5 things you should do when you get a big bequest (to ensure that your marketing budget increases!)


Use the Bequest Calculator to determine how much money your organization could generate if it got serious about planned gift marketing. Request the budget. The post 5 things you should do when you get a big bequest (to ensure that your marketing budget increases!)

When You Have a Little Extra Left in the Marketing Budget

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Do you have ideas on items to splurge on if you have the money?” Sure, it’s more common in our line of work to be short on funds, but every now and then, like the end of the fiscal year, you might just find yourself with a little left over that you’d really like to spend.

Three Wise Investments That Can Help You Raise More Money

Ann Green

If you have a July 1 fiscal year start date, you’re most likely working on your budget for next year (at least you should be). Whatever the case may be, putting together a budget can be a pain, especially if you’re a small nonprofit with limited resources.

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5 Tips for Low-Budget Cause Marketing

Selfish Giving

The majority of calls I take on cause marketing are from budget-conscious small nonprofits raising anywhere from a few hundred thousand to a few million a year. What they all share is exactly the same question: what are some low-budget and easy ways I can get started with cause marketing?

Where is your money?

Wild Woman Fundraising

What issue could advocates focus on that would significantly decrease war spending, and increase government money for nonprofits, schools, and other charities? What could we do to help redirect that money towards desperately needed social services, or saving the environment?

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Is Your Marketing Budget Properly Aligned With the 80/20 Rule?


Is your organization spending the bulk of its time and money focused on finding new major donors, retaining them, and inspiring planned gifts? Here’s a quick and easy worksheet to help you see if your budget is appropriated properly with the 80/20 rule.

How You Can Print and Mail Without Breaking Your Budget

Ann Green

In my last post I wrote about Why You Shouldn’t Give Up on Direct Mail Some nonprofit organizations try to save money by cutting back on printing and mailing, but that could be a mistake if your donors prefer to hear from you by mail. Increase your printing and mailing budget.

Get more money with your year end appeal: Interview with Paul Bobnak of DMIQTV and Who’s Mailing What

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Whether it’s a for-profit enterprise and a non-profit, it’s all about driving response, trying to get people to become engaged and invest their money. Paul Bobnak interview 8/22/13. Tell us about yourself. How long have you been working in the direct mail industry?

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Why spend the money?

Get Fully Funded

If you are a nonprofit director, you know that the budget line item for training and development is often the first one to go when things get tight. For a nonprofit, there’s no better place to invest money. Instead, make sure that what you get for the money is well worth it. But this is SO short-sighted! Too often, visionless Boards start cutting things out instead of ramping up the fundraising (but that’s a topic for another day!).

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5 tips to waste your money in fundraising

Wild Woman Fundraising

Don’t budget to do a thank-a-thon or a friendraiser. If you’d rather not waste your money in fundraising, then do yourself a favor and get on the Fundraising on a Shoestring Webinar on March 10th ! Just follow these steps! First, make sure you do at least four events a year.

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Jeepers creepers! Eliminate your fear about grant budgets!

Get Fully Funded

Unfortunately, the thought of creating a budget to go with the narrative or the application strikes fear in the hearts of the bravest Fundraisers. Here are some ideas to help you overcome the fear and be on your way to creating a successful budget. If you raise money for a nonprofit, I’m here to tell you that you must be a numbers person. Now, let’s have a look at what a program budget for a grant really is.

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August Webinars: Email Prospect List, Personality, Low Budget, Donate Pages

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The only catch is that they do cost money. Wednesday, August 12: Nonprofit Marketing on Next to No Budget. You know you need more than a Donate Now button for your website if you want to raise money online. Here is our August webinar lineup.

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#FUNDRAISING: Resources To Find Grants For Your Nonprofit’s 2013 Budget

Non Profit Marketing 360

Maybe the federal government won’t ever work up or agree to a budget to cover an entire fiscal year, but your nonprofit has to. But along with the money, time, and goodwill of your donors onilne and otherwise, you should be looking for grants.

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Make Your Nonprofit Stop Bleeding Money-Interview with Pamela Uppal

Wild Woman Fundraising

How can you make your nonprofit stop bleeding money with turnover? In the last week, I actually was presenting at the Money for Our Movements conference in Atlanta, and I referenced your work both times in both my presentations there. So if you’re constantly having new people turning over, just in that department alone, you’re not being effective with your donor money and you’re not being effective with your people. We don’t have a lot of money. We need more money.

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#FUNDRAISING: Resources To Find Grants For Your Nonprofit’s 2013 Budget

Non Profit Marketing 360

Maybe the federal government won’t ever work up or agree to a budget to cover an entire fiscal year, but your nonprofit has to. But along with the money, time, and goodwill of your donors onilne and otherwise, you should be looking for grants.

Who is more important… your donors or the beneficiaries of their gifts?


Organizations spend a lot of time and effort focusing on what they will do with the money they receive from donors. People won’t give you money if you don’t have a plan for what you’ll do with it.

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How Making Smart Investments Will Help You Raise More Money

Ann Green

Those of you with a July 1 fiscal year start date are most likely working on your budget for next year. Some of you may have a calendar year budget, so you’ll be working on yours later in the year. You’ve probably heard the phrase you need to spend money to make money.

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Budget Values

Mission Paradox Blog

Your budget - what you do (and don't) spend money on - is a reflection of what you value. If you value writers pay for their work and some infrastructure to support them, even at the expense of other things. If you value dancers, then try to pay them even if other production elements have to suffer. Everything doesn't have to be funded equally.    You can spend more (or less) on certain things than your colleagues.

Webinars on Marketing with No Budget, Best Practices and More in March

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Nonprofit Marketing with Next to No Budget. I’ve opened registration for some brand-new webinars in March, with two more still to come. Best Practices in Nonprofit Marketing.

Can I get a hell yes? Thank you RE:Philanthropy & Dan Pallotta!

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Would you like a larger marketing budget? Would you like a marketing budget, period? Collaboration Conflict corruption Fundraising Leadership Measuring Effectiveness Philanthropy Rank at Work bigger marketing budget cause marketing charity marketing dan pallotta funding fundraising mazarine treyz more marketing budget nonprofit marketing nonprofits nonprofits spend money on marketing RE:Philanthropy

Part 3: How to Send an Appeal Letter

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Ask your boss how this mailing fits into the annual mailing budget. If there is no budget, then now is a good time to make one. And if you don’t have a budget, you’ll probably need to do all of these steps yourself or coordinate volunteers to help you.

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10 Cheap Fundraising Ideas for When Money is Tight

Fundraiser Ideas

In today’s economy, many organizations are faced with ever-shrinking budgets. The following are 10 cheap fundraising ideas for when money is tight: 50/50 raffle – This is one of the best cheap fundraising ideas, because the only cost to the organization is a roll of raffle tickets. Sell raffle tickets to donors and split the money evenly with the winner. Can recycling – No money is needed to undertake this cheap fundraising idea.

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Why Oprah Winfrey gives money to build schools in Africa (the 8 components of impactful giving)


But, if you are like most fundraisers, you don’t have enough time or budget. The post Why Oprah Winfrey gives money to build schools in Africa (the 8 components of impactful giving) appeared first on MarketSmart, LLC |.

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The Ax-man Cometh: What to Cut / What NOT to Cut in Your Fundraising/Marketing Budget

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In these recessionary times, budget cuts are inevitable for most nonprofits. He believes that nearly everyone is just waiting to give money to deserving causes — they just need the right “nudge.”. Your marketing and fundraising programs are sure to face cuts. Here's information on how to make those cuts wisely: What You'd be CRAZY to cut Places where you can find meaningful savings Places to cut What about innovation? -

How to Get People to Raise Money for Your Nonprofit Using Facebook

J Campbell Social Marketing

In this post, I will give you a detailed step-by-step guide to get your online community excited about raising money for your nonprofit using Facebook. My clients often say to me, “No one has raised any money for us using Facebook.

Two Things You'd Be Crazy to Cut Out of Your Fundraising/Marketing Budget

Fundraising 123

Unfortunately these organizations may be hosting events that produce a lot of money but are losing money overall. For instance, say you have an event that costs you a lot of money and it brings in a lot of money. If you're looking at net renuve and return on investment (the efficieny at which you raise your money), you can say, "Well, you know, for every dollar we spent, we've brought in $1.50." It's been a tough year for a lot of us.

3 Steps to Funding Nonprofit Marketing

Getting Attention

Nonprofit agency directors are so busy serving people that they can’t find the time or money to invest in quality marketing and storytelling initiatives. A sustainability plan for marketing efforts after the grant period, such as a board commitment to add marketing/advertising to the organizational budget. Budgeting budget grants Julie Brown Nonprofit Communications nonprofit marketing

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Budget Re-do

Mission Paradox Blog

One of the best things to make sure your values align with your budget is to do a bit of post show/event evaluation. Here's what I mean:  Take a copy of a budget for a recent show and pretend you are building it from scratch.  Would you have spent money on an entirely different area that you didn't even consider before?    Did money spent on some area go to waste?

Firing Your Development Director? It’s not you, it’s me!

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” That’s right, nonprofits are putting all of that pressure on one person, and it needs to be about everyone helping the organization make more money, in whatever capacity they can. Nonprofits should allocate a professional development budget to development staff.

#FUNDRAISING: Paul Jolly Inspires The Big Ask To Raise Big Money

Non Profit Marketing 360

A precarious budget is a mark of accomplishment for some organizations because it proves that they have not “sold out” There is nothing wrong with choosing institutional poverty, I suppose, although I personally prefer a good night’s sleep to deficit-driven insomnia.

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The Word "Gets" Is In "Budgets"

Seeking Grant Money Today

Most often a budget is one component of a grant proposal. You may wonder, 'Who creates the grant proposal budget?' What information goes into a budget?' 'How How detailed does the grant proposal budget need to be?' Investors have a right to get a sense of your whole organization including costs, how and where money is spent, and how well its money is handled. Also, be sure that each party in the project has ok'ed that budget.

Want to Raise More Money? Focus on Current Business Partners

Selfish Giving

Every nonprofit wants to recruit new corporate partners, but your best bet to raise more money is to find new ways to work with your existing partners. Be a real partner, which means you are focused on their interests even when they’re not not raising money for you. .

I was wrong

Wild Woman Fundraising

I thought the vast majority of nonprofit budget money in the US came from individuals. The left hand size, the organizations with budgets over five million, is just 6.6% Today we have an article by Gayle Gifford, who is so right, while I was so wrong.

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31 ways for nonprofits to save money on communications


If you’re really chafing under 2009 budget constraints, try this exercise. List all your communications projects for the rest of this budget year and prioritize each from the standpoint of how important it is in meeting your strategic communications objectives. flickr/Daniel Y.

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Why Your Nonprofit Needs to Get Political – Now

J Campbell Social Marketing

With today’s public roll out of Trumps’ budget proposal , the implications for our sector are important and very dire. We need to not only pay attention to this budget for our own knowledge, we also need to bring these issues to the attention of our supporters and our constituents.

Federal Budget Policy and Fundraising

Fundraising Breakthroughs

Sitting in the audience at INDEPENDENT SECTOR’s annual conference last month, I was wowed by twin presentations by Robert Greenstein , founder and executive director, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, and Ronald Haskins , senior fellow at The Brookings Institution. Haskins warned that of the factors necessary to push politicians toward a budget deal involving tough choices, “None are present in the least in Washington today.”

What Your Sponsors REALLY Want: August 9th

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When your sponsors make budget decisions). Mazarine gave me TONS of ideas of where to look for sponsorships, we are gonna make SO MUCH MONEY!”-Mary August 9th, 2012 3pm EDT OR September 6th, 3pm EDT. Are you worried about your next big event?

August 165

What’s behind your staying after 5pm? Interview with Sarai Johnson

Wild Woman Fundraising

As a consultant, depending on how you work your business, you have the ability to make significantly more money, eventually, than most nonprofits can pay a staff person. When I met Sarai Johnson last year, I felt super excited.

How to manage up in your fundraising job

Wild Woman Fundraising

Kishshana, go out there and get the money. Like money would just magically happen when I left the building. Yet, it’s the thing we run away from because lots of us have not confronted our own relationship with money. What part did money play in how you were raised?

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Just money

Mission Paradox Blog

It's only money. I know it feels like a lot of money, particularly to arts organizations that working with small budgets, but it isn't.   And if you get the money, please spend it wisely. Because it's only money. I understand that I'm late on the whole Chase Community Giving thing but I've been in Vegas getting beat to death at various casino's. so forgive the delay. -. Here's my one beef with the $20,000 that Chase is giving.

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If Your Fundraising Budget was $20.

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What could you do to bring in money to your nonprofit if all you had to spend on your fundraiser was $20? Five parishioners pooled their money to organize a barn dance. In the story, a master gives his three servants money before leaving on a sojourn. He returns to find that two have doubled their money, while the third buried it in the ground. If you gave each of your board members and volunteers a $20 bill and asked them to use it to raise money, what would happen?

How Much Money Should You Be Raising Online?

Marketing for Nonprofits

One of the key questions, I get from nonprofits is, "How much money should we be raising online?" In addition, budget for ongoing acquisition. If you don’t take care of and continue to grow your email file you will significantly lower your chances of raising more money year over year.

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#DEVELOPMENT: How Much Cash Is Required To Land A Donation?

Non Profit Marketing 360

Did the time and money spent developing a program or launching a campaign prove to be worth the support? “Unless you have a bucket of money to throw at advertising then you probably want some idea of whether the advertising is bringing in customers for less than they are worth long term.