating ways to build trust so your fundraising efforts work better


Here are 7 ways to build trust so your fundraising efforts work better: 1. Recommendations. >> Nonprofit Hub: 5 Simple Rules to Increase Donor Loyalty. >> Network for Good: Building Trust and Transparency. >> 5 ways to build trust online. Trust leads to commitment. When you make a promise, keep it! Be great at customer service.

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Build Ties at the Moment Of (Case Study)

Getting Attention

Harlam has done a great job of building our relationship in a natural way from the moment we shared our interest in registering Charlotte for the summer. This is just the same kind of relationship building you want to keep going between your asks! Our daughter, Charlotte, is away at Camp Harlam for 3 1/2 long weeks this summer. P.P.S.

Building Allies

A Small Change

One of the key items that the book talks about is building allies. Your immediate work team is a great group in which to build relationships. They already know good people to connect with and build solid relationships. How did you build up your relationships internally and externally? Natural internal partners.

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Delight to Connect (Case Study: Relationship Building)

Getting Attention

Zappos is known for its operations smarts and customer-friendly orientation. But this delightful addition to the return confirmation email I received from Zappos this morning was a real surprise— That trip over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house went smoothly. times daily. Kick starts a more personal relationship.

Building an Effective Nonprofit Mobile Strategy

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Build a mobile matrix. . Tonia Zampieri. Guest Post by Tonia Zampieri of Atlantic Business Technologies. But I’m concerned. Good luck!

10 Ways to Build Loyalty Among Your Online Community Members

J Campbell Social Marketing

Building up sheer numbers of Likes and views, without motivating people to take action, is misguided. My guess is – very, very few if any.

Heartfelt, Relevant Messages Build Bridges (Case Study: StoryCorps)

Getting Attention

This morning’s election news dug into the divide that’s fracturing the U.S. But it was distressing, especially as I contemplate where we go from here.

Pressure Builds For Mobile Savvy

The Agitator

Here’s some recent survey-based data from Nielsen on the matter. It would be great to see ‘donating to charity’ on a list like this.

8 simple ideas to involve your donors and build deeper connections


Involvement is one of the best ways to build seriously deep connections. The post 8 simple ideas to involve your donors and build deeper connections appeared first on MarketSmart | . Montgomery was a famous author in the early 1900’s. Her novels were internationally renowned. She once said, “Tell me and I forget.

Want to get that next grant? 5 steps to start building relationships with foundations

Wild Woman Fundraising

I’m great at writing grants but not as great at building a relationship with the foundations. Can you help draw me a picture of how that starts and builds? Sure, here’s how to start building relationships with foundations. I am answering reader questions! Because Wild Woman Fundraising Readers ROCK! > Hi Sarah!

How to Build An Army of Online Brand Ambassadors

J Campbell Social Marketing

On Tuesday I was pleased to present a webinar with Nonprofit Webinars (a service of 4Good) on the topic: How to Build An Army of Online Brand Ambassadors , part of their Tech Tuesdays series. The slides are here: How to Build An Army of Online Brand Ambassadors from Julia Campbell. How to structure and operate a board effectively.

5 Steps to Building Your Generosity Network

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

To be a better fundraiser and to unleash generosity you have to connect with people and build authentic relationships. Know Yourself.

5 Ways to Build Online Authority Using Content Marketing - A Guest Post By Paul Chaney

Diva Marketing Blog

5 Ways to Build Online Authority Using Content Marketing. If you are lucky you get to take online offline. About Paul Chaney.

How to Build a Fundraising Tribe for #GivingTuesday

J Campbell Social Marketing

So, if you’re looking to build a fundraising tribe for your #GivingTuesday campaign , here are six need-to-know tips! Tell an Inspiring Story.

Building Relationships

The Agitator

Talk about relationship building! Stephanie Strom wrote a piece in Monday’s NY Times , titled: “ CARE, in Return to Roots, Will Offer Virtual Packages.&#. But apart from the example of innovative fundraising, I adore the story Stephanie relates as the core of her article. Treat yourself to this wonderful story. Thanks Stephanie.

Are you showing what you’re building?

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

So how do you raise money for a building? Are you showing what you’re building Last year, an earthquake rocked Washington, DC.

2 Ways to Build Digital Storytelling Skills—Midnight Deadline

Getting Attention

Here are two absolutely irresistible (and free) ways to build your storytelling and video skills. Vote by midnight tonight, April 5.

Make Spring Relationship Building Season

Ann Green

Either way, you should make spring relationship building season. Of course, relationship building needs to be a year-round effort.

Cause Marketing to Build Customer Loyalty

Cause Related Marketing

I like the idea of Fireside using cause marketing to build loyalty. How would you compete? The customers churn a lot. They chase bargains.

Do You Use Content to Build Your Lists?

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

First up is how nonprofits are using content specifically to build their email, direct mail, and social media lists. If you are using content to build your lists, share your story! Content Marketing Nonprofit Communications The Book list buildingIt’s official. Can’t see the survey here? Click over to the web version.

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BUILD a new Millennial Platform for Engagement

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

You must BUILD it – and here’s how: B e unified as an organization about working with the generation. By Kari Saratovsky and Derrick Feldmann.

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Needed: The Stomach And Resolve For Building Donor Relationships

The Agitator

Tom’s post Donor Relationships? Balderdash produced a wonderful wave of comment from donor-oriented Agitator readers on the importance of working hard on designing and tending the relationship garden. Lisa Sargent and Mary Cahalane share the experience and rewards of attentiveness to the donor relationship. Read the.

How to Use a Notable Day to Spur Engagement, Action & List-Building(Case Study: Oxfam America)

Getting Attention

3) Leveraged the Campaign to Build Their Email List, and Supporter Loyalty. Here’s Why The IWD Award Is So Powerful. Smart!

Ep179: How Arby's Maverick Spirit is Building a PurposeFULL Business

Selfish Giving

With 3,300 locations around the world, Arby's is the second largest quick-service chain in the world! million.

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Losing Trust … Building Trust

The Agitator

Global PR giant Edelman has released its 2015 Trust Barometer, which shows “evaporating” trust — worldwide — for media, business, nonprofits and many governments (the institution with already the lowest trust levels). There’s plenty of data in their report to satisfy that curiosity.

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Build Your Email List for Year-End Giving

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

If you need more emails, then we have a great resource to help you build your email list.

7 Ways to Build Your Nonprofit Email List

Fundraising 123

One of the most commonly-asked questions we get about online marketing is, "How do I build an email list?" " Building a quality email list over time is one of the most valuable assets a nonprofit can have. Email 101 Best Practices Building Your ListCreate a strong email-address-collection device on your website.

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Strong leaders build successful nonprofits

Get Fully Funded

A key piece that must be in place if you want to Fully Fund your nonprofit is strong leadership. . Fully Funded organizations have strong leaders in place, both staff and Board. The Executive Director is a good leader who instills pride in their staff. They carry the vision for the organization into the community and represent the organization well.

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How to build trust

Wild Woman Fundraising

Marc, you are also a Franklin Covey certified coach and that you are interested in the subject of trust and how to build trust at organizations.

Building a fundraising board - advice from the ‘board whisperer’

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Image via the Traditional Fundraiser’s Coloring Book. It’s next Tuesday, April 30 at 1 p.m. Eastern. (If Register now

April 29

Authenticity and Building an Online Community [PODCAST]

J Campbell Social Marketing

In this episode , we discuss: Social media is about being your authentic self and building your community. **The Quotables.

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Build a Compelling Tagline & Your Messaging Skills: Register Now—Starts March 6

Getting Attention

I’m so sorry! I forgot to tell you that I’m guiding a limited number of organizations to strengthen their messaging this spring.

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Online Personalization Builds Loyalty

The Agitator

About nine months ago, The Agitator noted the online approach taken by CARE International in the UK. There, with, personalized online reporting of the charity’s results connects donors with the specific projects they initially joined to support. This approach cut attrition amongst face-to-face acquired donors in half.

Building Traditions into Your Communications Calendar

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

One way to do that is to build some traditions in your communications schedule. They give us something to look forward to! (At

Treat Donors as Partners to Build Long-Term Giving — A Child’s Right Does It Right

Getting Attention

Take a look right now at this outstanding example of showing it (not saying it) from a child’s right (acr)! When we fix it, we will let you know.

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Fundraising Myth: If we build it, God will fund it

Fundraising Coach

Or more to the point: If we build it, God will fund it. How to build a Twitter list. Sowing and reaping takes work. Farming takes work.

Looking for Major Donors? Build Better Bridges With These Financial Tools

Fundraising 123

Nonprofits stand to build better bridges to affluent donors—leading to valuable long-term philanthropic partnerships—if they understand the various tools used by wealth advisors in charitable giving. Step 1: Develop a charitable giving allocation. When I work with philanthropists, I take the time to identify her style of giving.